Nov Chitter Chatter – Zaria

December 11, 2011 at 5:51 pm


At the egg stall in the market, she touched the stacked up eggs and the vendor told her don’t touch, after the eggs will break in Cantonese.
I told her, “Auntie asked you not to touch, after the eggs break.”
She frowned, put her hand down and said, “When people hold eggs, do they just break?” o.O”
(true, eggs don’t break just because we touch or hold them)

In a bad mood, we moved to the fish monger. A few people were crowded around a pail. I went over and took a peek. It was a big live Ikan Haruan (Sang Yue/生鱼) still swimming in the pail.
I exclaimed, “Wow!”
Zaria took a look at the pail then rolled her eyes, “It’s only a fish, why you WOW for.” o.O”


I picked up a small soft toy someone dropped at a busy train station. I asked the girls to do ‘paper, scissor, stone’ and see who can get the soft toy.
Zaria lost. So I gave the soft toy to Zara.
Zaria was angry, she snatched the soft toy from Zara and tossed it to the ground.
I picked it up, smacked her hand, and then passed the toy back to Zara.
Not even after a minute, Zaria asked Zara, “Can I put make up for your doll or not?”
(Good that she recovers very quickly. That’s her, quick to get angry, quick to cool down)

When we were buying Zara her birthday present in ToysRus, Zaria too wanted us to get her a toy dog grooming set as her advance birthday present. We issued warnings to her, i.e. once we got her that, she won’t be able to ask for another present when it’s her birthday. Of course she agreed to it.
A couple of weeks later, she saw another toy she wanted to get.
Me : “You already got the grooming set for your birthday. So no more present for you.
Zaria : “Actually, I didn’t want to get THAT, but my body wants me to get it. But this is what I really want.” o.O”

Zaria playing with the toy her ‘body’ asked her to buy

Zaria playing with the toy her 'body' asked her to buy

Zaria The Bad Temper One

December 11, 2011 at 10:55 am

While playing building blocks at home, Zara smashed Zaria’s building, Zaria took a building block and then tossed it at Zara, hitting Zara at her forehead.
Zara came to me crying and told me what happened.
I asked Zaria to come out. As it’s not the first time she threw things at Zara, I picked up a huge piece of building block, and told her to teach her a lesson and let her have a taste of her own medicine, Zara will now toss the building block at her.
She had fear in a eyes (and surprise in Zara’s eyes), she immediately said, “But I was just about to say sorry to jiejie.”
I asked Zara if that’s good enough, Zara said, “She hasn’t even say it yet.”
Zaria replied, “I’m still thinking how to say it.” o.O”
I have to chip in, “Say it or you stand there and let jiejie toss the building block at you!”
Reluctantly, she shouted, “SORRY JIE!”
Zara replied, “That’s not the way to say sorry.”
I passed the building block from one hand to the other and waited for Zaria.
She took a deep breath then said nicely, “Sorry jie.”
I asked Zara, “Is that good enough?”
Zara replied, “Yes. That’s good enough.”

7 Year Olds’ Friendship

November 25, 2011 at 2:58 pm

7 year olds’ friendship is sooooo fragile.

One day it’s like this :
Friends Forever(from Chloe to Zara)

Another day it’s this :
Breaking Up letter(they have a disagreement in the car today and talked about breaking up)

Mind her spelling, she just started reading and writing independantly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Another incident unrelated to the above.

I met my secondary school mate in Midvalley one day, and I told the girls she’s my BFF.
Zaria said, “Huh? I’d never seen her before. How can she be your BFF? BFF is supposed to see each other everyday.”

Me and BFFs definitely need to meet up more frequently.

Holiday Chitter Chatter Part 2

September 9, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Angry Birds in Penang

(continue from here)

When we stopped over in Ipoh for breakfast, we told the girls Ipoh is famous for beautiful girls.
Zaria asked, “Where can we see them? Can you bring us to see them?” (like they are some zoo animals)
We ate in this coffee shop, and it was mainly operated by elderly people.
I overheard Zara told Zaria, “Ipoh girls all old ladies only wut.”

