Princess Zara

April 18, 2008 at 8:54 am

Me : Zara, what do you want to be when you grow up? Doctor? Teacher? Chef?
Zara : When I grow up I want to be a real princess.

Neighbours were talking about sending their girls (around the age of Zara for ballet).
Me : Zara, Chloe and Erin will be going for ballet classes soon. You want to learn ballet or not?
Zara : I don’t want mummy. I want to learn princessing.

Daddy asked about Zara’s sunglasses, “Zara, why you put your sunglasses at home? You should leave it in the car. When it’s sunny, then you can put it on.”
Zara replied, “Daddy, if it’s sunny, I don’t want to wear my sunglasses.”
Daddy asked “But why?”
Zara replied rolling her eyes, “Do you see princess wear sunglasses one or not?” (obviously not those Disney princesses)

The other day when I read Beauty & The Beast to her and when we reached the ending, which read, “She kissed him.. blah blah.. She sobbed, “I love you!”.. blah blah.. the beast turned into the handsome prince.. blah blah.”
Zara smiled shyly and asked, “Next time when I big girl, I will also meet my handsome prince right? And then we’ll get married right?”

Princess Zara

My princess Zara

Since Zara turned 2 1/2, she’s very much into princesses. Her enthusiasm increases with time. I wonder when this stage will pass. I was told, I should bring her to Disneyland before she passes this stage, so that she’ll enjoy herself more. Hmmm….

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