Naturally Plus Super Lutein and Izumio – My Experience

March 1, 2016 at 3:15 pm

My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2010, he had half his liver removed and did a couple of TACE and was doing great. Beginning of last year, he was told TACE no longer worked for him and he needed to start oral chemo drug (Nexavar).

After hearing about all the great things Super Lutein and Izumio can do (from the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource Group), we were hopeful and we started our father on the product March last year.

I was interested in the business myself, but I’m the sort who needs to know the product works before I can promote.

We bought 2 years supply and spent RM9403. We wanted to believe in what the product could do, we wanted to be the success story and hence were willing to spend the money.

From 3 caps of Super Lutein + 2, 3 packs of Izumio up to 15~20 caps of Super Lutein + 5 packs of Izumio, we didn’t see improvement in my father. The cancer marker continued to climb higher. What‘s more, he hated taking the supplements, he wasn’t looking forward to ‘Izumio or Super Lutein’ time.

His health was deteriorating gradually overtime, so, maybe, Super Lutein and Izumio were helping to slow down the process. I don’t know.

However, if you’d read some of the success stories, or miracles the product can do, i.e. healing cancer solely on the product, curing eczema, improving eyesight, and helping with any ailments imaginable; we have high expectations.

Some people in the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource Group wanted to know how my dad was doing, and I shared the updates. Bad for business I guess, for I have no good news to tell, it was always ‘my dad’s cancer marker is going up after x-packs, x-capsules per day‘. Eventually, my dad requested to stop Super Lutein (too many capsules to take) and continued only with Izumio. We let him decide.

I shared some of my own experience in using the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource group as well, but no success stories too.

I had a very bad rash behind my ear from an allergy reaction, I was told applying Izumio on that area will help. It didn’t work for me. The rash stayed with me for almost 2 months before it went away on its own.

I got a very bad burn on my forearm, I was told applying Izumio on the burn will help. It didn’t work for me.

I took Super Lutein for overall well being, but every time I took it, I got a migraine attack. It may well be a healing process, but I got an attack and I just shared my experience.

I was told taking Izumio will cure sore throat and flu, it didn’t help the girls or me, but propolis spray did wonders.

I guess I was not a good user experience example for marketing and business. While everyone in the group was sharing success stories, I had none.

2 weeks ago, my dad lost his fight with cancer.

I got booted out from the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource Group, not sure if it was not long before my father passed away or soon after. The intention of removing me from the group was perhaps to prevent me from sharing my father’s deteriorating health and his passing.

I suppose MLM group, Product group, only wants you to hear the good things, positive feedback and the success stories; but shun frank but unfavourable feedback or failure stories of the product.

In my opinion, do not believe and take everything you read for granted, be your own judge.

Disclaimer : This is totally based on my experience. I’m not against the product, I’m still a consumer, and belief there’s some health benefit to be gained.

Year End Holidays Planning

November 3, 2015 at 3:05 pm

School holidays are coming, have you planned for your holidays yet?

We’d not gone on a holiday this year, except for the short weekend trips here and there, all because of the project I was working on which had me working many nights and weekends. Now that the school holidays are coming, it’s time for a long break!

We have a Bali and Japan trip coming, and there’s lots of planning to do, especially for the Japan trip.

I think I overbought the books.

After googling, contemplating, checking out travelling books, talking to CPWong who’s a Japan travel expert, we’d decided to visit Kyushu this round. Still there’s lots of research to do, as in how we’ll be travelling around this Southern Island, what are the places of interest to visit, and where to stay for the night.

Once we know our itinerary, we have to book the accommodation. Since the exchange rate is not in our favour, we had to compare hotel rates from various hotel sites before making the booking.

In 2013 when we took our first Japan holiday, our accommodation was around USD200/night for 2 adults and 2 children. This round, with more time to do research, we are able to cut down to USD120/night on average for 2 adults and 2 children in Kyushu! Good deal eh?

I found HotelsCombined to be extremely helpful in comparing hotel room rates from different booking sites (,, etc), and listing the best deals out.

We managed to get really good deals for Bali too, only RM350/night for a nice family room.

Can’t wait to see all these.

