April 28, 2008 at 10:40 am

We went to the Taman Tun park on Saturday. Zaria was very excited and eager to get down from her stroller to walk when we arrived.

We could see she was walking a bit like a drunkard (unstable),  probably because she missed her second nap, and wasn’t as alert as she normally is. When she was walking on the tar path, she just tripped and fell, landed on the right side of her face. It happened so quickly, nobody could have dashed to her to catch her in time.

When we picked her up, being a toughie, she cried a bit, pointed to her face and said, “Face.. pain-pain.” She scratched her face, and knocked her forehead, luckily it wasn’t a very deep cut. “Mummy, hug-hug.”, she asked for hugs from every one, and then after that she was ok and playing again.

See the scratch, in the morning after…
Zaria's scratches

Zaria's scratches

If you are wondering what happened to the patch at her lower lip, that’s caused by her saliva constantly soaking that part. She is teething, her lower right molar fully sprouted, and she was salivating a lot from the right corner of her mouth. Then now her upper left and right molars are sprouting, so the salivating hasn’t ended.

I chatted with Zara after Zaria’s accident : Zaria is so brave right?
Zara : I’m also brave wut.
Me : Zaria fell down, such a big scratch on her face, she just cried a little. But if you fall down, even a very small cut, or no cut at all, you will also cry and cry and cry.
Zara : You know or not, my skin is so sensative ma, that’s why I cry. o.O

Naughty Corner

April 23, 2008 at 2:28 pm

Zaria is showing behaviour that we’d never seen in Zara. The I-don’t-care-you-better-give-me-what-I-want-or-I’ll-cry behaviour.

Zaria playing peek-a-boo

Don’t let this angel looking face fool you

When she wants something, and doesn’t get it, she wails, as though she has fallen down or hurt herself.
Sometimes going on all fours, but now being more clever, she’ll just slap her hands on the floor, but not her head.

She immediately switches to a smile the minute what she wanted was given to her. These days, we’ll just distract her with something else or ignore her cry until she stops.

2 days ago, when I was reading to Zara, she moved her buttocks to my lap and tried to push Zara away. Zara was very patient, she just moved aside while I handled Zaria.
Me : Zaria, mummy reading to jiejie. You go and play with your toys.
Zaria : EHHH! Boo-book. (she put her book on top of Zara’s).
Me : Mummy already read so many books to you, now jiejie’s turn (I took her book away and asked Zara to sit back on my lap)
Zaria : Ehh!!! (she slapped Zara’s book)
Me : You sit on mummy’s lap, we read together then.
Zaria : Ehh! (she tore Zara’s book)
Very quickly, I lifted her up, and told her, “Cannot tear book book! You yai-yai (Chinese : naughty). Mummy read to jiejie why you tear jie-jie’s book book? You go to naughty corner then.” Then I put her in her cot and walked back to Zara.

She cried and wailed and screamed. And I just finished reading to Zara, ignoring her. Zara kept throwing glances at Zaria, but didn’t say anything. 3 minutes later, when I’d finished reading to Zara, I picked Zaria up. Immediately, Zaria smiled. *roll eyes*

Me : What happened just now?.
Zaria : Yai yai! (referring to herself) Beat!
Me : No, mummy didn’t beat you. Mummy put you in naughty corner. Why? Because you tear jiejie’s book
Zaria : (she pointed to her cot) (cor)Ner!
Me : Next time cannot tear Jiejie’s book ok?
Zaria : Ten-not (Cannot)
Me : Promise? (I reached out my hand)
Zaria : (she beat it with hers, our way of ‘promising’) (pro)Miss
Now it was Zara’s turn to speak, Say sorry to jiejie.
Zaria : Soyee
To me : Mummy, say sorry to Zaria (for making her cry)
Me : Sorry meimei

Following day, I asked Zaria.
Me : Meimei, remember what happened yesterday?
Zaria : (remem)Ber
Me : You tore jiejie’s book, what did mummy do?
Zaria : (Naughty Cor)Ner! (ha, she remembered!)
Me : Where is your naughty corner
Zaria : Cot. (clever)
Me : Can tear book book or not?
Zaria : Ten-not (Cannot). (pro)Miss (she slapped her hand on mine)

Good, looks like she learnt her lesson. 😛


April 21, 2008 at 2:24 pm

Zara was having a very bad cough the whole of last week.

On Saturday, we wanted to go to Ikea to get Zaria a mattress for napping. Before we went, we stopped at a coffee shop for a drink. Zara had a big glass of Ribena.

