Anmum Essentials with Gangliosides and DHA

August 9, 2012 at 12:42 pm

I overheard this conversation at the hypermarket the other day at the milk powder aisle.

“This one (brandX) is high in DHA, this is good”, said Mom A to her husband.
“Why is DHA so important?” asked her husband.
“DHA helps to build brain cell, so we should pick the milk powder with the highest content of DHA for our baobei now.” replied Mom A.

Looks like they have not heard about Gangliosides. I went over and started talking to them. (Do you realize it’s very easy to strike a conversation with other parents when we are all looking at/buying the same thing?)

I told them about Gangliosides, which a lot of parents are unaware.

Yes, DHA is important. It is a key building block of brain cells. But Gangliosides are also very important, as they help brain cells connect.

I showed them the pack of Anmum Essential I was planning to buy, showing them that it contains both DHA and Gangliosides.

I told them I didn’t know about Gangliosides earlier, so I was also like them, concerned only about DHA content. But now I know Gangliosides and DHA work hand in hand, one to build, the other to connect, and together will deliver a better outcome.

“Wa, so many things inside. Does it taste good?” asked her husband, not quite convinced.

“Nice. Very creamy!” my girls who was playing with their toddler answered (the girls, especially Zaria, like to ‘look after’ and play with toddlers nowadays.).

Mom A decided to buy a box to try, I don’t know if this will be her toddler’s Growing Up Milk eventually, but at least she will be making an informed choice.

Watch this TVC if you haven’t, so that you too are aware of what DHA and Gangliosides can do.

Growing Up Milk With DHA And Gangliosides

July 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

When choosing a Growing Up Milk for children, I realized, most parents will choose one which contains DHA. This is a key word in the packaging of a Growing Up Milk that most parents will look for.

Like all parents, it was one of my criteria in choosing a milk powder too, until I learnt about the importance of Gangliosides.

If DHA is a building block of brain cells, Gangliosides on the other hand does brain cells connections.
When there is more brain cells connection, the kids will learn faster, and able to relate to what they learn. The more brain cells connection there is, the smarter the kid will be.

So what should we look for now in Growing Up Milk? DHA or Gangliosides? How about both combined together?

Did you watch the advert featured on TV?

DHA and Gangliosides complements each other, when they come together, great things happen.

Looking around, no other Growing Up Milk offer both of these except Anmum Essential (its new formulation contain more DHA and more Gangliosides).

This is something I will consider when I’m choosing a Growing Up Milk for the girls, I want a milk not just to build brain cells but one that can help brain cells connection too. What about you?

Recent GL Research Indicated Not all Growing Up Milks Are Equal

June 21, 2012 at 10:45 pm

When I was at the supermarket the other day about to pick up a pack of GUMP (Growing up Milk) for the girls, I was approached by a children’s milk powder promoter who told me about a recent study done on GUMPs.

What she told me further confirmed what I read in the May issue of Health Today Magazine.

When one brand launched their ‘no added sugars’ GUMP (Growing up milk) early last year, many other brands started making similar claims. These GUMPs promoted that their brand has no added sugars, no sucrose, less sweet . These claims can be misleading because they focus on one type of added sugar (such as sucrose), but ignore others (like glucose syrup solids, corn syrup solids, dextrin, maltodextrin etc).

There’s a recent independent study by the University of Sydney which look at the Glycemic Load (GL) of GUMPs in Malaysia. The research looks at the sugar level changes in the bloodstream of a child after drinking a glass of GUMP.

You can read more about GL and its effect on GUMPs from The scoop on GUMPs by Emma Stirling, but in summary

– High GL means a lot of sugars added, which causes a blood sugar spike
– Low GL means no or low added sugars, which is healthier

If you make a few google searches, you’ll see that international experts agree that children, should avoid too much high GL food and drinks as this increases the risk of chronic diseases. See here and here

So what did the research from University of Sydney show?

The below bar graph is produced based on the research results.
GL level in Milk Brands

You can read more about the research finding from 7 GUMPs GI and GL results by Jennie Brand-Miller; or

Page 719 of Australian Medical Journal published last December.

This research has found that only one GUMP has a low GL (which is close to regular milk), other leading brands have significantly higher GL levels, indicating the sugar added; this has provided independent proof that only this GUMP in Malaysia really has no added sugar, because only one growing up milk has a low GL.

So what is the real ‘no added sugars’ brand? It was Anmum Essential. It had a GL of 2.6, very similar to regular milk, because there’s really ‘no added sugars’. This is low GL, which is good and healthy.

No other GUMP tested in this independent research had a low GL, this is the proof that only one GUMP contains absolutely ‘no added sugar’.

Even though other brand of GUMP claimed they have no sucrose added, or they have reduced sugar, the high GL that’s indicated in the survey shows that these GUMPs have high sugar added (which comes in other form other than sucrose, such as glucose syrup solids, corn syrup solids etc). You can validate this finding of added sugar found in other GUMPs by checking the nutrition information panel of the GUMPs.

Not all growing up milks are equal, do make informed choices on the next one you purchased.

Anmum Essential – Advanced Nutrients for Brain with No Compromises

March 1, 2012 at 11:51 am

After seeing the Testimonial Print ads (as mentioned in my previous post), I went to search for Anmum Essential during our weekly shopping at Giant.

