Preloved Play Cot For Sale

May 26, 2013 at 11:40 am

Here is another pre-loved item my friend Chris would like to put up for sale.

It’s a locally made play cot/play pan, and it looks like this.

Preloved play pan for sale

Photo credit: Costmart

He’s willing to let this go for RM80.

If you are interested and need further information, do contact him at

Preloved Combi Double Stroller For Sale

May 26, 2013 at 11:31 am

A friend of mine, Chris, has a preloved Combi Double Stroller For Sale.

The model looks like the below photo, and it’s in very good condition.

Photo credit : Ebay

Like all Combi stoller, it is light weight, and has quick fold feature (i.e. quickly folded with a single hand).

Chris is willing to let this go for RM600. If you are interested or need further information about the stroller, please contact him at

Used Combi Light Weight Stroller For Sale

February 11, 2011 at 5:57 pm

**Updated Feb 17th 2011. Stroller is booked!**

The girls have outgrown their strollers.

Here is one we bought especially for air travel because it’s lightweight. It has a strap that you can strap around your shoulder and run while you have to do a dash from A to B, or when the road is too stroller unfriendly, or even when the child refuse to be on the stroller but you’d already brought it out.

We paid ~RM400 for it, and now selling for RM150. Self collection preferred.

Combi Stroller

(The shoulder strap is seen here, and some room to store your shopping)
Combi Stroller

Combi Stroller

When folded, it takes up very little space.
Combi Stroller

Combi Stroller

Drop me a mail if you are interested :

Used Safe N Sound Cot and Mattress for Sale

January 21, 2009 at 11:30 am

**Sold as of 3 Feb ’09**

I’m very sure I’ll not have No.3, so I’m trying to sell of some of the things the girls used to use. This one is Zara’s cot.

It’s white Safe N Sound Cot which can be used up to 6 yrs old. We bought this end 2004, it was used by Zara for 1.5yrs, and then stored up. Later, since Zaria is sleeping with us 100% since birth, it was used mainly to change her after her bath and to ‘confine’ her when Jelly needed to clean up the room (for 1yr).

The cot fits a mattress size of 70x132cm.

I’m selling this for RM300, this price includes :
1) the cot (2 levels height for mattress, single hand to lower side railing)
2) 1 x Safe N Sound latex mattress (it’s the standard Safe N Sound perforated mattress to prevent SID)
3) 1 x Safe N Sound latex pillow
3) 2 x bed sheets that I have for the mattress (light blue + white)
4) 2 x Lollipop Hey Diddle Diddle cot bumpers (brand new, they’ll ‘surround’ the entire cot)
5) 1 x Lollipop Hey Diddle Diddel pillow case (which will fit the latex pillow)
6) 1 x Lollipop white with yellow trimming pillow case (which will fit the latext pillow)

Condition of the cot : There are only some finger print smudges on the railing (where her name is stuck on) b’cos Zaria drew on her hands, and then held on to the railing trying to peel of the alphabets forming her name).

Condition of the mattress : Some light stain.

Safe N Sound Cot for Sale

You can also see here how the cot was used :

By Zaria – to confine her (the blue and white bed sheets seen here will be part of the deal)
Zaria reading in the cot

By Zara – to sleep (1 railing was removed so that it could be parked next to our bed)
Zara sleeping in cot

e-mail me at if you are interested

Used Medela Pump-In-Style Traveller Breast Pump For Sale

July 25, 2008 at 9:50 am

**Sold! As of 27th July 2008**

I’m selling off my Medela Pump-In-Style Traveller Breast Pump for RM500 (including 4 other breastfeeding gears).

I bought this when Zara was about 8months, around September 2005. I used it not as frequent as I should especially after I’d started working from home.

Here is what RM500 includes :
1) Medela Pump In Style Traveller breast pumps (inc double electric pump, backpack, pumping accessory kit, manual pump, cooling element, cooler carrier, ac adapter, battery pack, 4 breast milk bottles) ~ RRP RM1,600

2) Medela Harmony manual pump (acts as a back up when you don’t have electricity, exclude : a) misplaced bottle stand but you are getting 2 from the electric pump anyway, b) SoftFit breast shield) ~ RRP RM300

3) 1 pack of Medela washable nursing pads which contained 4 pieces of pads (unused still in sealed plastic but I tossed the box away already) ~ RRP39

4) 74 pieces of Lansinoh milk storage bags (unused, only available from the US) ~ RRP RM50

5) 1 barely used My Breast Friend nursing pillow (bought when I had Zaria, and, you can see how I used it here) ~ RRP RM189

Product shown here (except the breast pads) :
Breastfeeding Gear For Sale

If you are interested, please contact me

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