Replying and Responding Using Songs

September 19, 2013 at 3:13 pm

The girls recently love using songs to reply to a question or respond to a situation. A couple I could remember.

We were talking about swimming, and how they were progressing. Zara told me that Zaria’s BFF Ee Mang (who happens to have the same swim coach as Zara) could swim 6 laps without resting, but for her, she needed to rest in between.
I told her to push herself, and increase her stamina, when she things that she cannot go on anymore, just tell herself that she can do it, push herself a little more and don’t give up.
She sang, “I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough….”
(I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz) o.O”

On another occasion, we were talking about ambition, and we talked about what they wanted to be when they grow up.
Zaria said she wanted to be a florist still but worried she won’t get much money because she thought only dead people get flowers.
I told her she can be anything she wanted to be, just as long as she set her heart to it.
She started singing, “You can be a King Kong, banging on your chest.”
(Hall Of Fame by The Script) o.O”

When I brought the girls ice skating last week, I was contemplating if I should join the girl or I should just sit at the bench and watch them. They encouraged me to join them, and they told me they would teach me. Recalling how impatient I was with Zara the last time I brought them there because she was so afraid to walk with her skates, I asked Zara, “You won’t raise your voice at me?”
She started singing, “What goes around, comes back around….. What goes around, comes back around..” followed by an evil laugh, and then told me, “I’ll be patient ok, ma?”
(Best Thing I Never Had by BeyoncĂ©) o.O”

Little Mozart – 5 years 4 months

April 16, 2012 at 10:09 pm

Zaria, now nick named Little Mozart at home, has progressed a lot since she’s started Yamaha JMC class. I talked about her progress about a year back, and now doing JMC Book 3, she loves playing the keyboard even more.

Besides playing the pieces taught in class, she tries to play the solfege pieces teacher got them to sing in class. Normally, the teacher will play the tune in class, and the children will sing the solfege; recently, she started playing these pieces on her own, even including the chords.

Here is a solfege piece she played.

She likes fiddling at the keyboard, playing her pieces using sounds from different instrument. She can spend 30mins to 1hr at the keyboard a day.
When she wakes up in the morning, the first thing she does when she goes downstairs, is to play the keyboard.
When she comes back from school, the first thing she does is again to play the keyboard.
She watches closely when Zara is practicing her Grade One piece, sometimes asking Zara to teach her. Being a very impatient person, even with Zara shouting at her when she made mistake, she persevered (which showed, she has a lot of interest in piano), and one day, she showed us she could play the Andante, mainly by watching Zara played and some some guidance from Zara.

She likes to be called Little Mozart, more so after she watched Amadeus with us, knowing how talented Mozart is.

And this cute piece was what she drew after her Yamaha class last week, the musical notes of a solfege piece her teacher has gone through in class.

Zaria's solfege notes

My happy Mozart. Daddy said Zaria has actually toned down a lot after she started being very into music. Just hope her interest will continue.

Yahama JMC Book 1 – Zaria’s Progress

May 20, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Zaria loves her Yamaha JMC class. In fact, she’s saying, “I don’t want to go to school any more, I only want to go to music class.”

Zaria at the keyboard

Everyday, without fail, she’ll play the songs she’s learnt in class without me asking her to, and she has great satisfaction if she could play the whole song right. To her, it’s not like a practice at all. And she likes Daddy calling her “Little Mozart”.

4 months after attending Yamaha JMC class, she’s started playing the 2 most difficult songs for this level, Happy Days, and The Cuckoo Clock, and she’s really happy to be able to do it.

See the grin after she’s completed the song?

She’s now asking me why she has to continue attending class for Book 1 when she can already play all the songs. She is impatient to move on to the next level!

Well, each JMC book takes 6 months to finish, so another 2 more months, and she’ll be moving to Book 2. But I’m wondering, since she wants to move on, if we should pull her out of JMC course and get a private tutor to teach her so that she can progress at her own pace instead of following the 6-month schedule.

Any piano players out there to advice?

Zara’s Progress on The Keyboard

November 1, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Zara has been attending the Yamaha JMC class since last July. She has just started her Book 4 in October.

It was quite a struggle initially to get her to practice, and pay attention, but now, she seems to enjoy playing those musical pieces, and is quite motivated to practice.

She’s doing quite well in her keyboard playing, and she memorises all the musical pieces instead of reading the notes from the book when she plays. She’s still rather weak in note reading, and I hope she’ll pick up.

Occasionally, she even creates her own musical pieces; or adding the left hand chords herself when the teacher has only taught in class how to play the piece with one hand. Too bad her notes reading/writing is not very good, or I can ask her to start writing those notes down as she composed.

Here is a video playing The Little Red Shoe in her book 4, recorded 2 weeks back.

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