Naturally Plus Super Lutein and Izumio – My Experience

March 1, 2016 at 3:15 pm

My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2010, he had half his liver removed and did a couple of TACE and was doing great. Beginning of last year, he was told TACE no longer worked for him and he needed to start oral chemo drug (Nexavar).

After hearing about all the great things Super Lutein and Izumio can do (from the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource Group), we were hopeful and we started our father on the product March last year.

I was interested in the business myself, but I’m the sort who needs to know the product works before I can promote.

We bought 2 years supply and spent RM9403. We wanted to believe in what the product could do, we wanted to be the success story and hence were willing to spend the money.

From 3 caps of Super Lutein + 2, 3 packs of Izumio up to 15~20 caps of Super Lutein + 5 packs of Izumio, we didn’t see improvement in my father. The cancer marker continued to climb higher. What‘s more, he hated taking the supplements, he wasn’t looking forward to ‘Izumio or Super Lutein’ time.

His health was deteriorating gradually overtime, so, maybe, Super Lutein and Izumio were helping to slow down the process. I don’t know.

However, if you’d read some of the success stories, or miracles the product can do, i.e. healing cancer solely on the product, curing eczema, improving eyesight, and helping with any ailments imaginable; we have high expectations.

Some people in the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource Group wanted to know how my dad was doing, and I shared the updates. Bad for business I guess, for I have no good news to tell, it was always ‘my dad’s cancer marker is going up after x-packs, x-capsules per day‘. Eventually, my dad requested to stop Super Lutein (too many capsules to take) and continued only with Izumio. We let him decide.

I shared some of my own experience in using the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource group as well, but no success stories too.

I had a very bad rash behind my ear from an allergy reaction, I was told applying Izumio on that area will help. It didn’t work for me. The rash stayed with me for almost 2 months before it went away on its own.

I got a very bad burn on my forearm, I was told applying Izumio on the burn will help. It didn’t work for me.

I took Super Lutein for overall well being, but every time I took it, I got a migraine attack. It may well be a healing process, but I got an attack and I just shared my experience.

I was told taking Izumio will cure sore throat and flu, it didn’t help the girls or me, but propolis spray did wonders.

I guess I was not a good user experience example for marketing and business. While everyone in the group was sharing success stories, I had none.

2 weeks ago, my dad lost his fight with cancer.

I got booted out from the Super Lutein and Izumio Resource Group, not sure if it was not long before my father passed away or soon after. The intention of removing me from the group was perhaps to prevent me from sharing my father’s deteriorating health and his passing.

I suppose MLM group, Product group, only wants you to hear the good things, positive feedback and the success stories; but shun frank but unfavourable feedback or failure stories of the product.

In my opinion, do not believe and take everything you read for granted, be your own judge.

Disclaimer : This is totally based on my experience. I’m not against the product, I’m still a consumer, and belief there’s some health benefit to be gained.

The Pros And Cons Of Being Bilingual

October 14, 2013 at 5:42 pm

My parents sent my siblings to English missionary schools for 12 years (except my youngest sister who went to Chinese primary school and later moved on to missionary school), where as I went to Chinese primary school and then Chinese Independent school for secondary education.

I spent most of my schooling days speaking Cantonese (thanks to TVB and KL culture), and then when I started work, it was almost English all the way. For the last 6- 7 years I’m conversing more in Mandarin since I have to work with Taiwanese and mainland Chinese, speak to the girls’ school teachers.

The first thing that gauge what is the language that you are strong in would be what language do your brain think in? Mine? English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Even when I pray, I use more than one language in my conversation with God.

So there, I seem to have an advantage over my siblings, and some co-workers who don’t speak Chinese, or mothers who can’t help their Chinese school going children with homework because they never learnt Chinese. But… I find there are some disadvantages too. Here is what I think are the Pros and Cons of being bilingual.

