2 Children, 2 Reactions

July 8, 2013 at 1:17 pm

We got home from watching Coppelia Ballet very late on Saturday.

The girls fell asleep in the car on our way home. When they got home, both of them have to take a shower before they went to bed. Of course, both were in a foul mood. I helped them by quickly soaping them and rinsing them. While Zara cooperated, Zaria was throwing a tantrum, spitting toothpaste all over the shower cubicle as a form of protest.

After I’d finished rinsing Zaria, when I wanted to get out of the shower cubicle, I slipped and fall. BANG! I was sprawl on the ground. My left upper arm, abdomen, and right thigh hit the threshold of the shower screen, and I lay like that for a couple of seconds. Zara, who was brushing her teeth at the sink, rushed over and tried to pull me up. “Are you ok mom? Can you still walk?”
Although in pain, I stood up and moaned. Zara asked, “Can you still go to work?”
I asked her why she was asking me this sort of questions.
She replied, “Oh, because if you can no longer go to work, we’ll be poorer.” o.O”
She then helped me out of the bathroom.

Now, all these while, Zaria stood frozen in the shower cubicle. When I turned to her and glared at her (I probably slipped on the tooth paste she spat out). She glared back and me, “What? It’s not my fault wut.” and stomped out of the bathroom. o.O”

No apologies, no asking if I was ok from this girl. This girl has very little compassion. *shake head*


And how was the ballet?

Throughout the ballet the girls were talking with their friends (who sat on the same row) and occasionally exchanging seats (until someone at the back went SHHHHH).

While Zaria was interested in the whole 3 acts, Zara at act 3 was getting bored (guess it was getting really late). Making remarks like “When are they going to stop?” (when 2 guys danced). And when they finally did she went “YEAH!!!” and cheered so loud like she was in a football match and her favourite team scored a goal. R-U-D-E!

As for Zaria, when the lead dancer put on white tights and came out dancing she said, “Now I can see his butt which are like two paos and his giant penis.” o.O”

Taking Care of Your Parents and Talking About Death

June 10, 2013 at 5:35 pm

The hubs was clearing the extra room in the house planning for his father to come and live with us. We had this conversation in the household, which I captured as best I could.

Me : Daddy is clearing the room so that yehyeh can live with us.
After a moment of silence.
Zara : Why must he stay with us? If he stayed with us, then we have to share our money with him, we’ll be poorer.
(We always tell the children that we’re not rich so that we cannot fulfill all their wants for toys/knick-knacks, stay in the best hotels when we go on holidays, or even send them to private or international school. The latter 2 are real though. But I don’t know why this came to her mind the first thing.)
Me : Ah Kong (Chinese: Maternal grandfather) too stays with Karen yiyi right?
Zara :Karen yiyi is not as poor as us. Why must yeh yeh stay with us and not his other children?
Me :We have to take care of him since no one is taking care of him. Now I’m worried, next time when I’m old, what will you do to me?
Zara : You are my mom, it’s different.
Me : Yehyeh is daddy’s daddy too.
(Both girls thought a bit.)
Zara : When we go shopping and all, do we need to bring him?
Me : Yeah.
Zara : He’ll slow us all down. (FIL doesn’t walk so well)…
Me : I can go with you girls first to see what you want to see. (should have told them they slowed us down too when they were younger but we still brought them shopping etc)
Zara : He’s daddy’s responsibility so daddy will handle him.
Zara (suddenly) : Who’s going to pay for his funeral?
Me : o.O” …….
Hubs : Daddy will ask everybody (his siblings) to pay.
Me : I wonder what will happen when it’s my turn. Wonder who’s going to pay for my coffin?
Zaria : You said you wanted to do that thing… burn your body right after you are dead?
Zara : Yeah. You said you wanted cremation. Why do you need to get a coffin when you will burn in later anyway?
Zaria : Yeah. Why do you need to cut trees to make the coffin?
Me : Then? I don’t even have a coffin to lay on? I’m just supposed to lie on my bed?
Zara : Yeah, then we’ll carry your body and put in you in the fire to burn.
Zaria : And I’ll pick 2 big bones later from the ashes to turn them into drum sticks.

