The Things My 3 Year Old Says

March 3, 2008 at 1:54 pm

On Saturday, it was Daddy’s birthday. Zara asked for some baloons for herself but I said no, because there were already 2 I pumped up for her in the house the day before.
As an excuse, she said, “It’s Daddy’s birthday, we need to have some more baloons!” o.O

Daddy bathed her and dressed her up. I checked with her later if Daddy applied her lotion for her or combed her hair.
She said, “Nope….” and then asked, “Do you think my Daddy is stupid?” o.O

We were in a DVD shop, and we didn’t realise there was a table laid with those XXX films, with naked bodies sprawled on the cover.
Zara came over and pointed to that table, “Mummy, why got shows like this one? Children can watch or not?” o.O”

Zara can do most things by herself, or play on her own, so most evenings, I concentrate more on Zaria, and spend more time with Zaria.
When Zara falls down, even though it’s a smallest fall, she’ll come to me, “Mummy, I fall down and hurt myself you know? Can you sayang (Malay : stroke) me or not?”
And then one day, Zara reminded me to spend equal amount of time with her. I was reading to Zaria, and Zara stood in front of me and said, “Can I play with my mummy now?” o.O”

She asked me where her soft toy lamb is, since I don’t know where it was and didn’t bother checking, I just mumbled it must be down stairs. She immediately pointed at me and said, “Mummy, you don’t tell lies huh? You hiding my lamb behind you. o.O” In deed, the lamb was actually behind me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I’m actually a very impatient mum, and I snapped at Zara quite frequently. Unconciously, Zara says things like these when I got angry, and reminds me of my shortcomings :
“Mummy, I love you, you know or not, but sometimes you always scold me.”
“Mummy, why are you so upset?”
“Mummy, don’t be angry, it’s a small matter.”

Zara, mummy is really working on this, ok?

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