April 28, 2008 at 10:40 am

We went to the Taman Tun park on Saturday. Zaria was very excited and eager to get down from her stroller to walk when we arrived.

We could see she was walking a bit like a drunkard (unstable),  probably because she missed her second nap, and wasn’t as alert as she normally is. When she was walking on the tar path, she just tripped and fell, landed on the right side of her face. It happened so quickly, nobody could have dashed to her to catch her in time.

When we picked her up, being a toughie, she cried a bit, pointed to her face and said, “Face.. pain-pain.” She scratched her face, and knocked her forehead, luckily it wasn’t a very deep cut. “Mummy, hug-hug.”, she asked for hugs from every one, and then after that she was ok and playing again.

See the scratch, in the morning after…
Zaria's scratches

Zaria's scratches

If you are wondering what happened to the patch at her lower lip, that’s caused by her saliva constantly soaking that part. She is teething, her lower right molar fully sprouted, and she was salivating a lot from the right corner of her mouth. Then now her upper left and right molars are sprouting, so the salivating hasn’t ended.

I chatted with Zara after Zaria’s accident : Zaria is so brave right?
Zara : I’m also brave wut.
Me : Zaria fell down, such a big scratch on her face, she just cried a little. But if you fall down, even a very small cut, or no cut at all, you will also cry and cry and cry.
Zara : You know or not, my skin is so sensative ma, that’s why I cry. o.O

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