DIY Chinese Traditional Lanterns 制作中秋节传统灯笼

September 7, 2014 at 11:11 pm

The girls’ school has a lantern making competition, and being the sporting parents that we are, we decided to join in by making traditional lanterns.

After googling, checking out a friend’s father’s DIY lanterns photos on FB, buying the materials (i.e. cellophane paper, craft wire), our dining area was turned into a work shop. The hubs and I did the wire shaping, the girls drew and cut out the designs they wanted to stick on the lanterns, and I glued on the cellophane paper. The whole of last weekend was spent on this.

Zara wanted a rabbit shaped lantern, while Zaria who didn’t really care had a cuboctahedron shaped lantern just because we had a frame from an old lantern to follow.

I wasn’t good at smoothing out the cellophane paper. Sunning it didn’t work, and I was told I should blow it with a hot hair dryer after gluing on to smoothen it. Maybe next year.

But at least it’s functional!

After all the gluing was done I hung it to dry, the evening sun actually casted a beautiful shadow of the lantern on the ground.

In the night we tried lighting them up, and the girls were pretty happy with the results.

Did we win? The results will be out coming Friday, but it’s unlikely that we will as I’d seen the ones submitted by the others, and they were way more creative, or beautifully done than ours. Oh well, at least we did try.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Everyone!

Happy Easter And Peace Offering

April 9, 2014 at 3:28 pm

I’m a born Catholic, and wanted the girls to be baptised when they were born, but the hubs, an atheist, was against it. His reason, “They should decide (what religion) for themselves when they are older.”

This year, I just enrolled them into Sunday school, with Zara attending RCIC (Rights of Christian Initiation For Children), the children version of RCIA, so that both girls can get baptised and Zara can recieved her first Holy Communion this year like friends her age.

So I think the past few weeks at Sunday school, the girls have been taught about Easter, and Zaria, who likes to make cards and write notes to me, gave me this (see the word “Royce”? My favourite brand of chocolate).

Easter Card from Zaria

And this.
Easter Card from Zaria

And this.
Easter Card from Zaria

First time I’m getting an Easter card!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Writing letters and notes are quite common with my girls; usually they will write to me, to tell me they are sorry for something they have done, or to say they love me; the girls have also started writing notes to each other.

Zaria has lots of pride, and never likes sharing anything she has with Zara; Zara gets extremely annoyed because of the latter, especially when she shares everything with Zaria. After a round of squabble, Zara gave this note to Zaria as peace offering.

Zara's notes to Zaria

And then see what Zaria replied???
Zaria's reply to Zara


Happy Easter every one!

My Youngest – 6 Years Old

December 28, 2012 at 11:16 pm

I love Zara wholeheartedly. And when I was pregnant with Zaria, my biggest fear was not being able to love her as much as I love Zara, and that I would not have enough love to split between the 2.

How wrong was I. The capacity to love in a parent grows with every child born! And who would not love Zaria? The joker, the chatter box, the stunt woman, the chili padi?

Look at her, a couple of days old and she’s already trying to be funny.
Zaria a couple of days old

And barely 2, she’s climbing up and down the toilet bowl to use the toilet on her own (and making us worry she might fall).

That’s Zaria! The one who brought us much laughter, much entertainment, and many surprises! It’s never a bore with her around.

Happy 6th Birthday Zaria. We all love you very much, thanks for adding so much fun and laughter to our lives.

Zaria a couple of days old

My Girl – 8 Years Old

November 21, 2012 at 11:53 pm

More than 8years ago, when all hope was lost, and we thought we would not have a baby, Zara was conceived.

Zara's 1st few days

Today, she turns 8. Smart, charitable, sociable and affectionate, her sister, Zaria, adores her; and we are always in awe of her energy, her way with words, and her obsession with hygenes. She amuses us all the time, and we are blessed to have her.

Now that she knows how to read, look up video on youtube, she sometimes like to go through the blog posts I wrote about her when she was younger, or to watch video of her younger self which I posted on youtube.

Here is a funny video of her when she was ~9month that she and Zaria both like a lot.

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, with 3 of her friends from school, as per her request. It was a whole day of play, shopping, movie, ice cream, pop corns, eating and chatting, and all the children enjoyed themselves.

Happy birthday, Zara. We all love you very much.
Zara's 8th birthday

Teacher Florence

January 20, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Teacher Florence is not my teacher, but the girls’.

I was planning to send the girls for art & craft class, and after seeing a couple of places and not quite happy with what they were offering, I thought of Florence, my ex classmate whom I’d not met for 20years; she was very good at art during school days, and currently teaches art class at the Japanese Cultural Centre. After several SMSes and phone calls later, Florence agreed to teach the girls at her place.

The girls enjoy her class because besides doing art and craft, Teacher Florence jokes with them and plays with them. And while the girls are working (on their pieces), Florence and I catch up, there’s 20yrs events to fill up, considering we were very close in school (don’t ask me why we didn’t bother to meet up all these years, I guess we always thought a meeting could wait).