Putting Things Into Perspective

May 17, 2013 at 3:20 pm

The girls were making Teachers’ Day cards for their teachers.

Zara wrote on her card “Happy Teacher’s Day“ instead of “Happy Teachers’ Day” that I wrote for her.
Zaria wrote on her card, “Dear, Teacher, Belinda” instead of “Dear Teacher Belinda,”
Zara wanted to write “And” but instead wrote “Ad”

I got irritated. So I lectured them.
“Yada yada, so many mistakes on your cards… AND also you can spell wrongly… Don’t even know how to use punctuation… Can’t even plan your writing properly. Yada yada.”

Both girls corrected their mistakes by putting stickers over mistakes, drawing over wrong punctuation etc etc, while I was yakking away.

When Zara was done, she looked at me and told me calmly, “We are children. You are an adult. When children do things.. there’ll be some imperfection, it cannot be as perfect as an adult.”


Then added, “Do you think if I did it so perfectly, teacher Casandra will think it’s my work or your work?”


Ok. She’s putting things into perspective.

I Don’t Want To Go To School

January 6, 2013 at 10:12 pm

Zaria has started Std 1, and attended 3 days of school last week. Is she enjoying school? I don’t think so.

As I was getting them to bed just now (Sunday night), we had this conversation. Lucky for me, Zara can help to reason with Zaria most of the time.

Zaria : I don’t like Chen Lao-she (Chinese : Teacher Chen).
Me : It’s school Zaria. I can’t change the teachers in school. For your swimming class or music class, I can change. But I cannot change your teachers in school.
Zaria : But I don’t like her.
Me : Give her a chance.
Zaria : What? I’d given her 3 chances wut. (i.e. 3 days of school)
Me : If you really don’t like her, maybe you should talk to the headmaster.
Zaria : I don’t know how to speak in Chinese.
Me : The headmaster understand English.
Zaria : ….

(after a while)
Zaria : I don’t want to go to school. Why do I need to go to school.
Zara : The spam (Zaria has a protruding forehead and we said it’s her spam) on your head is filled with ideas and thoughts.
Me : And knowledge
Zara : If you don’t go to school, your SPAM will be empty.
Zaria : Then why should I go to Chinese school? You should send me to English school
Zara : Mummy cannot afford it.
Zaria : Then work work work work work.
Me : You will go and work?
Zaria : No.. you.
Zara : If mummy worked like this, she won’t have time to play with you. Or bring you to the park. No one will read to you at night.
Zaria : Then daddy bring me..
Zara : Daddy too have to work and work to send you to English school.
Zaria : Then Auntie Minerva plays with me.
Zara : Auntie Minerva will be too busy cooking.
Zaria : Then you don’t send me to school
Zara : Let me tell you something. (getting serious) You know, the government wants everybody to go to school. If you don’t go to school you know what will happen?
Zaria : What?
Zara : Mummy and Daddy will go to jail. So, do you want your parents to get locked up in jail, or do you want to go to school?
Zaria : I thought I’ll go to jail.
Zara : No.. You parents. Not you.
Zaria : Then.. ask the lawyer to help. o.O” (thanks to Kidzania, she vaguely knows what a lawyer is)
Me : Ask the lawyer to help with what?
Zaria : Ask the lawyer to protect us.
Me : *laugh*I don’t think the lawyer can help us.
Zaria : Is the lawyer more powerful or the government?
Me : The government.
Zaria : *frustrated* Why is the government so bossy?


After her school orientation, she told me this, “I’m still Chinese deaf you know, because I don’t know what the teacher is saying “

2nd day of of school she refused to get dressed, telling us, “Why do I need to go to school when all I get to do is SIT??!!”

It’s going to be a long 2013.