When in Penang, there are 2 eateries that we’ll never miss. Nonya Breeze, and Jalan Siam Char Kuey Teow.
After an extremely satisfying dinner at the Jalan Siam Char Kuey Teow stall, seeing that the stall owners (father and son team) were less busy as it was the end of business day, both Daddy and myself went up to them and chatted a bit as well as praised them.
“Your char kuey teow is the best!” We told them.
When we went back the following day for another plate of char kuey teow, it wasn’t as satisfying, as I think the uncle put too much chilli in ours. And the girls too thought their plate of chilli-free kuey teow wasn’t as good as the night before.

We went to Nonya Breeze twice as well this round. Once for dinner, and once for lunch. It was good both times. We had this conversation in the car.
Daddy : We should have just eaten the char kuey teow once. Too much of a good thing is not good
Me : No not true, we ate Nonya Breeze twice and both were equally good.
Daddy : Hmm, yeah, why huh?
Zara : That’s because the char kuey teow man is a show off
Me : Huh?
Zara : Ya. You went and said his char kuey teow was good right the 1st time? So he became arrogant. That’s why 2nd time not so good already. Nonya Breeze you didn’t tell them their food was good, so they just continue to do what they do.
(She believes that I shouldn’t praise her too, or she’ll be too proud. So everytime when I say played a piano piece well, or her drawing is nice, she’ll put her index finger on her lips and said, “sssssh..”)

On our way back from Penang, I told the girls, “So girls, we’d spent all our money in Penang. I guess we don’t have money for other holidays anymore.”
Zara replied, “You don’t lie to me. You only spend your Penang money. You still have Hong Kong money, Singapore money and other money you haven’t spent yet.”
I went, “Huh?”
Zara said, “Ya, you only spent your Penang dollar. Your Singapore dollar and Hong Kong dollar you didn’t use wutt. You don’t try to lie to me, ok.”
Have to work on her money concept, this one.

Holiday Chitter Chatter Part 1

September 5, 2011 at 5:13 pm

I took off a couple of days last week, so that we can spend the girls’ school holidays together, and also go on our yearly trip to Penang.

Here are some conversations worthy to mention on our trip.

It was a wet day when we travelled to Penang. When we passed by the limestone hills in Ipoh, the girls saw the fluff of clouds floating around the hills. Zaria said, “Look, God’s spirit is everywhere.” o.O”

We talked about sleeping arrangement in the car. As Zaria has been really naughty the past few days, I told her, “I think I’ll sleep with jiejie, and Zaria can sleep with Daddy.”
She replied, “If I sleep with daddy, I’ll kungfu his kukujiao (Chinese : penis)” o.O”

Girls in Penang

We stayed in Traders Hotel in Penang. Every time when we turned on the TV, the Shangrila Hotel channel will come out first, showing the various Shangrila Hotels and Resorts world wide.
I commented one day, “These places are soooo nice, I wish I could go to these hotels to stay. Too bad your Daddy is not rich.”
Zara replied, “It’s not that he’s not rich. He’s cheap.” o.O”
Oh my, wonder what gave her that idea, but we had a good laugh hearing her reply.

Zaria told me later that when she’s older, she’ll bring me for holidays, and stay in those hotels. She said “I’ll bring you to Paris, and Italy.”
While swimming at the hotel pool, I asked Zaria to remove her float and tried to swim without (since she’s been attending swimming class for a month now).
She refused even after lots of persuation.
So I told her, “Next time when mummy is old, and you bring me for holidays, what if I fall into the sea, and you don’t know how to swim, then who’s going to save me?”
Zaria replied, “We are going to Paris. There’s no sea right?”
I told her in Paris there’s River Seine, a big river.
She then asked, “What about Italy? Is there river?”
I told her Italy is surrounded by the sea.
She thought for a while longer. “I think you go to Italy and Paris with jiejie (because Zara knows how to swim) then. I bring you to Ipoh.” o.O”

Jul Chitter Chatter

August 2, 2011 at 11:22 pm

Cheeky Zaria

At 4+, Zaria is still gullible enough to believe the lies I told things I said.

When I told her I was giong out with Aunty Dinah (Jazzmint‘s farewell), and kids were not allowed.
Zaria asked, “Why? They serve only beer in the restaurant? They serve only sambal?”
I lied answered and said Yes to those questions, and she said, “Oh, then I better don’t go too.”