It’s been 2 months since they started with Teacher Florence. Recently, I was considering switching them to a centre near by (As Teacher Florence is 30mins drive away from my place). Zara said, “Nope. I want to attend Teacher Florence’ class only.” When I asked her to give me a reason. She said, “Teacher Florence is your friend. Sometimes we say funny things or do funny things with her. We offered her milk shake with sequin the other day, and she laughed at our jokes. If you go to a centre and the teacher is not your friend then what will happen? She will say we’re crazy or ask us to just sit down!” o.O”

So Teacher Florence it is. They can enjoy their class and jokes, while I can continue to catch up and exchange recipes with her.

And these are the things they created in Teacher Florence’ class.


Haloween trick or treat bags

Haloween trick or treat bags

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Wreath

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

After a few classes, we could see a trend in the girls. Zara prefer something simple, while Zaria likes all the blink blink, sparkles and fancy stuff.

Zara’s no-nonsence paper doll and her clothes.Paper Doll

Zaria’s gypsy girl paper doll and her clothes.Paper Doll

Check out the make up on the doll!Paper Doll

And this was done last week, which I like very much!

Chinese New Year deco

Chinese New Year deco

In line with the last 2 drawings… here is to wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Back Dated : Chinese New Year Shots

March 29, 2011 at 11:47 am

(Just For The Records)

Last year, during Chinese New Year my dad was diagnosed of having a 14cm tumor in his liver. After his surgery, he recovered well, and for this year’s Chinese New Year all of us were glad to see him, although thinner, looking good.

It’s another year of blessing, and good health is all we wish for.

Narcissus for Chinese New year

Zaria on Chinese New Year Day 1

Zaria greeting her eldest cousin

Zara counting her ang pows

Zaria serving tea to Ah Kong

The National Science Centre & The KL Birdpark – 2010

January 10, 2011 at 6:24 pm

While the children are settling down to the school routine, I thought I’d better start posting this back dated post or it’ll be stale news soon.

Zaria, who celebrated her birthday at the end of the year, wanted a birthday celebration at Jungle Gym too, but she only wanted to invite Tasha (my niece). Being a work day for my sis, we had to postponed the Jungle Gym play date to the weekend, so on her actual day, Daddy arranged these for her.

A visit to The National Science Centre. It’s free, don’t expect it to be as nice as Petrosains, but it has lots of things for children to play with.
The National Science Centre - creating whirl pool

The National Science Centre - Static Electricity Plasma

The National Science Centre - Transformer

There’s some dinosaur exibition going on (admission is RM25 for whole family) which we brought the girls as well.
The National Science Centre - Eaten by T-Rex

(Obivously, they don’t know how to read signage yet)
The National Science Centre - Patting dinosaur

For lunch, I suggested Japanese. Zaria asked, “Is it your birthday or my birthday? It’s mine right? So I get to choose where to have lunch.” And she chose Wendy’s.

After lunch, I was feeling tired and wanted to nap, but Daddy and the girls were all eager for more activities. What came after next? KL Bird Park.

(I looked after the girls, and Daddy had a jolly good time taking all these shots.)
KL Bird Park - Crane?

KL Bird Park - Macaw

KL Bird Park - Bird show

KL Bird Park - Another type of Crane?

KL Bird Park - Extremely Proud Peacock

This girl obviously is not afraid of going near animals.
KL Bird Park - Crane?

Their favourite…… Petting Chicks at the hatchling.
KL Bird Park - Hatchling

It’s rare to see her smiling so happily for the camera. She had a great time picking up one chick after another and didn’t want to leave.
KL Bird Park - Hatchling

KL Bird Park - Hatchling

KL Bird Park - Hatchling

She really enjoyed herself that day.

For her cake, I did a boo boo. I used a new recipe, and the recipe specified a cake pan too small. The cake overspilled midway, and cannot be used as a birthday cake.

Luckily, Aunty C, sent a set of 4 cupcakes over after she saw my FB status.
Zaria's birthday cupcake

Zaria's birthday cupcake

And for the last day of the week day, we brought them to Bukit Cherakah, just to wrap up the school holidays. It’s a really nice place, but not well managed and maintained. We like the Four Season House the best, where the season is constantly set at Winter.

Bukit Cerakah - Winter House

The thing is we were not properly dressed since we didn’t know there’s such a place in there.
Bukit Cerakah - Winter House

We could only stay inside for a while, but the girls love it, and claimed they have now seen snow.

Zara’s 6th Birthday

December 8, 2010 at 11:06 pm

(I was meant to post photos and write about this earlier, but only found time now)

If you have been reading my blog from the very beginning, you know it’s been a rather long and bumpy journey for us to be finally blessed with Zara. And here, she is already 6. And in another 3 1/2 weeks, she’ll be Standard One. *sweat*

What can I say except time flies! And my baby girl is growing up too quickly.

What did we do for her birthday?

We had 1 combined celebration for Zaria and her in school (although Zaria’s birthday is not until end of December).

