Happy Easter And Peace Offering

April 9, 2014 at 3:28 pm

I’m a born Catholic, and wanted the girls to be baptised when they were born, but the hubs, an atheist, was against it. His reason, “They should decide (what religion) for themselves when they are older.”

This year, I just enrolled them into Sunday school, with Zara attending RCIC (Rights of Christian Initiation For Children), the children version of RCIA, so that both girls can get baptised and Zara can recieved her first Holy Communion this year like friends her age.

So I think the past few weeks at Sunday school, the girls have been taught about Easter, and Zaria, who likes to make cards and write notes to me, gave me this (see the word “Royce”? My favourite brand of chocolate).

Easter Card from Zaria

And this.
Easter Card from Zaria

And this.
Easter Card from Zaria

First time I’m getting an Easter card!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Writing letters and notes are quite common with my girls; usually they will write to me, to tell me they are sorry for something they have done, or to say they love me; the girls have also started writing notes to each other.

Zaria has lots of pride, and never likes sharing anything she has with Zara; Zara gets extremely annoyed because of the latter, especially when she shares everything with Zaria. After a round of squabble, Zara gave this note to Zaria as peace offering.

Zara's notes to Zaria

And then see what Zaria replied???
Zaria's reply to Zara


Happy Easter every one!

Zaria Missing Her Sister

August 14, 2013 at 5:20 pm

We sent Zara off to a holiday camp meant for 8yrs and above.
How fast they are growing up. Sigh.
I asked her if she was fine on our drive to the pick up point, and she told me she’s a bit scared (scared not being near us) but at the same time excited with what she would be doing, and the people she would be meeting.

It was with mixed feelings I saw her carrying her overnight bag climbing into the car that would transport her to camp. Zaria’s face turned gloom when she saw her jiejie closing the car door.

This is the very first occasion where Zara is away from home, without her parents (it’s always either the hubs or me will be with the girls; only once we had to leave the girls at their aunt’s house because both of us had to travel for work); this is also the first time Zaria won’t get to sleep with Zara.

So how are the girls doing?

We called Zara at camp yesterday night.
Me : Are you ok?
Zara : Yes ma. We are having so much fun.
Me : Everything is alright then?
Zara : Yeah.. I’m having so much fun.
(sounding impatient, like she couldn’t wait for the conversation to end to get back to whatever she was doing)
Me : Anyway, just wanted to tell you, Zaria missed you.
Zara : Oh… (2 seconds) But ma, I’m having so much fun. The river swim was so fun.. We got leeches all over our hands.
Me : Ewww… but aren’t you afraid of leeches? (I had a leech clinging on to me once in Sri Lanka, and the girls were all screaming like they had seen ghost.)
Zara : No, I just flicked them off my hands.
Me : Oh wow. Alright. You have fun then..Bye. Love you.
Zara : Ok ma, love you. (put the phone down real fast).

I told Zaria about our conversation, and Zaria asked, “Huh? She doesn’t miss me?”

And this morning, she woke up asking me “What bed did jiejie sleep on?” “What do you think she ate for breakfast?”

Per the usual holiday routine, Zaria did some homework from me, and then did her journal writing in the morning (and painted her nails in between doing these.)

And this was what she wrote and drew in her journal (she always like drawing first, then writing, as though planning out the scene).

My sweet sweet girl, missing her sister badly.


July 12, 2013 at 2:22 pm

I’m a morbid person. I like to talk about death with the children, just so they know it’s not something to be afraid of, and that everyone goes through it.

Yesterday is one of the rare moment where Zaria has to go for a class that Zara doesn’t attend. Alone in the car with Zaria, we had this conversation.
Me : One day, if daddy and mummy died, of all the aunties and uncles, kuma (姑妈), yeeyee (阿姨) that you have, who do you think you would want to ask to be your parents?
Zaria : You and daddy both died?
Me : Yeah.
Zaria (thought a while) : Hmmm. I want jiejie to be my mummy. o.O”

Today over lunch. I told Zaria to keep quiet because I want to ask Zara the same question.
Me : One day, if daddy and mummy died, of all the aunties and uncles, kuma (姑妈), yeeyee (阿姨), ah kim (婶婶) that you have, who do you think you would want to ask to adopt you? Zaria has given me her answer, but I want to hear what you say.
Zara : Who did Zaria pick?
Me : Can’t tell you now. You tell me your answer first.
Zara : (thought a while with her finger tapping her chin) I want to live alone with Zaria. We’ll take care of each other. o.O”

I want to cry just knowing how close these 2 are.