30mins later, we were at Ikeno, and went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner (Fish & Co still the best!). Zara had the kid size fish and chip, and it came with a glass of orange juice. She ate almost 2/3 of her meal, and drank up the whole glass of orange juice. Jelly couldn’t finish her fish & chips, and we packed it up, and the restaurant gave us a big plastic bag to hold the small styrofoam box.

Zara was coughing quite badly while we walked to Ikea. The girls stopped at the play area near the customer service counters. Suddenly Zara just stood still and started vomiting, two blobs landed on the floor. I managed to quickly put the plastic bag from the take away near her mouth while she continued to throw up. Her puke filled up like 1/8 of the bag. All she cared about after that was, Mummy, my beautiful dress! which she had stained a bit. o.O

After changing her to the spare clothes (which we always bring along for the girls), she was back to her normal self hopping around and checking out things at Ikea. We especially spent a lot of time at the children section where she picked up another Fifi (the soft toy dog) for a hug before we headed downstairs to pick up the mattress.

I was carrying Zaria and we went down the escalator first. Jelly was holding on to Zara’s hand and the light weight pram following behind. Just a few steps down, I heard Jelly shouted, “Zara!”. I turned around and saw Zara missed her footing on the step, and with Jelly pulling her up right, she stood up for a while and then plunged down into a sitting position on the step. Fifi was 2 steps below away from her. I shouted to Zara, “Stand up Zara”. Instead of standing up, she lunged forward, trying to grab the fallen Fifi. Luckily Jelly was holding her firmly, and she didn’t fall. I was screaming, “Zara, leave Fifi!”. Zara still tried to lunge forward. Jelly very quickly kicked Fifi away, so that Zara stopped attempting to pick it up.

2 seconds later, we’d all got out of the escalator. I dragged Zara to the side and asked her, “Zara, what was wrong with you!!?? Why didn’t you stand properly. I told you many times don’t fool around on escalators. Why did you want to pick Fifi up? What you did was very dangerous!” blah blah blah. Then I saw her face turning pale. I calmed down, and realised I didn’t check how she was. I gave her a big hug and told her I was so worried (actually, I probably missed a few heart beats thinking Zara was going to fall), and asked her what happened. She spoke weakly and said she wanted to sit on the pram. After putting her in the pram, she sobbed a bit and looked as though she was about to go to sleep. So I asked her gently again. She said, “Just now I was so tired and my leg just went soft.” Jelly then only spoke up (she’s not someone who offers information freely) “Mum, I hold her mum, and then she just fall mum. Like no more streght mum.”

Zara was in the pram looking pale and her eyes half closed. I kept stopping and checking with her if she was ok. She said, “Mummy, I’m just very tired. I want to sleep.” I then realised she might have fainted because of her earlier vomiting. I asked her if she wanted something to eat, she asked for sweets. We’d none but I told her I’d go grab a donut for her. I quickly paid for the mattress then headed out to get her something to eat. She asked for pop corn when she saw them. The colour on her face return as she started eating, and then she started telling me, “Just now mummy, when I stepped on the escalator, I feel dizzy. So my legs just went wobbly.”

I kept reminding her about her safety being more important than a toy, and it’s ok to loose a toy because we can always buy another for her. I knew she was back to herself when she told me, “If no more Fifi, mummy can buy another for me. If no more Zara, then Daddy and mummy have to get married again. And then Daddy and mummy will have a new step daughter.”

That’s my girl and her logic.

Princess Zara

April 18, 2008 at 8:54 am

Me : Zara, what do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor? Teacher? Chef?
Zara : When I grow up I want to be a real princess.

Neighbours were talking about sending their girls (around the age of Zara for ballet).
Me : Zara, Chloe and Erin will be going for ballet classes soon. You want to learn ballet or not?
Zara : I don’t want mummy. I want to learn princessing.

Daddy asked about Zara’s sunglasses, “Zara, why you put your sunglasses at home? You should leave it in the car. When it’s sunny, then you can put it on.”
Zara replied, “Daddy, if it’s sunny, I don’t want to wear my sunglasses.”
Daddy asked “But why?”
Zara replied rolling her eyes, “Do you see princess wear sunglasses one or not?” (obviously not those Disney princesses)

The other day when I read Beauty & The Beast to her and when we reached the ending, which read, “She kissed him.. blah blah.. She sobbed, “I love you!”.. blah blah.. the beast turned into the handsome prince.. blah blah.”
Zara smiled shyly and asked, “Next time when I big girl, I will also meet my handsome prince right? And then we’ll get married right?”