Kids Say the Darndest Things – Girls Oct Chitter Chatter

November 2, 2012 at 9:35 pm

Over dinner, Zara picked up a stray rice grain.
Zara : Do you know it looks like maggot?
Me : Every rice grain came from the sweat of the farmer, you know.
Zaria (put down her spoon) : What? I’m eating farmer’s sweat?
Me : It’s a figure of speech Mei. The farmer has to work very hard and under hot sun to plant rice.
Zara : So, farmers use a lot of sun block?
Me : I don’t think they want to spend money on sun block, because they are not so rich.
Zara : Maybe you should go and donate some sun block to the farmers.

Hubs had asked Zaria not to eat one of the jelly stick that Zara brought back from her school party, telling her all the artificial colouring/sweetener that it contained etc… She didn’t listen and had it anyway.
Zaria : Mummy, I think I’m going to die?
Me : Why?
Zaria : Because I ate the jelly stick.
Me : You ate it? I thought your daddy already told you not to eat it? Why didn’t you listen to him?
Zaria : Because I don’t want jiejie to be angry with me. After she came back and said, “why you didn’t eat the jelly I gave you? I don’t want to friend you anymore” (blame her sister some more o.O )
Me : Your jiejie won’t be angry.
Zaria : Now tell me, what am I supposed to do?
Me : Take some vegetable will help.
Zaria : It won’t help. I need a chemical stronger than that. If I die, who’s going to make you cards? Who’s going to make you laugh? I’m the joker in the house, who will do tricks which you’d never seen before?. … I want to live. If I die, I won’t be able to do the choral speaking in the school on Monday. My school will be very quiet I’m a chatter box in school. What I take to get rid of the poison?
….. she went on and on…..
And then she drew this.

Zaria's writing

And you would think she would not eat any more of the jelly? The following day, she told me, “I think eating a little will not make me die” Before I could say anything, I saw her taking a small bite from another stick of Jelly, and then thew the remainder in the bin. o.O”

I Need To Speak To Najib

July 23, 2012 at 4:03 pm

Oh no, this is not a political post. Read on.

Zara just finished her exams recently. This round, as I was not well for a couple of days, she was a bit slack in her revision (because I’m not there to go through stuff with her).

She told me her class teacher mentioned that she didn’t do as well this round, so I gave her a lecture.

Me : Yada yada yada. Next time if you don’t do your own revision when I asked you to, fine! If you did badly in your exams, I’m going to throw your books away in the dustbin. Since you don’t want to study, then no need to study. Can go sweep the street when you are older. Yada yada yada.
Zara : (angry) If you want to throw my books away in the dustbin, go and throw then. After that, you need to speak to Najib and explain to him everything.
Zaria : Who is Najib, mummy? Hehe, how come his name is so funny.
Me : (still o.O”) Najib is our prime minister.
(recovered) So, why do I need to speak to Najib? What has he got to do with your studies?
Zara : My teacher says the books are given to us by Najib, so if we don’t take care of them, we’ll have to explain to Najib.

Najib will be very busy if he has to get involved in these.

Kids Say The Darndest Things – Zara’s and Zaria’s Chitter Chatter

May 11, 2012 at 9:18 pm

I love re-reading some of my old posts about the things the girls, recently however, instead of putting in a blog post, I put it on Facebook instead.

Just so I don’t miss some of their witty conversation, I’d better jot them down here too. These were some of their witty remarks earlier this year (I remember because I either put it on paper or update Facebook), some taken from Facebook status.

In Jan
She gave me the paper doll she created in her art class.
Zaria : Since I give you my dolly, you have to give me something.
Me : I give you my love.
Zaria : I don’t want any part of your body.
Me : I’m giving you my love. Not my body.
Zaria : Your love is from your body right? I don’t want any part of your body. o.O”

Caught Zaria watching Xmen2.
Me : I thought I told you no more Xmen show?
Zaria : But I remember in this show they didn’t say “kiss that, bitch” so I can watch right? o.O

If you’d been to the busy shops in SS15, you’ll notice near Mc Donald’s, there’s a dodgy place called Momo Hime Japanese Lounge. We passed by one night, and Zara said she wanted to check out the place.
Me : No, you can’t go there, because it’s a place for people and do hanky panky things
Zara : What’s hanky panky?
Me : When a man wants to go and date another woman who’s not his wife
Zara : You mean they go there to mate? o.O”
Possibly.. but I don’t know.