Anmum Essential

First thing I did when I picked up a box was to check the Nutrition Information. Carbohydrate per serving is 11.8g, which is the natural sugar level (as the experts mentioned). My next question was, since it’s confirmed added sugars free, how would it taste like?

There was a very friendly promoter from Anmum Essential that day. She had some tester, so she gave me a small serving to try.

Taste wise, creamy, with just a hint of sweetness, and the best part is, I didn’t taste the ‘metalic’ taste and smell that comes with other Growing Up Milk (GUMP).

The girls were not with me, so I wasn’t sure if I should purchase a pack since the girls are pretty particular with their food and drinks, so I asked if there are samples which I can bring home.

The friendly promoter gave me a pack of Step 3 sample (meant for 1 to 3 yrs) since she only has that. When I asked her if Zara being 8yrs old this year is too old to drink Step 4 (meant for 3yrs and above), she started relating her experience to me. She has a 20year old college going son, and he is drinking Anmum Essential as well. According to her, he likes the taste, and mainly he thinks drinking the milk helps him to concentrate better when he studies and when he sits for exams. She thinks it’s the Gangliosides and DHA at work. Interesting. Therefore, Anmum Essential Step 4, should be suitable for both Zara and Zaria.
Once I got home, I made a glass for the girls.

Anmum Essential

And what did Zaria think?
Anmum Essential

Taste wise, yums! According to her.
Anmum Essential Thumbs Up

Zara who originally didn’t want to try, took a sip, and asked me to pour some for her as well.
Anmum Essential

She said it’s nice, and the best is, no smell! (She complained previously that the Growing Up Milks (GUMPs) we were giving her has a revolting smell)

So both the stakeholders are happy with the taste.

Anmum Essential. Here is a milk we do not need to make any compromises. I’m happy it’s packed with advanced nutrients for brain such as Ganglisides and DHA, with absolutely no added sugars; the girls are happy with the taste!

To parents out there, you should not have to compromise in your choice for growing up milk for your children. Why should you accept advanced nutrition which comes with a lot added sugars when you choose certain type of growing up milk?

As in the advertorial, Karen Chong mother of 2 daughters like me, who worries about her children consuming too much sugar, was introduced to Anmum Essential by a friend. She does not want to compromise on nutrients for her children’s drain development. She switched to Anmum Essential and has been recommending Anmum Essential to other mums in her playgroup.

Suzanne Hamzah, after seeing the Amnum Essential television ads about no added sugar, consulted her doctor and decided to make the switch. Her son, even says it tastes ‘nice’, just like my girls.

So many real mums have made the smart choice in switching to Anmum Essential, and I have too.

Anmum Essential with No Added Sugar

February 22, 2012 at 8:43 pm

As if prompted by the search I was on for a suitable Growing Up Milk (GUMP) for my girls, I saw the Testimonial Print ads on Star last week.

This was the ad shown.
Anmum Ad

Knowing that all the GUMs in the Malaysian market has lots of added sugars (I’d tasted a couple the girls used to drink, they are SWEET!), the ‘Tanpa Gula Tambahan’ (Malay : No Added Sugars) caught my attention!

I read further and realized this is the New Anmum Essential. It is a new concentrated formulation with 100% more DHA, and absolutely no added sugar! Finally, a milk with all the nutrients but without the added sugar and calories!

This really got me! I’m going shopping soon, to get some Anmum Essentials.

Meanwhile, I’d joined the Anmum Club Page on Facebook. It’s a Page which you can find parenting knowledge from other mums. Their Mum Knows Best is like a parenting forum to share and get experiences and tips around nutrition for growing up children.

Sugar In Your Growing Up Milk III

January 31, 2012 at 3:16 pm

The videos that I shared in my previous posts were all from Experts who shared their opinions on sugar in Growing Up Milk (GUMP). I watched a couple of them when I was waiting in Mediklinik TTDI Jaya via the Queue Channel.

Thanks to technology, we can find all the related videos on youtube as well.

These videos are mainly trying to educate us as consumers on added sugars in GUMP, and asked us to make informed decision when it comes to choosing the right GUMP for our kids. You should definitely take a look at these if you are interested in doing what is right for your children when choosing their GUMP.

Here is a print ad from MOH (Ministry of Health) that was in the papers which also talked about similar points mentioned in the video.

MOH Print Add

Two very interesting points that I picked up from this MOH print ad are:

As per Malaysian labeling guidelines, all sugars are declared as part of carbohydrate, which includes sugar, sugar-rich ingredients and digestible glucose chains (e.g. sucrose, corn syrup, glucose syrup and maltodextrin) – all declared as “Carbohydrate’ in the Nutrition Information Penal)

1) Added sugars can have many different names. Corn syrup solids, glucose syrup solids and sucrose are all added sugars.

2) Be aware that products claiming “no added sucrose” or “sucrose free” could still contain other types of added sugars.

Not to offend any brands of GUMP, but now, when you next pick up a pack of GUMP, be informed that even the MOH says that corn syrup solids, sucrose and glucose syrup solids are added sugars. What does this mean for some of the GUMPS that have made certain claims about their formulations?

MOH also says ‘no sucrose’ doesn’t necessary mean ‘no added sugars’. What does this mean for certain GUMP that has this claim on their packaging?

So far in the market as far as I can tell, Anmum Essential is the only growing up milk powder that really has no added sugars.

Do make informed decision on your next purchase of GUMP.

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