Princess Zara

My princess Zara

Since Zara turned 2 1/2, she’s very much into princesses. Her enthusiasm increases with time. I wonder when this stage will pass. I was told, I should bring her to Disneyland before she passes this stage, so that she’ll enjoy herself more. Hmmm….

Zaria’s Speech – close to 16 months

April 16, 2008 at 1:15 pm

This is almost the same everyday at our dinner table. Zaria will eat half heartedly, and then after a few spoonful, she’ll start spiting her dinner out. “Pow-Pow! (Chinese: Full)”.
“You don’t want any more?”
“No-want. (Don’t want)”
But then, when we put her down from her high chair, she’ll go straight to the fridge, and shout, “Khuet!! (Chocolate)”; she’ll keep saying “Khuet!” until we give her her doze of chocolate or something else to distract her.

Zaria knows now when she needs things done she’ll go to Jelly.
Once she was trying to take a few pieces of clothings down from my cupboard, but the whole stack came tumbling down. I was next to her, but she went on to look for Jelly, shouting “Ah-tie (Auntie)! Ah-tie! (Put) Back! *pointing to the cupboard* Back!”.

And when she wants her bath, she’ll be shouting “Ah-tie (Auntie)! Ah-tie! Ba-Bath! Ba-Bath!”

I tried asking her, “You like Auntie?”
She replies with her index finger out “Good!” (meaning her Auntie is good, so she likes her Auntie).

When she gets hold of a pair of shoes, a hat, or watch, or even a hair clip, she’ll come to us with the item placed on where it belongs (i.e. place hair clip on the head) “Wear.”

She knows how to correct us when we name something wrongly. E.g. *pointing to my BIL* “Mei-mei, is this Daddy?”. She’ll smile and shake her index finger, “No-no, no-no Daddy. (He is)Uncle “

Of all the things Zaria says, Daddy is most pleased with Zaria constant chanting of “Daddy-DaddEEE..Daddy-DaddEEE” when he’s around. I tried to get her to say Mummy-mummeeee.. Mummy-mummee, but she’ll only be able to say “Mummy” and not like she calls Daddy “Daddy-DaddEEE..Daddy-DaddEEE”.

Spicy Chilli Padi – 15th months almost

March 25, 2008 at 11:58 pm

My chilli padi Zaria is getting ‘spicier’.

Many Faces of Zaria

Coming to 15 months, she’s learnt how to 争宠 or ‘fight for attention’.
If either of us we were reading to Zara, she will come with her book, squeeze for a space on our lap with her buttocks, and then say, “Book book.”

Although we trained her to sit in a car seat since birth, she still complains and wants to wiggle herself out (and most times she succeeds); possibly because both Zara and I sit at the back.

At meal times, we have to use a linen cloth to strap her up on her highchair (we never had to do that with Zara). When we don’t, she will get out of the high chair, and try to get on to the dining table (and mess the dishes up) or just stand on the high chair giving us the victory grin.

When she gets hold of the house key, she’ll try to reach for the key hole chanting, “Go Go Go..”, probably planning for an escape.

We call her the great Houdini.

Zaria, the great Houdini

She’s rather stubborn and no matter how many times we’d told her not to touch the rubbish bin, she still likes to put her hands in the bin and then exclaimed, “Tir-ty” (dirty).

On speech development, she is picking up words like a hungry sponge.

She now knows how to ‘complain’ when Zara snatched things away from her by screaming. When I ask what happened, she’ll point to Zara and say, “Che-che.. fight.”

She also knows how to relate experience in her simple English.
Once there was a thunderstorm and Zara was crying because she’s very scared of thunder. I went down and asked what happened, Zaria pointed to Zara and said, “Che-che.. (thun)der. *patted her own chest* Scared scared… Kai Kai (cry cry).”

She answers “Za-yah” when we ask her “What’s your name?”.
She answers “Za-wah” when we ask her “What’s jiejie’s name?”

When we go out, she’ll go to the shoe rack and picks up her shoes, claiming “Za-yah‘s. And then point to Zara’s shoes and says, “Che-che‘s, and then to mine and says, “Mummy‘s

When she has snot in her nose, she’ll be telling us, “Nose.. wet, wet… dab dab (as in use tissue to dab)”.

She’s a sweet girl who hugs my leg and not let me get back to work; calls Jelly sweetly “Auntieeeee” when she wants something and nobody is entertaining her; most of all, she’s Daddy’s girl. Always happy to see Daddy, and always calling him, “Daddy.. Daddy..”
Sweet Zaria - The Daddy's girl

Just for the record, she’s 77cm tall and weigh 8.2Kg. And her lower left molar has sprouted, making her teeth count to increase to 9 teeth.