I bought 2 tickets to Jacky Cheung’s concert (Yippie), and I was planning to bring Zara with me (or maybe just go with Daddy).
Zaria cried when I told her I only bought tickets for Zara and myself.
I lied told her there was a height limit, and because she’s below 120cm, they wouldn’t sell me the ticket; also taking the opportunity to tell her she has to eat well to grow taller.
Zaria told me after she stopped crying, “I have an idea, you can buy me high heel shoes. And when I wear the high heel shoes to the concert, I’ll be tall enough.” o.O”
I told her that the tickets have been sold off (which is the truth), and no way I could get another ticket.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

My girls have better sense than some racist goons out there.
I asked Zaria one day, “Mei Mei, do you know what race you are?”
Zaria replied, “I’m human race.”
(Best ever reply!)
When Zara got back home, I asked her the same question.
Zara replied, “You mean my culture?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria came back from school one day and told me, “Mummy, Aidan scratched my eye with his shoe. Can you report to the police?”
I told her ok, I’ll call the police later.
After 1 minute, she came back and told me, “I think better you don’t call the police, you tell his mummy, so that his mummy will beat his bumbum.”
(at least she has some compasion)

Zaria saw one of her stickers on Zara’s book.
Zaria : Maa, jiejie took my sticker without permission.
Me : So what should we do about that?
Zaria : Send (give) her to another family.
Me : Do you really want to do that?
Zaria : Actually I do not want to do that, but the only way to teach her is to punish her. o.O”

One day Zaria refused to do her Chinese reading, and I had to push and push her. She then declared, “I wish I have no mommy!”
The following day when I picked her and her carpool friend from school, she told her car pool friend “You know, if your mommy is fierce it’s actualy good. It’s to teach you good things you know.” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zaria saw the neighbour went topless watering his plant.
Zaria : “Eeeeyer Mum, why is Uncle P not wearing his clothes?”
Me : “He’s hot I think… If mommy is hot can mommy take off my clothes?”
Zaria : “Eeeyer.. no mum, because you are a big breasted lady.” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On another day.
Zaria : Mom, you should put a Y in my name. Now it’s Za-ri-AH. If you put a Y, then only it becomes Za-ri-YAH.
Me : So how should your name be spelled?
Zaria : You should spell my name as Z-A-R-I-Y-A. o.O”

Little Van Gogh

July 20, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Zaria drawing

Zaria drawing

Zaria drawing

Zaria drawing

The Little One is very into drawing lately although we did not start her on any arts classes.

In the beginning, she liked copying what Zara drew. E.g. Zara drew this.
Zara's drawing

She drew this (even the font for her name, she’s trying to copy Zara).
Zaria's drawing

And guess what movie they were drawing about?

Then she stopped copying, and started creating her own. Some following movies she’s watched, like these :
Zaria's drawing

Zaria's drawing

Some following famous characters.
Zaria's drawing

(See if you can make out what she’s drawing, answer is at the end of the post)

Sometimes she just drew whatever that came to the mind.
Zaria's drawing

Or inspired by what she was doing (taking photos, plucking flowers, and wearing the dress that she wore in the photos above).
Zaria's drawing

I was praising her and then I called her Little Van Gogh one day. And since we told her briefly in Singapore who’s Van Gogh and what is he famous for, she replied very quickly, “Don’t call me Van Gogh, after I’ll cut my ear suddenly.” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Of all the subjects in school, Zara scored the worse for Arts (She got As for all subjects, but B for arts). Hmm.., I think her drawings are quite original, I would have given her higher score myself. Then again I’m her mother, so I may be buyous.

These are the 2 that she did recently and passed up for arts class.

Topic was to desgn and decorate their names.
Zara's drawing

Topic was to draw something from or with Angry Bird.
Zara's drawing

Not too bad right?

And answers to Zaria’s drawing : Monster Inc.; Power Puff Girls; Angry Birds (a bit abstract though).

Sibling Rivalry – I’m Ugly

June 16, 2011 at 10:28 pm

One evening, while spending time with Zaria, she told me, “I wish I have face like jiejie.”
I asked her, “But why? Why do you want to have a face like jiejie?”
She replied, “Because I’m ugly.”
Shocked! I don’t know where she got that idea from. I asked, “Who said you are ugly. You are very pretty and cute.”
She said, “No, jiejie’s face is nice. Mine is not.
She didn’t look upset or anything, as though she’s just stating the fact.