I made some cupcakes and brought to school during their snack time.
Zara's and Zaria's Birthday Cupcakes

Their friends sang the birthday song to them in different languages. Now for Zaria who doesn’t like to be sung the birthday song any other time, she didn’t mind her school friends singing to her at all. Funny girl, she is.
Zara and Zaria blewing off their candles

We hired a clown.There was another girl in school who celebrated her 5th birthday, and her parents hired a clown to entertain the children for a couple of hours. How nice.
Zara and Zaria blewing off their candles

They had so much fun in school, I could tell because she was soooo tired, and fell asleep in the car in the oddest position.
Zaria asleep in car

Zara was really happy with the celebration. I was feeling a bit sad for her because it’ll be the last birthday she can celebrate in kindergarten.
Zara with her cupcake toppers

As for her actual day, per her request, this year, there’s no big party at home, but a very small one in Jungle Gym. Since I told her Jungle Gym is very expensive, and we cannot afford a big crowd, she invited only 3 friends and Tasha (who couldn’t make it last minute), and she insisted that no boys should be invited.

I made another batch of cupcakes for her with a different theme for this occasion.
Zara's birthday cupcakes

We had dim sum lunch, although the dim sum was really good, the children were more keen in starting their play time than enjoying the food.

The girls had so much fun, it was hard to catch them on camera.
Zaria in Jungle Gym

Zara at Jungle Gym
She said she had such a good time! And so did her friends.

How is Zara’s growing up affecting Zaria?
“I don’t want to be in Standard 1.”
“I don’t want to grow up.”
“I don’t want to go to primary school, I want to be in XXXX XXXX (her school name) forever!”

Fancy Birthday Party

August 12, 2010 at 12:11 pm

We attended my cousin’s daugther, Monique’s, 2nd birthday party during the weekend.

Tasha and Monique at the party

After settling ourselves in the hall (and the girls each got a couple of baloons), Jelly asked Zaria, “You want your birthday party to be like this?”
Zaria replied, “No, this party is so fancy. Just like a wedding.” o.O”

In some way she’s true. Look at the photos.

Like a wedding, the dinner started after a ‘birthday’ march (I don’t know what else to call it). The children, with Monique leading, followed the Sikh Drummer into the hall.
Sikh Drummer

Zaria didn’t like the drummer, and when he started playing, she ran back to our table, and told me, “It’s too loud! It makes me feel like vomitting.”
It's too loud!

Jelly took her out, and she spotted Barney at the changing room! When the Emcee asked who wanted to meet Barney, looked at how she looked at the Emcee longingly.
I want, please.

All the children rushed out to hug Barney when he appeared!!

They just clung on to him.

Hug some more

And some more

Zaria and Tasha were like leeches on Barney.
I love Barney!

During dinner, we were entertained by some singing from a band (actually, the lead singer is my nephew).
A couple of songs by the band.

Then, two Belly Dancers appeared, and invited the kids up on stage to dance. Monique also has changed to her ‘dancing’ clothes.
Monique and the Belly Dancer

Monique dancing

Tasha and Zara went on stage to join as well.
Belly Dancing

I persuaded Zaria a few times, but she preferred to just watch.
Zaria watching others dance

After belly dancing, there’s magic show. The magician made a dove (or was it just a white pigeon) appear, and all the kids were facinated by the bird (not the magic act).
Monique intrigued by the dove

Zaria getting close to the bird

Then kids got to do limbo rock, and did The Chicken Dance. This time, Zaria joined in too.
Zaria doing the chicken dance

You would think that’s the end of it.. and then one of the Belly Dancers started doing fire eating, and the Sikh Drummer reappeared assisting the Belly Dancer.
Fire Eating

Zaria said, “How come like Genting one?”

After that, it was dancing all night long. We left after a couple of songs.
Zaria and Tasha dancing with the belly dancers

This is probably the most fancy birthday party we’d ever attended.

Thanks cousin, for the invite! The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Mother’s Day – Girls’ Ways

May 10, 2010 at 3:51 pm

My girls are too small to know when Mother’s Day is, but they talked about it, because the school has prep-ed them by teaching them to sing different songs related to love for mothers.

On Saturday I asked the girls, “So, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, what are you girls going to do for me?”

Instead of getting me toys per their earlier agreement, Zara said, “I’ll let you go pak toh (Cantonese : Go out dating) with Daddy.” (if you know how difficult for me to apply for visa to go out, you’ll understand this is indeed a very precious gift) and if this is not enough, she added,
“And then you can go do your hair, you can spend a long long time to get your hair done.” (I’d just told her I haven’t had time to get my hair done, because I spent all my time with them).

For Zara, granting me Me-time is her most ‘valuable’ gift.

For Zaria, she said, “For mother’s day, I’ll order cheese and bread (from Auntie Jelly) for you in the morning.”

Such innocence.

But then, something happened in the afternoon, which made me seethed with anger for the rest of the day, so I didn’t have any mood for a celebration.

Daddy wanted to have dinner with his mum, so a simple dinner with my in-laws at a near by restaurant is how we did it.

If you are my FB friends, you would have heard the songs the girls sang for me.. Their serenading voices, is the best gift to me.

Hope you have a nice one.

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