Minds Filled With Songs

March 13, 2008 at 8:17 pm

I sing a lot to the girls, sometimes giving instructions in songs (which I made up the lyrics), sometimes just songs to sooth them, to entertain them, to teach them.

Before bed time, I may sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, or Barney’s I Love You.
To get them to bath, especially Zara, I’ll sing (a silly song and tune I created), “Your hair so smelly smelly, It’ll kill all the buggies. Quickly go washy washy, to get rid of the smelly.”
Or we’ll have Jackie Cheung’s karaoke at home.

The girls grew up with songs, and hence their minds are filled with songs too.

When Zaria sees a moon (the real thing or in the book), she’ll point to it and say, “Moon”.
Then she’ll ‘sing’ “Ke Ke… Star”; her version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars.

When Zaria sees a rainbow, she’ll point to it and say, “(Rain)bow”., looks at me “Uh.. Uh”.; and waits for me to sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Zaria After Bath

Zaria after a bath. (This has got nothing to do with this topic but I really like this photo.)

Zara is constantly entertaining us or herself with song singing throughout the whole day. Sometimes at the most inappropriate time as well, like during dinner time, she’ll sing with her mouth full or takes forever to finish because she’s singing more than eating.

She also likes to create her own tune and lyrics to reply to me, like e.g. “No, no, no, I don’t want to eat this one” when a vege she dislikes is offered to her.

Yesterday I made some pan cakes for breakfast, and got Zara to help me. While helping she sang a new song I never heard before,
Mix the pan cake
Stir the pan cake
Pour it in a pan
Turn the pan cake
Toss the pan cake
Catch it if you can.

(She said she learnt that from school)

So if you are in this neighbourhood, you’ll know which house is mine with all the melodic singing coming from. 🙂

Kids with Snot and Other Updates

March 11, 2008 at 1:33 pm

Since Zara started school beginning of the year, the girls have been infected with all kinds of viruses.
Zaria gets fever almost every fortnightly.
Zara gets cough, runny nose frequently.
Both girls have their first course of antibiotic this year. *sigh*
The girls have never looked so dirty before, there’s always snot on their faces, and dried booger in their noses.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s school holidays and Zara is home whole day.
This morning we have this conversation,
Zara : Mummy, you going to work today?
Me : Yes. Mummy will be working at home.
Zara : Mummy, don’t work today. You play with me.
Me : No, Mummy must work, or else, will have no money to buy food.
Zara : You use my money loh mummy.
Me : You have money meh?
Zara : You use my money from my ang pow. Then you no need to work loh.
(if only it was that simple).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria is pointing at things and naming them, or some times asking us to name them.
She’ll point to an object (mainly from books), “(What is) This?” and turn to look at us to wait for an answer.

The other day, she pointed to a picture of a computer on a book and said, “(compu)Ter.” and started tapping the picture with her fingers from both hands mimicking typing.  (She must have seen me typing in mine and connected the two.) 😛

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My uncle met Zaria for the first time and wanted to carry her. Zaria waved her index finger and said, “No No.” And then patted her chest, indicating she’s afraid of him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Had a conversation with Zara the other day about milk.
Zara : Milk comes from cow
Me : Yes. Which part of cow gives out milk?
Zara : Milk comes from the breast
Me : Yup. Girl cow or boy cow have breast?
Zara : Girl cow. But I’m a small girl. I only have nipple, I don’t have breast. Mummy have breast, so mummy got milk. Daddy also only have nipple, so Daddy don’t have milk.
Never knew we can differentiate nipple and breast in that way. 😛

The Things My 3 Year Old Says

March 3, 2008 at 1:54 pm

On Saturday, it was Daddy’s birthday. Zara asked for some baloons for herself but I said no, because there were already 2 I pumped up for her in the house the day before.
As an excuse, she said, “It’s Daddy’s birthday, we need to have some more baloons!” o.O

Daddy bathed her and dressed her up. I checked with her later if Daddy applied her lotion for her or combed her hair.
She said, “Nope….” and then asked, “Do you think my Daddy is stupid?” o.O

We were in a DVD shop, and we didn’t realise there was a table laid with those XXX films, with naked bodies sprawled on the cover.
Zara came over and pointed to that table, “Mummy, why got shows like this one? Children can watch or not?” o.O”

Zara can do most things by herself, or play on her own, so most evenings, I concentrate more on Zaria, and spend more time with Zaria.
When Zara falls down, even though it’s a smallest fall, she’ll come to me, “Mummy, I fall down and hurt myself you know? Can you sayang (Malay : stroke) me or not?”
And then one day, Zara reminded me to spend equal amount of time with her. I was reading to Zaria, and Zara stood in front of me and said, “Can I play with my mummy now?” o.O”