The girls do almost everything together. I’m lucky to be able to arrange that they attend the same morning session in school, go for almost all their extra-curicular activities together. Although they annoy or irritate each other sometimes, most of the time, they get along very well and have a lot of fun together.

Zara has numerous times stood up for Zaria when Zaria got punished. She’s blocked the cane (coming down) that was meant for Zaria, told us off when we scolded Zaria too much and threatened to send her to boarding school (the little one can be a tyrant at times, if you’d been following me on Facebook or my blog), “She’s your daughter too you know.” And it shows by this question, that they do love each other very much.

It warms my heart knowing that their bond is so strong. *wipe tears away* 死也无遗憾咯.

Here is a piece of writing in Zaria’s journal (written end last year). I made her write about her sister, and think about how it would be if Zara is no longer living with us, after they had a big fight, and she said Zara was a rotten sister and asked us to send Zara away.


Antibiotic Explained By A Child

March 4, 2013 at 11:33 pm

Zaria had a fever, and it’s very hard to get her to take her medicine.

Zara drew this to remind Zaria what antibiotic is for.

Antibiotic Explained by a Child

Mind the spelling but I think it’s a good one.

Gadgets and TV Free Childhood

January 23, 2013 at 10:41 pm

Like all children, the girls love to watch TV (we have no Astro, so they can only watch DVDs which we purchased for them), and also play games on the iPad.

Like a tiger mom, I only allow them to watch TV or have a 20~30min go on iPad when they have done what I’d assigned them to do for the day. It can be writing their journal or doing worksheets, depending. And if they have misbehaved, for example, fighting over who goes first on the iPad, then they’ll be grounded; and they will have to go without iPad or TV for a day/a week (depending on the severity of what they’d done).

On no gadgets and TV days, the girls will come out with all kinds of activities to keep themselves occupied; and of course having a sister each means they can still have a blast. Here are some moments of them doing things together on such days.

Reading a comic together.Girls reading a comic together

Playing word games. They try to create as many words as possible using only the letters of a word (elephant, for example)Girls playing word game

Climbing door frame. I was told, if a kid has done this, it means they have had an awesome child hood!Zara climbing door frame

Zaria climbing door frame

Pretending they were super heros, and designing their own super costumes and weapons.Girls designing superhero costumes

Building a tent in the room and campingGirls built tent in room

Playing limbo rock using a stick they found in the house.Girls doing limbo rock

At times, no games are required, they just chi-chat.Girls chichatting


Back To School Update 2

January 11, 2013 at 6:50 pm

How has school been after 2 weeks? If you are my FB friend, you’ll know that I’m pretty pissed with Zaria’s teacher. Here is what happened.

6th day of school (Wednesday 9th Jan) , and Zaria got caned! She didn’t want to tell us what happened, but I overheard her telling Zara about it.

After much coaxing during dinner, she told us while going to the toilet with her friend, they started playing, she gave the girl a punch, and the girl received it with clenched up feast. They were laughing at their games and WHACK, down came the cane, on her elbow, and on her friend’s.

After she related the incident, she had tears in her eyes. “That’s why I don’t want to go to school. I want to stay at home and learn myself. I’ll do worksheet on my own.”

We have to tell her we’ll monitor her teacher, and she had to tell us all about the scolding and caning she received and we’ll decide if the teacher is fair or just being mean. If the teacher is being mean, we’ll raise it to the principal.

Zaria's cane mark

Then today, Daddy went to speak to the teacher, just to tell her she should not caned anyone without first issuing warning, and she should not cane anywhere else except the palm. And guess what? The teacher denied! She said she didn’t cane Zaria.

If this only involved Zaria, maybe for some reason, Zaria just may have made that up. But she caned 2 kids! The other girl carpool in our car and they both related the incident to me (after much coaxing of course), and I confirmed the incident again when I picked them.

Since the teacher lied denied, we went to speak to the assistant headmaster about it, just to record the incident.

