Say Goodbye to Big Solid Boobs

July 4, 2008 at 11:53 pm

Zaria nursing

After 18months of breastfeeding Zaria, it has come to an end. My milk supply dwindled to a mere 6oz a day in May with the increasing work travels.

I refused to bring the breast pumps to US as I intended to stop since Zaria was coming to 18months. No engorgement, no leaking breasts, my body just stopped producing. And how did Zaria cope? She’s fine having her formula milk. She asked for the breast a few more occasions when I got home, I told her, “Mummy’s breasts no more milk.” and she replied, “Suck suck breast oni (only)” pulling my top up. And she really meant it, just a minute, and she let go.

On days, when she tries to be funny, she tells me “Mummy, want suck suck breast.”, and when I lift my top, she turns away, and then looks back at me smiling cheekily and says, “Don’t want.” repeating this a few times. OR she pulls up my top, and pinches the breasts, and says, “Peet Peet” (the sound of honking). I can’t remember Zara being so cheeky last time.

Then there was once, she asked for the breast, and after just a while, she let it go and said, “No milk oh-di (already).”

The request to nurse and actually nursing, is becoming more infrequent. Now, she said, “Mummy, make milk” or “Aunty, make milk.” when she wants her milk.

Nursing Zaria for 18months just like Zara (see, I’m fair!) has brought me some embarrassment (leaky breasts) and some pain (engorgement, the biting) but it’s all worth it. We have lots of private 1 on 1 to increase bonding, she has strong immunity, and she’s rather smart for her age because of all the DHA I was giving her from my milk.

Now the time has come. I chucked away my nursing bra and bought myself some new bra, and I’ll be putting up an ad to sell my pumps and all other nursing gear.

Zaria with a bottle

The big solid boobs are gone, the bottles are here to stay. Goodbye Big C, hello Little B (or is it A?).

Weaning – Zaria

April 14, 2008 at 11:21 pm

From this…..
Zaria Nursing

to this….
Zaria Nursing

After 1 year and 3 months of breastfeeding Zaria, it’s slowly coming to the end. After my Hong Kong trip, my milk supply dwindled. Not sure if it’s from the stress, or it’s really time to wean her. She started taking half bottle and half breast. She will go to Daddy or Jelly to ask for “Mek (Milk)” when she wants the bottle, and if it’s breast she wanted, she’ll come to me.

She wants breast mainly during the night, or when she wants to do this to me…
Zaria Nursing

This girl likes to poke my belly button when she suckles, and it’s really not comfortable for me at all especially if her nails are not trimmed!!
Sometimes when the breast is not available, she’ll be poking her own belly button instead.. o.O”

While Zara weaned off at 18 months and I wanted to do as long with Zaria, looks like the travellings and the pressure from work is not in our favour. Everybody is telling me it’s high time. Ha.. I’ll stop when the time comes, i.e. when she really doesn’t want it any more because she’s not getting anything.

Updates of The Girls

February 11, 2008 at 6:24 pm

I think I’m slacking I’d not been writing as regularly as I have wanted because of work commitments.
I’m supposed to write about CNY but then I thought let me write this first before I forget or it becomes stale news.

On Zaria

She started taking her first steps 3 weeks ago.
1, 2, 3 steps while her hands were let go, and now 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ….. until she lost her balance, and thud, she lands on her buttocks.
Most of the time, she holds on to the wall and cover the distance she wants to travel.
When she looses her balance and lands on her buttocks, she frowns and looks at us, waiting for the encouraging words from us.

When I returned from Japan, she clung on to Daddy, and cried when she saw me.
Didn’t allow me to carry or touch her.
When I offered her the breast, she pinched it, and looked at me with suspicion.
Daddy said she’s taking the bottle really well when I was away, maybe I should wean her.
But then, I wanted to breastfeed her till she is at least 18months like I did with Zara to be fair, so I continued to offer her.
On the 2nd day, she clung on to me, as though regaining her memory of me and the breast.

She started ‘hitting’ her self when she is angry or unhappy, she just smacks the head and frowns. Don’t know where she learns that. *sigh*

A typical conversation we have during feeding time. I like to tease her and see her reaction.
Zaria : “Milk”.
Me : “Bottle milk or breast milk?”
Zaria : “Best”.
Me : “Mummy gives you bottle milk, ok?”
Zaria : *smacks herself and frowns* “Ugh!” or *moves her index finger in front of her face* “No”
Me : “Mummy gives you breast milk then”
Zaria : *smiles and moves herself to the bed or sofa* “K!”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Zara

I don’t think I’d mentioned this before, but since her 3rd birthday, she refused to put on a diaper. She has been diaperless ever since. She has 2 accidents so far and we thought that has to do with Tuyam leaving us.

