Day Trip to Carey Island And Tanjung Sepat

November 4, 2013 at 11:45 pm

(With so many activities plus a busy work schedule, it’s been an extremely low-key October for me here.)

During the Hari Raya Haji holidays, an ex colleague came over to stay at our place. It was a funny encounter. The hubs called her Louisa, a name that was never hers (but somehow he’s been calling her the same name for years I’d known her). She called the hubs Loke when he’s a Low. She called my girls 小瓜 (which means little melons) until Zara started asking me, “Why is Auntie calling us melons and not our names?” The only person retaining the right name was me!

Anyway, to help Louisa forget her troubles at home (the reason she came to stay), we went on a day trip out of town. And like all day trips we take, we usually have a destination in mind, but the detours are unknown.

Tanjung Sepat was our destination for the day, and while we were heading there with Google Map, the hubs decided to detour to Carey Island for a stop over and lunch. He wanted to bring the girls to the Orang Asli Museum, but it was closed. And while checking out what other places of interest there were on Google Map, we saw that the long Jalan Pulau Carey ends at the sea. Since we had time, we drove on the small Jalan Pulau Carey, towards the end of the road, passing palm oil estates after palm oil estates. There at the end of the road, at the fringe of a palm oil estate (what else?), lies a quiet stretch of beach.

No picnic goers, no kite flying, no facilities, just a narrow strip of beach.

We took a stroll and found some hermit crabs at the beach.

Zaria was intrigued that the crabs could actually leave their shells.

That day we learnt the below :

From wiki.
Most species have long, spirally curved abdomens, which are soft, unlike the hard, calcified abdomens seen in related crustaceans. The vulnerable abdomen is protected from predators by a salvaged empty seashell carried by the hermit crab, into which its whole body can retract. Most frequently hermit crabs use the shells of sea snails.

Here is a pix of a hermit crab which has left its shell, showing its its soft curved abdomen.

There was only 1 stall beside the beach selling freshly caught fish. What interest the girls was the tree besides it, they took turns climbing and chilling on it.

For lunch, we just took the first restaurant that we come across, i.e. Kang Guan Seafood Restaurant, the food is nothing to shout about.

After lunch, we all took a nap while the hubs carried on the drive to Tanjung Sepat.

Here is a map of Tanjung Sepat, click on the map to get a bigger copy.

We stopped at a restaurant with an extended walkway out to the sea which faces the famous Lover Bridge, seen on that day from a far, broken.

This walkway is drawing a lot of people, and probably going to be made the new Lover Bridge. It’s a good place to cam-whore.

A short walk from the restaurant took us to Ganofarm, a mushroom farm cum homestay.

There’s a shop that sells some mushroom produce, we bought some fresh oyster mushrooms and then left to look for a place to have dinner.

What we didn’t know was while we drove towards the restaurant of our choice, Restaurant Asam Batu Laut, we came across the highlight of the trip, a piece of mangrove forest exuding an eerie charm in the evening twilight.

It’s a photographers’ heaven!

We end the day with having dinner at Restaurant Asam Batu Laut, ordering their famous Asam Fish, which is fried fish with a spicy asam sauce.

Day Trip To Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan, Dining at Bar Beach Grill

September 3, 2013 at 4:34 pm

During the Raya break, we didn’t go for any holidays except for day trips out of town. The 1st one we took was to Kuala Selangor and Sekinchan.

The girls upon knowing we’re going to Kuala Selangor, requested the hubs to stock up on peanuts so we could feed the monkeys. We fed some Silvered Leaf Monkey at the entrance of Kuala Selangor Nature Park sometime last year, and the girls wanted to go to the same spot to find the monkeys.

None were found in the afternoon heat. The girls’ spirit were deflated just for a moment… As we exited the Nature Park, we saw some of them at the foot of Bukit Melawati.

Unlike the common Macaques that we see in KL, Silvered Leaf Monkeys or Silvery Lutong are friendlier and have a more gentle nature. We could almost pat it when we gave them food, and they never grab, only picking the food from our hands.

The baby Silvered Leaf Monkey have golden fur babies, we spotted a couple of them. When they grow older, their fur then becomes silverish grey like their parents.