And….. Zaria told us over dinner that her teacher said sorry to her, “After daddy left, my teacher said Sorry yeah, Sorry yeah, 你这样乖,我做什么要打你 (you are so well behaved, why should I smack you).” o.O”
(Was she just being sarcastic for saying sorry? Or it was her way to admit it and apologise?)
Zaria then added, “I think my teacher is… “ (she made circles next to her ear with her pointer) o.O”

(Now don’t get me wrong. I think the girls’ school is a good school, small community, very good racial mix, and children come from all walks of life. The headmaster listens to feedback and take action. So if you’d asked me again, I would still have sent them there, unless of course I strike lottery and can afford private/international school.)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Not that Zaria likes school since day 1, with the above incident, she began asking me :
“Why can you stay at home when I have to go to school?”

“When is Standard One Finishing?”
“After jiejie’s birthday.”

“After Primary school is what?”
“Secondary school.”
“YAY! Then I can change school…. Got aircon one or not?”


And then one day, when I walked her to the classroom where her extra-curicular activity was held together with the other children. She whispered to me, “So much 帅哥 in this school.” (referring to all the handsome boys in school). That’s probably her motivation to go to school. 😛

*Mind her English, she speaks broken English unlike Zara.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

How about Zara? She’s doing fine, she really takes care of her sister.

She will look Zaria up during recess to go to the canteen together, and will look her up after school to walk to the waiting area together. Their class rooms being next to each other help.

As our carpool group consists of her and 3 Std 1 kids, she’ll be the one leading them to the waiting area, leading them to their extra curicular activities. Sometimes she’s frustrated with this, “Why do the older one always have to be responsible for everything?” But she’ll still do it.

Zaria’s Writing – Her Love for Her Sister

November 19, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I was away during the weekend accompanying my dad to do his chemo in Singapore. When I got back, I saw this piece of writing by Zaria about Zaria.
Zaria's writing about her sister

Bad spelling, and bad punctuation aside, it shows that she adores her sister.

She’s always amaze at Zara’s ability, especially Zara’s ability to ‘swish’ her hips on the hula hoop.


And here are the girls on the hula hoops. Zara is a pro.
Zara on the Hula-hoop

While Zaria is still learning.
Zaria on the Hula-hoop

Sisterly Chat

August 26, 2011 at 6:03 pm

The girls get along perfectly most of the time. Enjoying the same TV shows, playing the same iPad games, singing the same songs, playing the same silly self created games.

There are times when they tease or annoy each other, especially on long car journeys. And common complaints we get are :
“Maa, jiejie is annoying me.”
“Maa, jiejie spit at me.”
“Mum, Zaria doesn’t want to share the arm rest”
“Mum, Zaria copying (immitating) everything I say.”
I normally ignore them, until they get physical with each other, and start punching each other pushing and shoving.

For every movie that they watch together, they like to identify who is which character in the show. E.g.
Powerpuff girls.
Zara : Zaria, Jiejie is Blossom, you are Butter Cup because you always frown.

Alice In Wonderland the movie.
Zara : I’m the White Queen.
Zaria Jiejie said I’m the Red Queen.

And then sometmes they cannot agree with each other.
Zaria : Why jiejie always want me to be the villian
Zara : Ya.. because you always get angry.

Zara is also constantly reminding Zaria she’s the jiejie. E.g.
Zaria : (asking me) Why you didn’t buy for Zara?
Zara : It’s jie jie ok. not Zara.. you need to call me jiejie.

I like listening to their conversation with each other, it can be quite entertaining. I caught these few.

The girls were reading about Sleeping Beauty, and this version started with the King inviting 12 wise women to the party to celebrate the birth of the pricess.
Zaria : (referring to the picture in the story) How come there’s only women in the party and no boy except the King?
Zara : Have you heard of men being wise? Only women are wise, that’s why there are only wise women to invite.