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Life Rushes By

February 28, 2015 at 4:41 pm

Since the end of the year, I have been so busy, hence the long absence of new posts in this site.

The 1st few weeks of the year were spent sorting out classes the girls should attend, finding tutors for the girls etc etc and finally a routine is established.

I’m involved in 2 big global projects on top of my normal day job. Every day, besides working the regular hours, we have night calls so all regions can work together for 2 hours. Globalisation and mobility get you sucked into work 24×7 that’s what I think.

Life just rushes by the last couple of months.

Creepy or Coincidence – Encounters in Japan

January 21, 2014 at 9:48 pm

When you go on a holiday and you snap a lot of photos, usually, you won’t know what you’d taken until you started going through them one by one back home.

So, the hubs and I had taken over more than a thousand photos during our Japan trip, more than a month later, when I sorted out the photos taken on Nov 27th, I spotted these 4 persons in a photo the hubs took of the girls and I at the Fushimi Inari JR station, waiting for our train to go to Tokufuji. They were standing next to us (I’d cropped it to remove us from the photo) waiting for the same train.

Thais at Fushimi Inari JR station

These 4 persons are Thais, who, 2 days later, stayed in the same farmhouse as us more than 270km away from where this photo was taken. They arrived the same time as us (they took the bus, we arrived by car), and because they insisted to have four of them stayed in 1 room instead of 2 rooms as suggested by the owner, we had to let them have the bigger room originally meant for us.

That day at the farmhouse, only 3 rooms were taken, the Thais took 1 room, we took 1 room, and another Taiwanese girl 1 room.

Even the girls were surprised when I showed them this photo. They found it strange that we ‘accidentally’ took the photos of the Thais in another city far away from where we actually met them.

Coincidence, fate or creepy? It’s like twilight zone.

If you know these Thais, get them to contact me, we might as well get to know each other and maybe we’ll be good friends.

The Five Best Places to Vacation with Kids (Without Going Crazy)

August 12, 2013 at 10:47 pm

Not every vacation is suitable for kids. While mom and dad might love snowy cabins and peace and quiet, the little ones will be bored to tears. And, their boredom will quickly become evident, ending the peace and quiet mom and dad wanted in the first place!

Fortunately, numerous destinations are suitable for children and even offer some entertainment for parents. Here are the five best places to vacation with kids without coming back with gray hair.

1 – Branson, Missouri

“My dad says it’s like Vegas – if it were run by Ned Flanders” – Bart Simpson

Bart’s reference was accurate! Branson offers the fun-filled experience of Vegas, only without forcing parents to cover their children’s eyes.

There are literally too many quality attractions to list, but those kids might like most includes:

• Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors
• Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum
• Shoot for the Stars Mini Golf (Hollywood-themed mini gold course)
• Silver Dollar City (amusement park)
• The Track Family Fun Parks (arcade, bumper cars, go-karts, laser tag, etc.)
• World’s Largest Toy Museum

2 – Williamsburg, Virginia

Learning about history may not seem like the best break from studying. Fortunately, that’s not all there is to do in Williamsburg.

For pure fun, you’ll want to visit Busch Gardens. While offering a traditional theme park experience, it also hosts numerous “KIDsiderate” rides and animal attractions, as well as a charming European-themed ambiance throughout.

Water Country USA also has some kid-friendly attractions, although Busch Gardens has a wider selection if you can only visit one.

Check out Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf while you’re there, too. The kids should have a blast in this family-oriented, pirate-themed golf course.

Of course, whether the kids love history or mom and dad just need a break, the area is loaded with historical sites. These include Historic Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and the beautiful campus of the College of William & Mary, the nation’s second-oldest college (just behind Harvard).

3 – San Antonio, Texas

With intense summer heat, anywhere in Texas – let alone South Texas – may seem like a bad place to take the kids on vacation. Yet, San Antonio offers numerous high-quality, kid-friendly attractions that make up for the relentless Texas sun.
According to USA Today, notable attractions in The Alamo City include:

• Natural Bridge Caverns (cave beneath the city)
• Sea World
• Six Flags Fiesta Texas (includes 25 rides specifically for children)
• The San Antonio River Walk (bat tours, boating, restaurants and more)
• The San Antonio Children’s Museum
• The San Antonio Zoo
• The Tower of the Americas (similar to the Space Needle)

As an added benefit, the weather in the city is quite nice in the fall and spring and its winters are mild compared to much of the U.S.