She’s talking and singing more. She’ll entertain us with her make up stories or songs, or sometimes throws in some dance moves as well.

Some recent events :
She was singing Baa Baa Black Sheep and sang, “Yes sir, yes sir, three bag full.”
Daddy corrected her by saying it’s three bagS full, not three bag full. Daddy told her she needed 3 bagS or else there won’t be enough to give the master, the dame and the little boy.
She kept getting it wrong, and after several corrections by Daddy, she sang, “Yes sir, Yes sir, one bag full. None for the master, none for the dame, one for the little boy who lives down the lane.”

On our way home one day, she wanted to get off her car seat to sit close to me.
“Mummy I don’t want to sit in the car seat any more.”
“We’re on the highway, so you must sit on your car seat.” (I sometimes allow her to be without her car seat when we make short trips to the nearby mini-market.)
“What if we’re on the low-way, can I come out from the car seat?.”

MIL nick-named her Lou-chou (老粗, which is used for someone who’s roudy in Cantonese) when she becomes too rough.
So these days, when we see a behaviour we didn’t like, we ask her, “Are you a lou-chou?”
She’ll quickly replies, “I’m a princess, not a lou-chou.”, and quickly change her behaviour.
It’s a very good way to remind her of her manners, and that she’s a girl. 😛

Zaria’s Speech Development

January 9, 2008 at 11:57 pm


It’s getting really interesting with Zaria, who starts to say words here and there based on her understanding of things and her perception of the world.

She calls a banana, Nana
Any type of fruits besides banana to her is Ah-Per (as in Apple).

A cat to her is, Cat (evolved from AO).
A duck to her is Duck duck
Any other furry animals besides a cat is Eh-bit (as in Rabbit).
Any flying creatures, birds, bugs is Bird bird

She calls every body except Jelly.
Zawa or Jeh-jeh for Zara
Papa for Daddy
Mummy for me
Kakak for Tuyam
Yeh-Yeh for FIL
Ah-Ter for older looking men and Kor kor for younger looking boys.
Bay-Bee for toddlers and babies.
And she calls herself “Meh-mei” for Mei-mei

When she wants milk, she calls for me, “Mummy” (signs milk) and says “Milk”(yes, perfect sounding), then she’ll proceed to lie down on the bed or point to the sofa where I normally feed her.
After feeding, she likes to press on my breast and cheekily says, “Pee Peet” while flashing a smile.

She knows when to use Please. E.g.
Request for biscuit, “Ker Ker (Biscuit), (points to the biscuit, and then to her palm which is “more” or “want” sign) “Pis”
Wants me to get her the doll, “Doh Doh! (points to the doll, and then to her palm) Pis.”
Wants to go some where, “Go (points to the location), pis.”

She likes to stroke people and says “Ah Yang” (Sayang, Malay : Pat lovingly).
She likes to be held and walk about now, she says “Walk walk” and holds out her hand to be assisted.
She answers “K” for OK or Yes. E.g. “Zaria wants to go upstairs”; she’ll answer “K” and smiles.
She says NO by either saying “No” or makes the sound “Ugh!” while frowning.

Once we saw Zara snatching a toy from Zaria, while saying “This is Jiejie’s!” and Zaria shouted back, “Meh-Mei!” .
Another time, Zara tried to replace a toy Zaria was holding with something less interesting, and Zaria shouted, “No!”. Zara replied with a “Yes”. And Zaria responded with another “No!”. It was cute seeing them talk to each other like that (Maybe it won’t be so cute any more when the real verbal fight begins).
Then today, when Daddy showed her his pair of socks next to hers, and said, “Zaria, see, Daddy’s socks so BIG.”. Instead, Zaria smiled and pointed at him “BIIIIG Papa!”

I asked Daddy if these were a fluke shot, but Daddy said it can’t be, based on the way she interacts and communicate with us. She is doing as well as her sister in terms of language development at 1 year old. Fun!

Clingy Period Started

December 21, 2007 at 9:37 am

Zaria has started the clingy period, she always wants me to carry her, and used to fuss a bit when I didn’t. However, after her fever, she started to cry if I didn’t oblidge or didn’t get her way.