4 pack of peanuts later, we headed to Sekinchan. Seems that the planting season has just begun.

Some farmers are lucky, such a tranquil place to live in.

We heard of this paddy processing factory, PLS Marketing, that sells pearl grain rice. It’s a big factory which is opened to public, and they have a section which sells the vacuum packed pearl grain rice which is produced in Sekinchan, and also other local Sekinchan produced (vegetable, yam etc). A good place to visit, and to stock up on locally produced rice.

The factory has machinery running which hulled and polished rice, good for the children to see how the rice they eat become that state from a grain. There are lots of stacked bags of rice, which I think make a nice backdrop for photography.

After visiting the factory, we brought the girls to a husk hill, which is formed by all the disposed husk from the factory. From a far, it looked like a sand dune.

The girls had so much fun making ‘husk angels’, rolling on the husks etc.

(Beware! After we’re done here, we were all itchy. Zaria even had an allergy reaction on one of her eye. Both Zaria and I have rashes on our legs which I think was probably caused by some mites on the husks).

(PLS Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd, Lot 9990, Jalan Tali Air 5, Ban 2,, 45400 Kampong Sekinchang, Selangor, Malaysia. Tel : 016-205 6558. A map on how to get there can be found here.)

We then moved on to Redang Beach. A tiny stretch of beach in Sekinchan. It’s of course not as nice as the Redang Beach in Teregganu, but a beach is still a beach, and it drew quite a big crowd during this holiday season.

We wanted to dine at one of the seafood restaurants in Sekinchan, but there’s a new set up at the beach which attracted us. Bar Beach Grill, which is opened by a group of like-minded youngsters who grew up together in Sekinchan.

The place provides you a BBQ stove (with red hot charcoal), table and chairs, and you just have to order the food from them to BBQ. As Sekinchan is a fishing village, our plates of prawns, squid, skates, and clams (lala) were really fresh and nice. No seasoning required, just taste from the sea.

One of the owner and her boy friend entertained us with some songs, and the girls decided to join in too. Zara did her Adele, acoustic version.

And the girls were quite thrilled to be able to cook for us too (fuchuk or bean curd skin being BBQed can be so tasty).

Having dinner at the beach has its advantage. The girls had a chance to explore and pick up some shells at the tide pool nearby while I cooked dinner.

(Bar Beach Grill is located at Redang Beach Sekinchan. Contact : Darren 014-9305724, Jack 016-3443330. Opened during weekends and eve of holidays)

Farm In The City – Fun In The City

March 19, 2013 at 11:39 pm

During year end (yeah, this is back dated, but just enjoy the photos), we tried to plan as many activities for the girls to occupy their holidays as well as to use up our annual leave meaningfully. One of the places we went to was Farm In The City, located in Sri Kembangan.

We took a family package, which came out to about RM98 (if I recalled correctly) for 4 of us, and then we added another adult ticket as we brought along Minerva, our helper.

The girls love it! It’s better than the zoo (animals are not caged up), or Sunway Petting Zoo. The animals are healthy, and the girls get really close to the animals.

Check out the photos, and have a look at the variety of animals visitors can get close to.

Feeding a big gigantic tortoise.
Farm In The City

The birds we saw were more interesting than that found in the KL Bird Park, and what’s better than being able to get so close to them. Touching them, feeding them, seeing them perform tricks etc.

Beautiful bird.Farm In The City

Parrot being fed by its handler via the mouthFarm In The City

Getting a chance to feed the bird, and the girls get to pat it.Farm In The City

Feeding a colourful pigeonFarm In The City

Girls feeding the birds, although they were a bit afraid of being pecked.Farm In The City

White peacockFarm In The City

Beautiful birdFarm In The City

PigeonFarm In The City

The children were able to get close to the animals, observe them, photograph them and touch them.
Farm In The City

Farm In The City

Farm In The City

A cheeky ram standing on its hind legs when being fed vegetables.Farm In The City

They had lots of fun feeding this huge buffalo with the park ranger.
Farm In The City