4 – San Diego, California

Picky parents may want to take the kids to San Diego. Why? The weather is gorgeous all year long.

Beyond that, there’s plenty to do for the children. The city offers access to both the San Diego Bay and Pacific Ocean. And, with the Chargers and Padres in town, catching a game is always an option.

Don’t forget to visit Balboa Park, which houses the San Diego Zoo, numerous museums, gardens and more. There’s a Sea World in San Diego, too, in case the San Antonio heat is too much for your family.

There are dozens of other worthwhile attractions for both parents and children in America’s Finest City, as well. But, if you’re on a tight schedule and can only visit one place, Balboa Park should be it.

5 – Tampa, Florida

Tampa is known for its laid back atmosphere. Combined with its warm climate, this makes it an excellent place to take the kids for a low-key trip.

Still, there are plenty of attractions for the kids. According to U.S. News and World Report, these include:

• Busch Gardens (African-themed amusement park)
• Florida Aquarium
• Museum of Science & Industry
• Sports (pro baseball, football and hockey)

And of course, you’ll want to head to the beautiful Florida beaches. Clearwater Beach, which was ranked by the Travel Channel as the second best beach in the state, is in the area and other great beaches are within driving distance.

This is a guest posts by John Gower. John Gower is a writer for NerdWallet, a site dedicated to helping consumers with retirement savings.

Comparing Kamdar Brand Uniform Vs Kiko Brand Uniform

December 17, 2012 at 10:33 pm

Most of you who read my earlier post, this and this maybe interested in this comparison.

Here is my take on Kamdar brand Uniform vs Kiko brand Uniform. Both are lasting. Zara had 2 Kamdar brand pinafores, and 1 Kiko brand pinafore, and her white blouses were all from Koko, all of which she wore for 2 years.

Just to compare the colour of the Pinafores.

From bottom to top. New Kiko band pinafore, Kiko pinafore which is 2 years old, Kamdar brand pinafore which is 2 years old.
Pinafore Colours

The 2 years old Kiko brand pinafore is laid on top of the new Kiko. The colour has faded quite a lot, but it’s still blue evenly.
Kiko Pinafore Colours

Kamdar brand pinafore on top of 2 year old Kiko brand pinafore. The blue in Kamdar pinafore is still vibrant.
Kiko vs Kamdar Pinafore Colours

Kamdar brand pinafore on top of new Kiko brand pinafore. The blue from Kamdar brand is still more vibrant.
Kiko vs Kamdar Pinafore Colours

Kamdar definitely has nicer blur pinafore, and last longer.

How does it fit the girl?

Zaria wearing Zara’s 2 year old Kamdar brand pinafore with back zipper (which Zara said it’s easier to wear and remove). The shoulder straps of Kamdar brand are thicker, I guess making the child look a bit sloppier if they have small shoulders.
Kamdar Pinafore Colours

Kiko brand pinafore has slightly smaller shoulder strap, so they fit nicer.
Kiko vs Kamdar Pinafore Colours

Price wise, Kiko brand pinafore is almost RM15 more expensive than Kamdar. So I guess, if you can make a trip to their shop on Jalan TAR, Kamdar will be a better deal.

(Kiko brand uniform can be bought from Jusco.)

What to Prepare For Standard One Round 2

December 14, 2012 at 10:14 pm

Last year, I wrote this post on What To Prepare For Standard One. This year, I have one to prepare myself, as Zaria will be in Standard One next year.

Using the experience I have with Zara, this is what I’d prepare for Zaria.

3 Sets Of School Uniforms.
I preferred Kamdar‘s uniform, as it’s cheap, and the colour is quite durable. However, this year, they started not selling uniforms in their branches (that’s located IOI Mall, Mid Valley Mega Mall) but only sold in their Jalan TAR shop.

So I bought Kiko instead, 3 sets for each of them. Why Kiko? And not Changgih? Changgih is slightly cheaper, but when I lifted up the fabric and looked through it against light, I saw that the cloth was not weaved evenly, i.e. some of the weaving was very close together, some part of the fabric the weaving was farther apart.

