I’m a full time working from home mother and this is about my parenting journey with 2 daughters.

My eldest daughter, Zara was conceived after a long 5 years and many visits to doctors. She was born Nov 2004, although she was a high need child as a toddler, she brought us lots of joy and happiness. I started a blog for her when she was 8mth old (All About Zara). I no longer maintain that site now.

Zara is a sensitive, loving, and generous child; she loves being around people, and like being popular.

Our 2nd daughter, Zaria arrived end of 2006. Nicked the chili padi (Malay : Birdeyed chili), she’s fierce and independent and have lots of pride; but she has bountiful love which she reserves for those she really cares for.

I’m a breast feeding advocate, and I believe that breast fed children have better immunity and grow up with a special bond with mummy. Both the girls were on breast milk exclusively for 18months, before they were introduced to formulas. On my breastfeeding journey, click here.

Like all parents, I hope to do the best for my children, but at the same time I’m also human hence I have a temper, and I make mistakes. I love my daughters dearly, and learning with them everyday on how to better myself as a parent and a human being.

This is all about them, my two girls, their journey growing up, about the travels we made, and occasionally about me and our home. As the girls now are older, pages of their journal will be shared occasionally.

You are welcome to contact me if you would like someone to talk to about fertility issues or need breastfeeding or parenting support. To contact me, please mail to : zarasmama@gmail.com

~ Updated by Zara’s mama Sept 2013