They spent a lot of time feeding the rabbits, carrying them, petting them. If it wasn’t closure time (and the rabbits have to be returned to their hutches), they would have stayed there forever!
Farm In The City

Farm In The City

There’s a drain like stream filled with ‘longkang fish’ (Malay : fish drain) for visitors to try to fish them with a net.
Farm In The City

Friendly park rangers were stationed everywhere to help and assist visitors.Farm In The City

We got to feed some lemurs too (the monkeys found in Madagascar cartoon), but they were very shy and quick to dash off after they got their food.Farm In The City

Farm In The City

There’s a chicken hatchery to see newly hatched chickens.
Farm In The City

I thought the girls’ favourite would be patting the rabbits, but the best has yet to come!

At the end of the farm, there were some smart and well-trained macaws waiting to be fed seeds, carried around, and Zara liked this part the most.
Farm In The City

Farm In The City

Farm In The City

Farm In The City

The parrot giving its handler a kiss.Farm In The City

Farm In The City

Farm In The City

This naughty one kept trying to pry off metal from us. It tried to peck off my bracelet, and then when Zara handled it, it tried to peck on Zara’s glasses frame.Farm In The City

Farm In The City is absolutely worth a visit. Another place the girls want to go again and again.

I do hope they keep up the good work, and continue to keep their animals healthy.

SkyTrex Adventure Fun

February 17, 2013 at 12:57 pm

SkyTrex Adventure is the girls’ new favourite. They claimed Kizsports and Jungle Gym are too kiddish and lame for them and SkyTrex is more fun (adventurous). o.O”

Located within Malaysia Agricultural Park, it provides outdoor adventure activities suspended from tree. For the girls, they are only allowed to go on the Little Adventure Challenge.

We booked our tickets online (to avoid disappointment, it’s advisable to book on line), the best time slot of course it’s 1st thing in the morning, but we had something on and got the 1:30pm slot instead.

We collected our tickets at the entrance of the Malaysia Agricultural Park (you still need to pay the RM3 entrance ticket to the park, since SkyTrex is located inside), and then took the shuttle to SkyTrex.

The first thing they got us to do is to sign some disclaimer forms. o.O”

SkyTrex Adventure Name Tags for Crew

Skytrex instructors' tags

Then we were sent tp get our safety harness, where the crews put on for us, and for the children, they actually lift them up to see how secure the harness has been fastened on them.
Skytrex - putting on harness

We had to go through some basic training, and being taught which is a carabiner, which is a pulley, how to use them, how to read the sign on each adventure to know when to use a pulley and when to use a carabiner etc etc.

Then we have to try out what we’d learnt on the training trail.

Zaria was first to go on the training trail.
Skytrex - training trail

And trying out her carabiner.Skytrex - training

After that, it was time for us to go on the adventure challenges ourselves. We were given 2hrs to do as many adventure challenges within Little Adventure.

Although whatever we do are pretty safe due to the harness, some of the challenges are quite scary, like walking on wobbly rope which is suspended from tall trees etc.

And for Zaria, we always have to be close by as some of the supporting ‘railing’ and ropes are too high for her to grab on to.
Skytrex - walking trail

The girls favourite? All the flying fox challenges, although it seemed quite frightening in the beginning.Skytrex - flying fox

When they got the hang of it, all they wanted to was to go on the flying foxes.


Skytrex - flying fox

Skytrex - flying fox

Skytrex - flying fox

Skytrex - flying fox

Skytrex - flying fox

Skytrex - flying fox

It was FUN! And I’m sure we’re going back again!

P.S. Rate for Little Adventure is RM 35.00 per session of 2hrs. For other courses, the min height is 140cm.

Visit To Rhythm & Hues & Their Claymation Workshop

February 6, 2013 at 9:55 pm

(Oh well, this happened during the school holidays and I’m not going to let it pass just because I’m so bogged down with work and hence late.)

Being a member of a facebook group, I get informed of workshops/organised visits suitable for children, one of them was a visit to Rhythm & Hues office in Cyberjaya, and to attend their Claymation Workshop.

I was lucky to get seats for my girls and one of their friends on the Dec 17th session.

