Naughty Corner

April 23, 2008 at 2:28 pm

Zaria is showing behaviour that we’d never seen in Zara. The I-don’t-care-you-better-give-me-what-I-want-or-I’ll-cry behaviour.

Zaria playing peek-a-boo

Don’t let this angel looking face fool you

When she wants something, and doesn’t get it, she wails, as though she has fallen down or hurt herself.
Sometimes going on all fours, but now being more clever, she’ll just slap her hands on the floor, but not her head.

She immediately switches to a smile the minute what she wanted was given to her. These days, we’ll just distract her with something else or ignore her cry until she stops.

2 days ago, when I was reading to Zara, she moved her buttocks to my lap and tried to push Zara away. Zara was very patient, she just moved aside while I handled Zaria.
Me : Zaria, mummy reading to jiejie. You go and play with your toys.
Zaria : EHHH! Boo-book. (she put her book on top of Zara’s).
Me : Mummy already read so many books to you, now jiejie’s turn (I took her book away and asked Zara to sit back on my lap)
Zaria : Ehh!!! (she slapped Zara’s book)
Me : You sit on mummy’s lap, we read together then.
Zaria : Ehh! (she tore Zara’s book)
Very quickly, I lifted her up, and told her, “Cannot tear book book! You yai-yai (Chinese : naughty). Mummy read to jiejie why you tear jie-jie’s book book? You go to naughty corner then.” Then I put her in her cot and walked back to Zara.

She cried and wailed and screamed. And I just finished reading to Zara, ignoring her. Zara kept throwing glances at Zaria, but didn’t say anything. 3 minutes later, when I’d finished reading to Zara, I picked Zaria up. Immediately, Zaria smiled. *roll eyes*

Me : What happened just now?.
Zaria : Yai yai! (referring to herself) Beat!
Me : No, mummy didn’t beat you. Mummy put you in naughty corner. Why? Because you tear jiejie’s book
Zaria : (she pointed to her cot) (cor)Ner!
Me : Next time cannot tear Jiejie’s book ok?
Zaria : Ten-not (Cannot)
Me : Promise? (I reached out my hand)
Zaria : (she beat it with hers, our way of ‘promising’) (pro)Miss
Now it was Zara’s turn to speak, Say sorry to jiejie.
Zaria : Soyee
To me : Mummy, say sorry to Zaria (for making her cry)
Me : Sorry meimei

Following day, I asked Zaria.
Me : Meimei, remember what happened yesterday?
Zaria : (remem)Ber
Me : You tore jiejie’s book, what did mummy do?
Zaria : (Naughty Cor)Ner! (ha, she remembered!)
Me : Where is your naughty corner
Zaria : Cot. (clever)
Me : Can tear book book or not?
Zaria : Ten-not (Cannot). (pro)Miss (she slapped her hand on mine)

Good, looks like she learnt her lesson. 😛

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