She asked me where her soft toy lamb is, since I don’t know where it was and didn’t bother checking, I just mumbled it must be down stairs. She immediately pointed at me and said, “Mummy, you don’t tell lies huh? You hiding my lamb behind you. o.O” In deed, the lamb was actually behind me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m actually a very impatient mum, and I snapped at Zara quite frequently. Unconciously, Zara says things like these when I got angry, and reminds me of my shortcomings :
“Mummy, I love you, you know or not, but sometimes you always scold me.”
“Mummy, why are you so upset?”
“Mummy, don’t be angry, it’s a small matter.”

Zara, mummy is really working on this, ok?

Zaria at 14th Months

February 28, 2008 at 4:09 pm

This month we’d nicknamed her the scholar.
She is always looking through her picture books at the book shelf.
She is always asking us to read to her.
E.g. She’ll go to the shelf, picks up a book, walks to us, hands us the book, uttering “Ugh. Book Book.”, and then tries to sit on our lap.
She likes to point out the picture and says “There!” when we say out the name.
She likes to name the picture (if she can say the word) we point to her.

Language Development
She knows her body parts now. Head, Hair, Feet, Hands, Nose, Eyes, Ears, Face, Teeth, Mouth, Stomach, Belly Button, Petpet (Chinese : Female private part) and of course Breast.

Her vocabulary is expanding :
Baloon Meh-noon; Rainbow Boh; Clouds Cows; Moon Moon; Eyes Aiyes; Ears Yers; Mouth Mao; Nose Nohs; Hair Air; Read Yeed; Help Hep; Kick Kick; Cow Cow; Bike Bais; Bus Bus; Chair Chair; Hug Hugs; Splash Pash; Poke Poke; Socks Sohs; Shoes Soo; Rice Yais; Put Poot; Scared Sked; Happy Eh-Pee; Yai Yai (Chinese : Naughty) Ya-yai; Zaria Za-yah (Zara is Za-wah, and she knows she’s Za-yah, and Zara is Za-wah)

One day when I was getting all the syringes filled with her medicine in the kitchen and she saw them; she looked at me and said, “Ya-Yai” and walked out of the kitchen away from me.

When she wants to drink milk, she’ll be saying “Mehk”; and if I don’t feed her still, she’ll be saying it louder and louder until it becomes a scream “MEHK!!!”

She says “Deh-Doh” when she wants something to be given to her (a word she created, it’s like her saying “Pass me that”).

“Take off” to her is “Pops”. A sound I used to make to draw her attention when I take off her socks for her. When she ask for “Mehk”, she’ll come over to me and try to lift up my clothes and will say “Pops”.

“Pao Pao” (Chinese : Full) to her is “Enough”. Put her on a swing for too long, and she’ll say “Pao Pao”

Faces of Zaria at 14th Month

Physical Development
She’s walking very well now and refused to be held.
Getting up and down the stairs or furniture on her own by going on all fours.
She likes to climb up on the stepping stool to reach for things, and sometimes tries to push it around to get to places she wants to reach.
She sometimes tells us she wants to poo but most of the time, she tells us after the fact.

Eating and Drinking
Since I got back from Japan, she has refused to drink from a bottle, and only wanted to be breastfed. Not sure if this has anything to do with her ear infection.
She likes to eat, but is starting to prefer some food over others. She likes ABC soup but will spit out herbal soup. She eats spinach but will spit out carrots.
She demands for the things that we’re eating, and if it’s not something she should eat (e.g. french fries) normally we have to lie tell her it is spicy and even dip it in chili sauce before giving to her, so she knows it’s something she can’t eat.

Emotional Development
Unlike Zara who do things to get praises, Zaria does thing she wants to do. No amount of persuasion can get her to do the things she doesn’t want to.
She’s always looking very serious around people, and sometimes will hit the person or herself when the person comes too close to her.
She’s starting to be clingy and always wants me or Daddy. When I need to return to work after feeding her, she’ll be crying and screaming, “Mummy! Mummy!”
She’s always eager to come over and hug us, or give us kisses; but when she’s not in the mood, you can keep asking her for a hug or a kiss, and she’ll just ignore you (or hit herself).

♥She’s walking, she’s talking, she’s demanding, she’s cute!♥
♥She loves eating, she loves books, she loves going out, she loves ME♥
♥The girl is absolutely fun to be with!♥

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