She will cry with big tear drops, sometimes even going on all fours, and slaps the floor with both her hands, banging her head on the floor in the process. o.O”

She wants to be nursed all the time. Making the milk sign every time she saw me. Yesterday, when she did that again 30mins after I’d fed her, I commented, “Milk again? You just had your milk.. Mummy don’t have so much milk you know. You think Mummy is a cow huh?” When the word ‘cow’ was heard, Zaria did a “moooooo”. Made all of us laugh. Haha… Anyway, this post is not about how cute she is…

Here are some shots of these ‘drama’ moments.

Zaria after her bath

Oh, who’s coming?

Zaria spotted me


Zaria getting angry

“Beat!” She said, when I didn’t pick her up and she got a bit angry

Zaria crying dramatically

She stood up and cried when she saw me walking away. See those big drop of tears?

Protected: Protected: Featured

September 7, 2007 at 10:38 am

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Zaria Turning 8 Month Old

August 29, 2007 at 8:55 am

This month we saw great development in Zaria, in her ability as well as her emotions.

Little girl Zaria doing what she likes most

Put her in the pool of balls she’s happy, put her in the pool of water, she’s happier!

I don’t know what her weight is nor her height, but she’s definitely growing. Clothes are tighter, skirts are shorter.
Her 2 upper incisors started growing 3 weeks ago. With 4 teeth now, and with her very strong sucking motion (Zara never used to suck so hard from what I recalled) nursing her can be a bit of a pain, imagine piranhas nursing! (OUCH!)

Other things the little girl can do :
1) Sitting without support like a pro now, only loosing balance occasionally
2) Clap her hands and give us five
3) Signing more (but it’s Zara’s version by tapping 1 finger on the other palm)
4) Waves bye bye; pats her stomach when we asked if she’s ‘pao pao’ (Cantonese : Full); but I don’t know if she knows the meaning of these actions
5) Raises her hand when we asked if she wanted to be carried; turns her hands and head away from whoever she doesn’t want
6) Making new sounds like ke, pa, te (effect of my new purchase? I don’t know.)
7) Crawl commando style, but right now it’s going back wards.
8 ) Seems to understand words like No (following it is another thing), Carry, mummum (Chinese : food, eat), no more, go park
9) Cover and uncover her mouth which produces the wa-wa-wa sound
10) When she sees food, she smacks her lips and says mummum repeatedly, does this mean she’s uttering her first word already?

Eating :
She absolutely loves eating. When she sees us eating, she tries to reach out and grab.
She has breakfast and dinner at the dining table together with us, so she doesn’t have to stare at us eat. Sometimes she wants to try what is on our plates, so we’ll give her a suck on the fruit we’re eating, or give her 2-3 rice grains to munch.
Still on 2 solid meals (breakfast and dinner, ~2.5 tbs) and have her milk 3 hourly (I let her rest for an hour before giving her a milk feed after her solid meal). Snacks on babybites biscuit at noon time.
She only takes home made cereals, fruit or vege puree. No meat introduced yet (will wait till 1yr old).

Zaria at 8 month

Clock wise top left : absolutely love this pix taken by my neighbour in the park; showing off her clapping skill; On her Tripp Trapp, her new found favourite; Spending lots of time in the walker

She takes 2 naps in the day for about 1hr to 1.5hr per nap.
She sleeps at ~9:30pm. Wakes up 1 to 2 times in the night (depending on how soundly she sleeps), requests for the breast, and drifts off to sleep (most of the time I too drift of to sleep with her) midway nursing.

She started having preference on who can touch or carry her. She never used to be that particular, but this month, it’s different!
She dislikes wrinkly people in particular. MIL, out! My sis’ elderly maid, out! She will look at the person, hold the stare for 2s, then she’ll cry, with big drops of tears!
She needs time to warm up to people whom she doesn’t meet that often. SIL once jumped out from no where to greet her, Zaria freaked out, cried like there was no tomorrow.
Every time when we enter someone’s home, she’ll be looking from ceiling to the floor and around, clinging on to the one carrying her tighter, sensing the unfamiliar ground. People started saying she’s ‘papai’ (Cantonese : fussy), but I think she’s just getting more aware of things.

She prefers me over most people. When my maid is carrying her and she sees me walking by, she’ll be calling out for me  and her eyes will follow where I go. If I didn’t stop to play with her or carry her, she would be fretting, making crying sounds. However, she prefers Daddy over me when she’s in a playful mood, because Daddy plays a lot with her.