So who is Rhythm And Hues? What do they do? From their website :

Rhythm & Hues is a multiple Academy Award®-winning film production studio specializing in visual effects and computer animation for feature films and television commercials.

Founded in 1987, Rhythm & Hues has been singled out as a leader by virtually all the major competitions that recognize excellence in computer graphics. Continuing to push the boundaries of the digital frontier, Rhythm & Hues has a globally distributed production infrastructure, with additional studios in Los Angeles, Mumbai and Hyderabad, India and Vancouver, Canada.

Some of their famous work and achievement in Visual Effects : Life of Pi, The Golden Compass, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe, Happy Feet, Babe.

I took a day off and accompanied the girls. Their office in Cyberjaya has an Africa theme, lots of wood, African native masks and figurines decorating the place. They have a music room, entertainment room and a nice pantry for staff to chill out. We were not allowed to take photos of the office, but I tell you, it’s a cool place to work at.

Rhythm & Hues banner

We were in their conference room, and the children were given a walk through of what Rhythm & Hues does, the children get shown the computer generated visual effects Rhythm & Hues did on some of the movies like Life of Pi, Alvin and The Chipmunk etc.

We were given a tour of the office (lovely place, and I’m envious of the employees), some breakfast snacks to enjoy at their pantry (generous helping), and then it was time for the highlight of the visit. The Claymation Workshop.

Rhythm & Hues Claymation Workshop

The children were taught how to create claymation (clay animation), i.e. by moving clay pieces slowly and taking photo of each movement.

Rhythm & Hues Claymation Workshop

And then they went on to form teams to create their own project. There were 4 people in the girls’ team, the girls, Zara’s BFF and Montesorri Mum’s daugther.

Zara and her friend as well as Montesorri Mum’s daughter rolled the clay, and formed the characters.
Rhythm & Hues Claymation Workshop

Zaria coloured the back drop, and then fell asleep. o.O” (Later I realised it was because she was about to have a fever).
Rhythm & Hues Claymation Workshop

I was the photographer who took the photos while they moved the objects around. After 1.5hr, this was what we created.

The organiser picked the girls’ team as the winner, with the nicest video made. As a reward, they each got a big Life Of Pi posters.

Now the girls know how animation is made, how visual effects are added to movie. The other day I overheard Zaria telling her friend (when her friend mentioned that Life of Pi is a very scary movie because there’s a big tiger involved), “There’s nothing to be afraid of, it’s just CG.”

Sekinchan – Padi Fields, Fishing Village, Redang Beach

December 7, 2012 at 1:04 am

Our regular fish monger is from Sungai Besar, and we’d been asking him if the rice in the padi fields of Sekinchan is ready for harvesting, as that would be the best time to visit the padi fields. When he told us early November that the padi fields were turning golden, we planned for a trip there.

We went on November 15th, leaving the house around 10am. Stopped over for early lunch at Ijok, and then headed towards Sekinchan which is after Kuala Selangor and Tanjung Karang. Next trip there, we’ll leave later and head right to Sekinchan for late lunch/tea instead as Sekinchan has more to offer.

Girls were excited to see the padi fields when we arrived. Green fields with sheaves of golden grains.
Sekinchan Padi Fields

There were some White Egrets among the fields and Kingfisher resting on power lines.
White Egret at Sekinchan Padi Fields(Daddy was complaining that he could only take shots like this as he didn’t have a telefocus lens)

The excitement didn’t last for long in the midday heat. I was the first to get into the car and blast the aircon. We went to an air-conditioned cafe, Mamawe, in Sekinchan to shield from the heat. Surprisingly, the food and drinks in Mamawe was quite good!

About 4:30pm, we went to the fishing village in Sekinchan, as around this time fishermen would return with their catch.

Boats were arriving, and there were lots of activities in the fishing village.
Sekinchan fishing village

Loads of fish being transported to sorting area.
Sekinchan fishing village

Fishermen sorting out fish according to size.
Sekinchan fishing village

Fishermen gutting yellow sea eels for fish maws.
Sekinchan fishing village

Gigantic skate.
Sekinchan fishing village

Girls called this fisherman The Death Angel (of the fishes).
Sekinchan fishing village

Baskets of sorted fish.
Sekinchan fishing village

The girls now know where the fish served on the dinner table came from.