Zaria is very good with giving threats earlier this year. i.e.
If you don’t buy me the crown, I won’t let you take photo of me.
If you don’t XYZ, I won’t talk to you for 13yrs. o.O”
If you don’t …., I won’t ….. etc etc etc

Zaria asked over dinner one day. “How come in adult shows, they don’t just kiss one time, they go muak muak muak muak muak (pouting her lips she tilted her head left, then right, then left)”…. o.O”

In Mar during our holidays in Singapore;
Zaria saw so many Zara shops there, so she complained, “So not fair, every where there’s jiejie’s shop!”
Then she thought of an idea, “I want to change my name. I want my name to be Unique. So I’ll have lots of shops as well.”
(Their sirname is Low…. so Unique+Low = Uniqlo.) o.O

In Mar when I was maidless for a month.
Asked Zaria to peel garlic and onion for me.
Me : Zaria, can you please help me to peeeeeeel…………. (3s and the word is still not out)
Zaria : Onion is it?
Me : Yes. Make sure you peel them on top of tttthhhhe ………… (3s passed)
Zaria : Newspaper. Mummy, why are you loosing your words? Are you going crazy
Yes.. almost. Luckily it was only for a month.

One day, Zara kept interrupting me at work to help her with her homework. On the way to school..
Me : Next time you have to do whatever you know how to do first, then whatever you don’t, ask me at one go. I need to work you know. I cannot be interrupted so many times.
Zara : You have the whole day to do your work.
Me : It’s not a matter of whole day or not. If my boss wants something in the morning, I have to give it to him in the morning.
Zara : At least your boss don’t cane you. o.O”

If I Quit Working

September 29, 2011 at 11:13 am

I have a long day yesterday and I wasn’t happy with some of the expectation my boss has of me, especially when I’d worked so hard. I told the girls when we came back from the park, and here is the gist of our conversation.

Me : Mummy got scolded by mummy’s boss, mummy want to stop working already
Zara : It’s ok. You can do something you are good at. Like baking. You can sell your cakes and pastries.
Me : Oh, but baking doesn’t give mummy as much money. We’ll have less money to spend. Maybe we need to sell our house now and move to a smaller house.
Zara : *eyes turned wide* Move to a smaller house?…. And then…. (calculating) you have to get a smaller car as well…..? And there’ll be less food….?
Me : Ya, I think so.
Zaria : *eyes turned wide now* And go to a school with no aircon?
Me : Yup. You have to go to a kindergarten with no aircon.
Zara & Zaria : I don’t want.
Zara : You should continue working. When your boss scold you, treat it like it’s not important, and just do your work.
Me : But it’s difficult.
Zara : You told me not to quit piano when it gets difficult. So you should not quit also.
Me : *Moan*
Zara : (imagination run wild) I don’t want to move to a shed in the jungle. I don’t like scorpions, and mosquitos…….Sigh.. Sometimes I wish I just turned to something that cannot move and think.
Me : You want to be a statue?
Zara : Ya.. then I don’t have to worry about all these. o.O”

These girls are so worried about having to change their lifestyle if I quit working.

Holiday Chitter Chatter Part 2

September 9, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Angry Birds in Penang

(continue from here)

When we stopped over in Ipoh for breakfast, we told the girls Ipoh is famous for beautiful girls.
Zaria asked, “Where can we see them? Can you bring us to see them?” (like they are some zoo animals)
We ate in this coffee shop, and it was mainly operated by elderly people.
I overheard Zara told Zaria, “Ipoh girls all old ladies only wut.”