She likes
1) to touch, shake, knock just about any objects she gets her hands on
2) to stand or to bounce herself up and down
3) anything that makes sound and music
4) go to the park (and she loves to lift her head to watch the swaying leaves on trees)
5) baths
6) grind her teeth playfully (the top with the bottom) which gets on my nerve (hate the sound).

I like it when she feels manja (Malay : TLC required) and lays her head on my shoulder when I carry her.

I just love this little chilli padi!

There’s Always Something To Buy

August 22, 2007 at 8:10 am

Do you realise as a parent, you always have something to buy for the kids?

The purchases

The last 2 weeks, I’d bought quite a few items for the kids (and no, they have nothing to do with the mega sales), and got my loot over the weekend.

I met Chanel on Sunday and picked up Zaria’s new Kissaluv and Drybees (washable) diapers together with a set of inserts. I ordered them from Miabambina and got them delivered to Chanel together with a few parents so we could save on shipping cost (I discovered this is called a SPREE from Domestic Rat).

The Kissaluv diapers are so soft and they come in such nice colours! The only thing is, I didn’t know this is a fitted diaper which means the outer layer is not waterproof, so after 2~3hrs, expect to feel the wetness from the outside. Unlike Drybees, the outer layer remain dry even after 4hours of wearing.

I also collected from my best friend’s cousin The Leap Frog Learning DVDs; Badger Sunblock; and Busy Baby Wrap which came from New York.

I want Zara to pick up phonics, and I was hoping the set of Learning DVDs will do the trick. She watched 1 of the DVDs repeatedly over the weekend (probably 5 times in the 2 days) as she really likes it, and started saying, Ssssss Sssssss, Ke Ke Ke, Je Je Je, etc to herself. So I guess, the money spent on this will not be wasted.

The Busy Baby Wrap will make nursing in public easier away from prying eyes. I started with a small nursing cape, but as Zaria becomes more active, she likes to yank the nursing cape when she’s nursing, and have my breast play peek-a-boo with the world. The Busy Baby Wrap material is a bit on the thick side though, it’ll be very warm if I wanted to use it outdoor. 🙁

My best friend got me 2 tubes of Badger Sunblock as birthday presents, it’s a sunblock for the whole family and supposed to be one of the best sunblock available. Domestic Rat had done a very good research on this.

Finally, the biggest item is Tripp Trapp, for Zaria. Daddy was tempted to get an immitation initially, but after looking at the finishing of the fake, we decided against it.

Zara has been using her Tripp Trapp since she was 6 months old, she eats her breakfast, lunch, dinner at the dining table (not away like most high chairs do because of its bulkiness) together with us. She gets up and down the chair on her own since she was very young (how many high chair allow a toddler to do this safely?). Not once, the chair has toppled or fell. Her chair still looks as good as new without any paint chipped. The chair is adjusted every now and then to follow her growth, it’s her chair which grows with her, and she can still use it even when she’s a full grown adult!

Added later :
I forgot to add, in the warehouse sales that we went with Chanel and family, we also managed to get some plastic animal figurines for Zara (RM1 per piece), a real working microscope and statescope.

Have to hold off shopping for a while after this lot. o.O

Recovering the Milk

June 14, 2007 at 1:20 pm

continues from here

2:30am : Still no news from MAS Lost & Found counter. Tried calling them numerous times, no reply.
Called MAS 24hrs line, to check if they can locate someone in the airport to understand the situation. Repeated my whole story for the 3rd time (Breast milk, precious, urgent, spoil if arrived late were words/phrases I have to keep repeating to add urgency to the situation). Harry from MAS checked, and confirmed MH610 already landed. He would try to call his colleagues in KLIA, and then will call me back.
3:00am : No calls from Harry. I called the 24hr line again. Rosa was the one who picked up my call. She said they are still trying to locate someone in the airport, but wasn’t able to. She kept silence most of the time when I asked her, “What is happening on your side?” “So how now?” This really frustrated me. Asked her for the manager. A Patma came to the line, and she said she’ll try her best to locate someone.
3:15am : Roslan from KLIA called, said my things were with them, but they could only deliver to me at 5am. WTF?!!! He called from his mobile so I have his number. I paced around the room wondering if I should wait till 5am.
3:30am : Decided to drive to KLIA on my own to collect my liquid gold instead. Called and informed Roslan, I could hear a delighted tone in him when he added, “So we don’t need to send it over to you?”
4:15am : Arrived KLIA. Roslan’s crew handed my things to me. “Sorry yeah miss, lots of problem today, that’s why can’t call you earlier.” I just sped off. Niah mah fu lat!! Now how do I claim my toll and petrol to the airport?
5:00am : Reached home. Sorted the milk. What was still frozen, I quickly tossed it back into the freezer. What was partially thawed, I poured out the thawed milk into the bottle and then tossed the frozen back to the freezer. Took me half hour to do this.
Wrote a note to tell Daddy and the maids I wanted to sleep in, and I wanted no disturbance. Moved a mattress over to the study (didn’t want to be awaken when the kids wake up at 8am), and dozed off.
6:00am : Daddy came over with a crying Zara. “She wants you.” Dropped her on my mattress and walked back to the room. I was too tired to argue with him or I would have given him a big knock on the head for doing this since I needed to sleep. I carried Zara back to the room and tried to pacify her as well as get her back to sleep.
6:15am : Went back to the study and when I was about to doze off. Daddy came over again as Zara woke up and cried when she didn’t see me!!!!
6:30am : Made sure Zara is asleep. Since the maid were all up, I told them I’ll be sleeping in, and moved my mattress to their room, locked the door, and slept!
10:00am : Woke up feeling like a zombie.