Daddy wanted to go back to the padi fields before sunset, as this was the best time for photography. So we went back to the padi fields which was just about 10mins drive from the fishing village. In deed, it was more pleasant to walk around in the evening than midday.

Sekinchan padi field

Sekinchan padi field

We spotted some wedding photography being taken place. Wedding shot couples actually need to get their shoes dirty to get nice shots among the fields.
Sekinchan padi field wedding photo

The photographer found a good spot with beautiful clouds… I’m sure the shots he took would turn out great.
Sekinchan padi field wedding photo

The photographer told us they would be heading to the beach for more photo taking, he told us to head there to view the sunset as well. The name of the beach? Redang Beach! And how to get there? Just head towards Sekin Resort following their sign boards.

We drove passed by the fishing village again.
Sekinchan fishing village

Redang Beach, Sekinchan, is just a small beach, with rough white sand, but many families were there to enjoy the sea breeze.
Sekinchan Redang Beach

The attraction besides the beach is two tree houses probably built by locals, with hammocks made out of fishing nets installed. I took a nap lying in one hammock, while Daddy watched over the girls play.
Sekinchan Redang Beach

We had a nice dinner at Wan Lau Seafood Restaurant which served home style seafood dishes. No photos but the food was quite good and for four of us, we paid ~RM40 for 2 slices of fried red mullet (Hongzhou).

It was a good day trip, and we managed to show the girls the sources of their food. I’m sure we’ll return again.. if not for the padi fields, we’ll be back for the food.

Note :
Do bring along an ice-box to purchase some fresh catch from the fishing village. Ice is provided by some vendors.
Here is a good website of Sekinchan, which you can check out for restaurants.
And you can download a map from here showing you where the Sekinchan restaurants are located.

Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah Alam

November 22, 2012 at 10:02 pm

There were a couple of holidays the last few weeks, and we took the opportunity to visit different places, and one of them is the Malaysia Agriculture Park (Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Malay) in Shah Alam (sometimes also called Bukit Cahaya Agriculture Park or Bukit Cerakah).

We planned to cycle in the park and to visit the Four Seasons Temperate House which the girls went in 2010 during the ‘winter season’.

We brought along Zaria’s bike since she still needs her training wheels, and rented the 3 other bikes for us. As there were a long queue for the cheaper adult bikes, we took the more expensive ones, which cost about RM10 per hour (while the cheaper one is a Ringgit or two per hour).

The girls did well, riding on the hilly path, when the slopes got too steep, we all pushed our bikes up hill. When it’s a down hill ride, they all went zooming down. We had many rest and snack stops along the way. When the going got a bit tough and when it got too hot, Zaria would complain and nagged at us, “Whose bright idea is it to come here?”

Flower in Malaysia Agriculture Park

Cycling in Malaysia Agriculture Park

Cycling in Malaysia Agriculture Park

We cycled all the way to SkyTrex Adventure Park, and then the little one got too tired and grouchy so we took the shuttle bus back to the visitor centre. Shuttle bus is provided for free, and it goes between the Visitor Centre and SkyTrex Adventure Park. They allowed bicycles to be loaded onto the bus which is a plus point.

We returned our bikes and parked Zaria’s bike at the bicycle rental place; and then went to have lunch at the small eatery at the visitor centre.

It was a super hot day, but they girls still wanted to visit the Four Seasons Temperate House which is on another path different from SkyTrex. We decided to walk there.

Walking in Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah Alam

Walking in Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah Alam

We found some ‘propeller seed’ along the walking path.
Propeller seed

Propeller seed

We were told the Four Seasons Temperate House was closed on that day, because they were working on the change of season there. Just our luck!

Instead we went to the Observation Tower, and spent some time there.
Observation Tower

The girls with their bountiful energy can still ‘exercise’ at the Exercise Park.
Exercise Park

Me? I took a nap beneath the Observation Tower.
Taking a nap beneath the Observation Tower

Although it was a hot day, and we worked out the whole day with all the cycling and walking, the girls still had lots of energy to take photos of their surrounding.
Taking photo in Malaysia Agriculture Park Shah AlamI’m always amazed at the energy they have!