Zara was meant to go to MIL’s place while Zaria was attending Yamaha JMC class, but she decided she wanted to stay home, so she called MIL.
(MIL speaks only Cantonese and Mandarin)
Zara : (on the phone) 我不要去你的家了。我要在家做我自己的东西 (I don’t want to go to your house, I want to stay home to do my own things). Bye bye.
Zaria : 再见 (zai-jian), you should say 再见 (zai-jian). Bye is English. Mama cannot speak English.
Zara : Every body can understand bye ok? Even if you don’t understand English.
Zaria : (enlightened) Oh

Zara joined in the school Bahasa Malaysia singing contest and got 2nd place, so she brought home a silver trophy.
Zara showed Zaria the trophy and told her about her contest.
Zaria : Wah. Jie, good…. you got a trophy.
Then she continued : But jie, how come your trophy is silver and not gold?
Zara : Because I got 2nd place. If you get 1st place, your trophy will be gold.
Zaria : (another enlightenment) Oh

But the 2nd day, when Zara is not around.
Zaria : Ma, you know, I don’t like jiejie’s trophy. Jiejie’s trophy is silver.. I like a gold one
Me : Next time when you are standard 1.. you go to jiejie’s primary school.. you go on stage to sing and get the gold trophy ok?
Zaria : I’ll go on stage.. but I won’t sing.. I’ll snatch the gold trophy from the 校长 (headmaster) o.O”

If only every day is like this.. (the littlest one is my bestie’s daughter Maya).
3 Little Girls

Making Plans Ahead

June 23, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Over dinner.
Zaria: Jie, your boy friend is PhangSY, R, BeiYQ?
Zara : Ya
Zaria: Are you going to get married to all of them?
Zara : I’m not a bigamist ok!

Cycling Together

So she’s not a bigamist, but what do the girls say about getting married?
Maybe it’s my fault, I showed them a video of me giving birth to Zaria, and told them getting married means having babies; since the video of me giving birth to Zaria was filled with gore and blood, they had this conversation one day.

Reading Together

Zara : I’m not going to get married
Zaria: Ya jie, me too.
Zara : I can spend time on my own.
We can go bow and shooting together Zaria.
Zaria: We can go for treasure hunts o.O
Do painting, go shopping, go have dinner (together)
We can go Disneyland
Zara : Zaria, by then, you don’t want to go Disneyland, you want to go Ikano
Zaria: We can go to the cinema to watch Harry Potter
(sounds like a great plan to me, so much freedom, so much sparetime to do things enjoyable. I wish I had thought about this before I tied the knot)
Zara : Ya. We don’t want to get married and have children

In A Maze Together

Me : Then why do I have children?
Zara : Because you are married that’s why. You can’t change that!

Sisterly Love

February 9, 2011 at 4:07 pm

At times the girls get along beautifully, at times, they fight like they are the worst enemies. I guess this is the same in most housewhole.

Girls Sharing an ice cream

We notice that Zara sometimes can be a big bully. When she wants something Zaria is holding, she’ll snatch from her, without asking. She doesn’t do that to her friends, this ‘rudeness’ is only reserved for her sister.

Zaria on the other hand, blames Zara for everything!
When she fell once in the living room, immediately she said, “Jiejie make me fall.”
I went o.O” because I saw the whole thing. I asked her how could have Zara caused her to fall as Zara was siting on the sofa far from her.
She replied, “Just because jiejie moved the sofa, so I don’t know where to step.” (Zara repositioned the sofa earlier on, but the sofa was far from where Zaria tripped and fell on her own). o.O

Another time, Zara accidentally stepped on Zaria’s feet. Immediately, the accusation began, “Jiejie stepped on me.” Then she checked her toes. “Jiejie stepped on me now my toes cannot straighten already.” o.O”
(actually, she’s born with a toe slightly crooked, but she now blamed Zara for that)

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

When one of the girls are naughty, and we want to punish them, the other would quickly search for the cane, bring it right to us.

When Zaria is the naughty one, Zara happily fetch the cane for us to punish Zaria. However, she won’t allow us to carry out certain punishment on Zaria.
Once Zaria was really naughty, i.e. she smacked Daddy when Daddy scolded her, when Daddy smacked her, she kicked Daddy repeatedly, and then she wailed loudly non-stop.
I wanted to put her outside the house (within the compound), and Zara blocked my way, claiming, “Even when Zaria is naughty, you cannot put her outside of the house. What if bad people catch her?”
I pushed past her and got Zaria to stand outside.
Zara was standing at the door, watching and guarding over Zaria, and kept turning to glare at us. She got so upset and angry, she didn’t want to talk to us for a while after that.

When Zara is the naughty one, Zaria would somehow behaved really well, and then tell us something like jiejie is so naughty, but she’s so good girl. o.O”
When we punished Zara, and Zara started crying, Zaria will be fetching tissues to wipe Zara’s tears, and then will be hugging Zara.

This is the way they show their sisterly love.

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