When in Penang, there are 2 eateries that we’ll never miss. Nonya Breeze, and Jalan Siam Char Kuey Teow.
After an extremely satisfying dinner at the Jalan Siam Char Kuey Teow stall, seeing that the stall owners (father and son team) were less busy as it was the end of business day, both Daddy and myself went up to them and chatted a bit as well as praised them.
“Your char kuey teow is the best!” We told them.
When we went back the following day for another plate of char kuey teow, it wasn’t as satisfying, as I think the uncle put too much chilli in ours. And the girls too thought their plate of chilli-free kuey teow wasn’t as good as the night before.

We went to Nonya Breeze twice as well this round. Once for dinner, and once for lunch. It was good both times. We had this conversation in the car.
Daddy : We should have just eaten the char kuey teow once. Too much of a good thing is not good
Me : No not true, we ate Nonya Breeze twice and both were equally good.
Daddy : Hmm, yeah, why huh?
Zara : That’s because the char kuey teow man is a show off
Me : Huh?
Zara : Ya. You went and said his char kuey teow was good right the 1st time? So he became arrogant. That’s why 2nd time not so good already. Nonya Breeze you didn’t tell them their food was good, so they just continue to do what they do.
(She believes that I shouldn’t praise her too, or she’ll be too proud. So everytime when I say played a piano piece well, or her drawing is nice, she’ll put her index finger on her lips and said, “sssssh..”)

On our way back from Penang, I told the girls, “So girls, we’d spent all our money in Penang. I guess we don’t have money for other holidays anymore.”
Zara replied, “You don’t lie to me. You only spend your Penang money. You still have Hong Kong money, Singapore money and other money you haven’t spent yet.”
I went, “Huh?”
Zara said, “Ya, you only spent your Penang dollar. Your Singapore dollar and Hong Kong dollar you didn’t use wutt. You don’t try to lie to me, ok.”
Have to work on her money concept, this one.

Holiday Chitter Chatter Part 1

September 5, 2011 at 5:13 pm

I took off a couple of days last week, so that we can spend the girls’ school holidays together, and also go on our yearly trip to Penang.

Here are some conversations worthy to mention on our trip.

It was a wet day when we travelled to Penang. When we passed by the limestone hills in Ipoh, the girls saw the fluff of clouds floating around the hills. Zaria said, “Look, God’s spirit is everywhere.” o.O”

We talked about sleeping arrangement in the car. As Zaria has been really naughty the past few days, I told her, “I think I’ll sleep with jiejie, and Zaria can sleep with Daddy.”
She replied, “If I sleep with daddy, I’ll kungfu his kukujiao (Chinese : penis)” o.O”

Girls in Penang

We stayed in Traders Hotel in Penang. Every time when we turned on the TV, the Shangrila Hotel channel will come out first, showing the various Shangrila Hotels and Resorts world wide.
I commented one day, “These places are soooo nice, I wish I could go to these hotels to stay. Too bad your Daddy is not rich.”
Zara replied, “It’s not that he’s not rich. He’s cheap.” o.O”
Oh my, wonder what gave her that idea, but we had a good laugh hearing her reply.

Zaria told me later that when she’s older, she’ll bring me for holidays, and stay in those hotels. She said “I’ll bring you to Paris, and Italy.”
While swimming at the hotel pool, I asked Zaria to remove her float and tried to swim without (since she’s been attending swimming class for a month now).
She refused even after lots of persuation.
So I told her, “Next time when mummy is old, and you bring me for holidays, what if I fall into the sea, and you don’t know how to swim, then who’s going to save me?”
Zaria replied, “We are going to Paris. There’s no sea right?”
I told her in Paris there’s River Seine, a big river.
She then asked, “What about Italy? Is there river?”
I told her Italy is surrounded by the sea.
She thought for a while longer. “I think you go to Italy and Paris with jiejie (because Zara knows how to swim) then. I bring you to Ipoh.” o.O”

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