Cute Zaria

I told her that she’s pretty too. Her face has a nice shape, she looks very sweet, her eyes are beautiful, and best of all, she has lips like Angelina Jolie.
She asked, “Who’s Angelina Jolie?”
I told her she’s an actress and very pretty, and they have similar lips.
She then further asked questions like, “She copied my lips?” “Is she sexy?”o.O”

And then, she didn’t talk about her face any more.

I’m not sure what made her think she’s ugly, is it comments from friends or family? I guess when you have 2 daughters, it’s natural for people to compare. So and so is prettier, so and so is taller or more slender or fatter.

I came from a family of 3 girls, and both my sisters were beautiful, and I got lots of negative (and insensitive) comments when compared with them. It did affect the self esteem, and I don’t want the same to happen to my girls.

So friends and family, if you see families with more than 1 child especially of the same sex, don’t do this sort of comparison. I too will try to be more sensitve towards my own children and others.

To me both of them are beautiful. How can she say she’s not beautiful?
Beautiful Zaria

Yahama JMC Book 1 – Zaria’s Progress

May 20, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Zaria loves her Yamaha JMC class. In fact, she’s saying, “I don’t want to go to school any more, I only want to go to music class.”

Zaria at the keyboard

Everyday, without fail, she’ll play the songs she’s learnt in class without me asking her to, and she has great satisfaction if she could play the whole song right. To her, it’s not like a practice at all. And she likes Daddy calling her “Little Mozart”.

4 months after attending Yamaha JMC class, she’s started playing the 2 most difficult songs for this level, Happy Days, and The Cuckoo Clock, and she’s really happy to be able to do it.

See the grin after she’s completed the song?

She’s now asking me why she has to continue attending class for Book 1 when she can already play all the songs. She is impatient to move on to the next level!

Well, each JMC book takes 6 months to finish, so another 2 more months, and she’ll be moving to Book 2. But I’m wondering, since she wants to move on, if we should pull her out of JMC course and get a private tutor to teach her so that she can progress at her own pace instead of following the 6-month schedule.

Any piano players out there to advice?

Mum Vs Dad

May 18, 2011 at 8:54 pm

Zara and Daddy

Zara and Daddy falling asleep in the LRT

Here is a typical conversation you can hear when I’m doing revision with Zara.
“Are you paying attention or not Zara? Did you see what was the question?!”
“Can you write properly, they are different words, make sure there’s space, when it’s one word make sure the letters are together!”

Here is a typical conversation you can hear when Daddy is doing revision with Zara.
“Dad, don’t even say the ‘R’ word ok? I don’t want to hear it.”
“Dad, I’d done this so many times, did you pay attention to what revision you did last time or not?”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I ‘play’ with the girls, normally we do building blocks, cooking (I’m always the customer so I can just sit there with my book while the girls served me), or beading together.

When Daddy ‘plays’ with the girls, he’ll be the horse they ride on, he’ll be dancing ballet with them (imagine 6feet tall and tippy toe-ing with his girls), or he’ll run after them when they cycle.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

When I’m the one tucking in the girls, if we started reading at 10:15pm, I’ll rush through the book, and by 10:30pm, lights out, girls sleep.

When Daddy is the one tucking in the girls, at 11pm when I peeped in, he’ll still be reading.
I tell him, “Hello, lights out by 10:30pm. They have to go to school tomorrow ok?”
He’ll reply, “But they are enjoying the book.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And this happen one day during breakfast.
Daddy having bread and jam and a cup of tea. He left his tea bag from his cup of tea on his plate.
When he wasn’t looking, Zara tore open the tea bag, sprinkled the wet tea dust on Daddy’s bread.
When Daddy bit into his bread, he spat everything out, and shouted for me to see what Zara did.
He then laughed and said, “You tricked me yeah?!!”
Then Zara, Zaria and him had a good laugh.
Imagine, if she did that on my bread….what’s going to happen?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

So besides not knowing what time the girls have to go to bed, what time their school starts or ends, what activities happen on what day, what medicine they should be eating (if they fell ill), whose cup is whose, or whose toothbrush is whose, and besides occasionally being his girls’ Knight in Shining Armour;

Daddy is more fun and Mummy is uptight.

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