Petrosains -The Discovery Centre – 2012

May 11, 2012 at 3:56 pm

Our ex neighbour who’s relocated came back to Malaysia for a holiday in April. Their eldest daughter CY is one of Zara’s best friend before they relocated, so Zara was really looking forward to meet CY again. A play date was arranged for the girls so that they can spend some time having fun together.

After some consideration, we decided to bring the girls to Petrosains, a place the girls have been before and like very much. It was CY first time though.

For 2 adults and 3 children, the ticket came to RM35.

Except for the wait to take the dark ride into Petrosains, there was very little wait time for each of the exhibit. The girls have a good time, and we just have to do some explanation here and there.

Photos of the trip.

Re-adjusting tubes to see how a ball rolled when dropped from top to bottom

Energy Conversion

Trying to catch the hologram car

Reaching for Hologram Car

Magnet fun

Magnate fun

Robot Football – see who can score a goal first

Robot Football

Interactive image – trying to catch a butterfly on their shoulders/hands

Interactive Image

Interactive image – sand flowing down

Interactive Image

Interactive image – dancing to form designs

Interactive Image

Hurricane simulator – only Zaria and I dared step in

Hurricane simulator

Zaria trying to spot a fake star

Looking at Stars

Can’t recall what these were for


This is probably the girls’ favourite, each one getting a cannon of spray, and trying to create an imagine with all the virtual squirting

Paint shooting - interactive image

Paint shooting - interactive image

After Petrosains, we had late lunch, did a bit of shopping at KLCC, then since CY’s dad didn’t mind CY having dinner with us, we proceeded more play time at KLCC Park.

Zaria has strong arms and she can cross the monkey bar all by herself

Monkey bar

Monkey bar

It was a fun day for the girls. Zara will be looking forward to CY’s return next year.

The 2 BFFs walking back to KLCC

BFF walking

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