Zaria’s Speech – close to 16 months

April 16, 2008 at 1:15 pm

This is almost the same everyday at our dinner table. Zaria will eat half heartedly, and then after a few spoonful, she’ll start spiting her dinner out. “Pow-Pow! (Chinese: Full)”.
“You don’t want any more?”
“No-want. (Don’t want)”
But then, when we put her down from her high chair, she’ll go straight to the fridge, and shout, “Khuet!! (Chocolate)”; she’ll keep saying “Khuet!” until we give her her doze of chocolate or something else to distract her.

Zaria knows now when she needs things done she’ll go to Jelly.
Once she was trying to take a few pieces of clothings down from my cupboard, but the whole stack came tumbling down. I was next to her, but she went on to look for Jelly, shouting “Ah-tie (Auntie)! Ah-tie! (Put) Back! *pointing to the cupboard* Back!”.

And when she wants her bath, she’ll be shouting “Ah-tie (Auntie)! Ah-tie! Ba-Bath! Ba-Bath!”

I tried asking her, “You like Auntie?”
She replies with her index finger out “Good!” (meaning her Auntie is good, so she likes her Auntie).

When she gets hold of a pair of shoes, a hat, or watch, or even a hair clip, she’ll come to us with the item placed on where it belongs (i.e. place hair clip on the head) “Wear.”

She knows how to correct us when we name something wrongly. E.g. *pointing to my BIL* “Mei-mei, is this Daddy?”. She’ll smile and shake her index finger, “No-no, no-no Daddy. (He is)Uncle “

Of all the things Zaria says, Daddy is most pleased with Zaria constant chanting of “Daddy-DaddEEE..Daddy-DaddEEE” when he’s around. I tried to get her to say Mummy-mummeeee.. Mummy-mummee, but she’ll only be able to say “Mummy” and not like she calls Daddy “Daddy-DaddEEE..Daddy-DaddEEE”.

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