Moreover, Kiko has smaller size that fits Zaria.

As for the white blouse, we’d tried a couple of brand, and find Kiko brand has a nicer fit.

2 Pairs Of School Shoes to interchange.
Like Zara, I only bought 2 pairs of shoes for Zaria to interchange. Their feet grow very fast, and the shoes get worn very quickly as well. A pair would probably last a couple of months before I need to change again.

We went for Bata, just because we grew up wearing Bata too.
Bata School shoes

Under Protection Or Under Layer
As mentioned in my previous post, the girls will be wearing under protection under their pinafore. So we bought cheap tights from FOS, which we’ll alter and shorten so that they can wear as ‘under protection’.

Tights as Under Protection
Unrelated to going back to school, we stock up on white panties, which Parkson sells as part of the Going Back To School promo (RM8.90 for 3). I don’t know about you, but I have problem finding reasonably priced white panties for children their age.

Water bottle, Food Container
Zaria is more absent minded than Zara, so we’re not getting any new ones, but she’ll be using the ones she used in kindergarten.

We’d already bought her a set of colour pencils, new sharpener, 2B pencils (mechanical pencil I find is not suitable for Standard One), pencil case, colour pencil case (bought pouches with zips).

School Bag.
Now what is pending is her school bag. We’ll be getting her a SWAN trolley school bag just like Zara’s (which Zara will be using for another year).

Giveaway Contest Winners : Barbie Design And Dress Studio

October 12, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Yee har!

I have the winner list for the Barbie Design And Dress Studio!

They are *drum roll* :

Izz Qowi

All 3 of you will be getting a Barbie Design and Dress Studio set just like this.
Barbie Design and Dress Studio

Here are their comments :
Winner of Barbie Design and Dress Studio

Congratulations once again to the above winners. Kindly email your name, contact number and mailing address to for prizes delivery purposes.

For those of you who didn’t win, it’s ok. Because there’ll be 1 last Giveaways from Barbie! Come back and try your luck again next week!

Winners of Giveaway Contest : Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday

August 30, 2012 at 11:57 am


I have the winners of the Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday Giveaway!

They are *drum roll* :

A Moms Diary
Sam SM
Giddy Tigress

All 3 of you will be getting a Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday set just like this.
Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday Set

Here are their comments :
Barbie Fashion Combo Holiday Winner Comments

Congratulations once again to the above winners. Kindly email your name, contact number and mailing address to for prizes delivery purposes.

For those of you who didn’t win, it’s ok. Because there’ll be 2 more Giveaways from Barbie! Come back and try your luck again next round.

Anmum Essentials with Gangliosides and DHA

August 9, 2012 at 12:42 pm

I overheard this conversation at the hypermarket the other day at the milk powder aisle.

“This one (brandX) is high in DHA, this is good”, said Mom A to her husband.
“Why is DHA so important?” asked her husband.
“DHA helps to build brain cell, so we should pick the milk powder with the highest content of DHA for our baobei now.” replied Mom A.

Looks like they have not heard about Gangliosides. I went over and started talking to them. (Do you realize it’s very easy to strike a conversation with other parents when we are all looking at/buying the same thing?)

I told them about Gangliosides, which a lot of parents are unaware.

Yes, DHA is important. It is a key building block of brain cells. But Gangliosides are also very important, as they help brain cells connect.

I showed them the pack of Anmum Essential I was planning to buy, showing them that it contains both DHA and Gangliosides.

I told them I didn’t know about Gangliosides earlier, so I was also like them, concerned only about DHA content. But now I know Gangliosides and DHA work hand in hand, one to build, the other to connect, and together will deliver a better outcome.

“Wa, so many things inside. Does it taste good?” asked her husband, not quite convinced.

“Nice. Very creamy!” my girls who was playing with their toddler answered (the girls, especially Zaria, like to ‘look after’ and play with toddlers nowadays.).

Mom A decided to buy a box to try, I don’t know if this will be her toddler’s Growing Up Milk eventually, but at least she will be making an informed choice.

Watch this TVC if you haven’t, so that you too are aware of what DHA and Gangliosides can do.

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