I’m the kind who has to take 8hrs of sleep every night.. so I’m not in my element today!

Screw Malaysian Airlines for such screw up and such customer service! Damn the new regulations and Changi not giving exemption to nursing mums!

Now let me see if I can claim back my return trip to KLIA to collect the missing baggage the airline caused!

Crying Over Spilled Milk

June 14, 2007 at 3:20 am

I was on a business trip for 3 days.
I woke up daily at 6:30am to express milk.
Shortened my lunch hour to 1/2 hour to express milk.
Instead of going shopping immediately after work (Great Singapore Sales is on), I stayed back in the hotel for another half hour to express milk.
Every night, after I’d expressed milk for the last time, got the hotel to store all the milk in the freezer for me, washed all the bottles, it would be 12am.
Now, is the milk precious or not?

8:00pm : Arrived Changi airport for my 9:20pm flight MH610
8:15pm : Checked in my suitcase, and was told MH610 has been delayed to 9:45pm. Suitcase tagged with MH610.
8:20pm : Before passing immigration, I asked security check point if I could carry my 2litre of frozen milk with me on board. I was denied entry, even though it mentioned “special dietery requirement” is excempted. They let me get out to ‘sort out’ my problem.
8:30pm : Got some masking tape from the shop, and taped up my cooler box and cooler bag.
8:45pm : Checked in my cooler box, and cooler bag. I was told flight MH610 has been delayed infinitely, and we would be put on MH608 departing at 9:30pm instead. Both my cooler box and cooler bag were tagged wtih MH608 tags.
9:00pm : Rushed through immigration, and went to the gate.
9:30pm : Started boarding the flight.
10:00pm : Flight took off finally.
11:00pm : Arrived KLIA. Went straight to claim my baggage.
11:15pm : Suitcase appeared.
11:45pm : Still no sign of my cooler bag and cooler box (anxious).
11:50pm : Was told no more items left in cargo, and I should proceed to Lost & Found to lodge a complain. (fuming)
12:00am : Have to tell the guy the content in the cooler box and cooler bag, and how important it is. He told me there’ll be no more incoming flight from Singapore. Have to tell him Susu Ibu is Breast Milk in English, to help him type that in to the report to indicate the urgency, and see if Singapore can help me to store the milk back into the freezer. I also took the Changi baggage handler number from him.
12:10am : Boarded my cab. On the way home, called up Changi baggage handler, phone was answered in 3 rings. The guy who took my call told me that at his end, he couldn’t see the cooler box or bag, he told me to call MAS counter in Changi. Called MAS counter in Changi, Nur who answered (picked up within 3 rings as well), told me she’ll help me trace the bags, and will call me back.
12:20am : Nur told me bags have been located, they have been mistakenly (she didn’t use this word, but how else could the bags ended up in the wrong flight) loaded into MH610, which will depart at 1am or later from Singapore.
12:35am : Reached home. Called Nur again, and she confirmed MH610 would be departing at 1am. Called MAS Lost & Found counter, it took me 6 attempts, infinite rings, before I reached a Roslan. He’s aware of my situation (probably became the big talk among the boys, this susu ibu thingy), and said he’ll send the bags immediately when the flight arrived.
1:00am : Called Nur in Changi again, and she said MH610 has taken off.
1:40am : Waited and Waited and Waited.

…. to be continued

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