The park is actually a very good place to spend a day at, however, like all Malaysia public facilities, the toilet there is horrendous! The one that we visited had not been washed for ages, there were fossil like poop found in all the toilet bowls! BUEK!

We’ll still go back again though, just try to avoid using the toilet. We want to bring the girls to SkyTrex and the Four Seasons Temperate House next round.

Note :
Entrance fee to the Park is
RM3.00 for adult and children 12 years and above
RM1.00 for children 4 to 11 years old

Wow, We Spent More Than 4hrs At Petrosains!

July 19, 2010 at 10:05 pm

When I told Daddy I wanted to meet my friend who’s back from Hong Kong for holidays with her children in Petrosains, he was skeptical about the place. I too was thinking what there was to do.

I was there with my nieces and nephew more than 8 years ago, and we really didn’t think it was nice. However, this was more of a trip to meet up with my friend, and not so much about enjoying Petrosains.

I met my friend and her sister at the entrance of Petrosains with her two sons plus her two nephews and her niece. 7 children and 4 adults all in, what a group!

We bought the family ticket, RM24 for 2 adults and 2 children, although Zaria is below 4, and is free, it still worked out to be cheaper buying the family ticket than individual ticket. We entered Petrosains after our lunch, and didn’t think we would spend so much time there.

Let the photos do the talking.

Six children trying to build a track with tubes so they can see balls roll through.
Petrosains - building tracks

Zaria trying in vain to ‘catch’ a hologram car. She said, “It’s magic!”
Catching a hologram

There were lots of Information Panels, and computers throughout Petrosains, and Zaria loved pressing on the buttons and checking out what they each did.
Pressing all buttons

Zara and her new friend trying to move around iron dust with magnets.
Magnet Play

Look who’s an astronaut? You can actually take a photo of yourself, and see your face displayed as the suspended dummy astronaut’s.

Zara’s thermal scan.
Thermal Scan

Pulleys and tubes, and conveyor belts formed this play area for children (and adults) where they see how little metal beads travelled in a loop.
Play Area

Play Area

This is my favourite, the interactive art. Where the images projected on the screens moved and ‘reacted’ accordingly to your body movement.

Girls here were trying to make the butterflies stand on their shoulders.
Interactive Arts

Catching falling crystals.
Interactive Arts

Feeling the different viscosities of different oil.
Feeling crude oil

My friend’s son trying to find out how fast the balls he threw travelled, and at what momentum they hit the wall.
Measuring the speed and momentum caused by a base ball thrown

Girls trying to race in an F1 race.
F1 race

Zaria and myself driving our own F1 cars. I did extremely badly as the car was hard to control with such power. Zara told me, “If you cannot drive this car, then I think you cannot drive a real car”
Driving an F1 car

Zara’s turn, she could hardly reach the pedal, but that’s not stopping her.
Driving an F1 car

I don’t know how this work, but you put on a strap (with electrodes) on your forehead and try to use your mind to resist the ball from being pushed to you. My friend’s son (the champ of this game) and myself having a go here, he beat almost every contestant, including me, but I gave him a strong fight, lasting quite long.
Mind game

Girls and me in a Hurricane Chamber, the girls didn’t like it, and when the ‘wind’ started being slightly stronger, they ‘escaped’.
Hurricane Chamber

My friend had to rush through some of the activities because she had a dinner to attend.

There are lots of other things to play with or try out which are not shown here. We tried the earthquake stimulator, helicopter simulation, etc etc. And before we knew it, we spent more than 4hrs in Petrosains!

The girls were exhausted and since we wanted to have dinner around KLCC, we brought them to Coffee Club at Kinokuniya to nap, while we had tea.

After a short nap, we brought the girls to the KLCC play ground, to play some more.

With all this time spent in KLCC, our parking came up to RM19! o.O”

Dinner was just us at Hakka Restaurant overlooking KLCC.
KLCC night view

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