1. I have a wider range of books to read and reference. For someone who likes to read, cook and bake, this is really great!
2. I can guide the girls in their school work.
3. My Chinese speaking colleagues warm up to me faster, and tell me things that they won’t tell the English speaking colleagues (at least not until they warm up to them).
4. I can read Chinese menus, Chinese sign boards in restaurants, it helps even locally.
5. I have no problem reading Chinese notice from school, or communicating to teachers in the girls’ school.
6. I can google in Chinese. When it’s related to Chinese herbs, Chinese places, Chinese recipe

1. I’m never very proficient in either language. Sometimes knowing how to say something in English but not Chinese, and vice versa.
2. Because of 1, it sometimes takes a moment longer for me to form a sentence in either language, occasionally even having to use Google or Phone Apps to help.
3. I’m never as eloquent as a native speaker. Even Zara speaks better English than me now, she use words more efficiently and effectively. I’m always in awe of those who can say/write something so well or beautifully, while I may sound so crude and unpolished.
4. I have the feeling that people are less tolerant of your Grammatical mistakes or mispronunciation of words (“Neh, she’s from Chinese school, that’s why.”)

For those of you who are bilingual, do you feel the same?

Pros And Cons of Working From Home

August 10, 2013 at 5:18 pm

I started working from home partially when Zara was born, and when Zaria came along, I requested my then Australian manager if I could work from home fully, and he agreed. Although it’s now quite common for people to work from home, it was quite uncommon 8 years ago, and that’s how long I’d been doing it.

(Actually I don’t have a choice as I don’t have family or in-laws who can help me with child care, my option was to leave the girls with a helper at home or send them to a child care.)

So what are the pros and cons of working from home? It was one of the discussion topic brought up in a Facebook Group that I joined, and here are my thoughts.

1. The kids are fully under my care, my supervision, their upbringing is done my way. (If they turned up rotten or outstanding, we will take the blame or the credit).
2. I get to experience their witty moment, mediate their fights, and not have to depend on someone to relay the information to me.
3. I can supervise the girls with their homework, what & when they watch (on) TV, what they eat, how they spend their time at home.
4. I get to witness their milestones.
5. The time spent getting stuck in the jam going to office and coming back, can be spent on the children, going for a run or sleeping longer.
6. I get to attend all their events in school, bring them to doctors/dentists without having to take leave.
7. I don’t need to spend much on clothes. (I sometimes wear PJs to work until noon time and then get showered and changed before picking up the kids)
8. I don’t have to rely on a transporter, and can send them to as many extra classes as long as I can afford the fee, and the time to chauffer them.
9. Have time to cook if I decided to, and can supervise the helper on what/how to cook.

1. Get taken for granted at times. (Once, I asked the hubs to pick up the kids when he’s working from home, he replied, “It’s a working day for me you know?” WTF! It’s NOT a working day for me EVERYDAY when I pick the kids up.)
2. Socially, I don’t get much adult’s conversation, or mix around with adults except via FB, chat. This is the one of the things that affect me most. I sometimes feel I’m deprived of adults’ interactions.
3. The helper at home depends on me to decide what to cook for every damn meal!
4. The girls’ bickering or coming to you to ask for assistant in stringing a bead, solving a sum, cutting a shape can be very annoying when you are trying to focus on work.
5. Career advancement is more limited. I had to give up jobs opportunity which required travelling or working from the office. This also means salary wise, it hasn’t increased much since I started working from home (the company’s increment % is also partially to be blamed).
6. While lunch time for other working moms are a time to socialise, catch up, my lunch time is spent going to the school to fetch the children.
7. The girls are with me 24hrs every day (except when they are at school or attending classes), it can be stifling at times.
8. I don’t really have off days. Unlike moms who work in the office, when they take leave, it’s likely they can do their own things, because the child care/chauffering bit is taken care off per their daily arrangement. If I took leave, I still have to carry out my chauffer duty, unless I have the hubs take off to handle the kids while I have time for myself.

If I were to choose again, I’ll probably still choose working from home, just because at this point in time, the girls come first.

Insensitive Parents Spreading Germs

March 12, 2013 at 8:41 am

One insensitive and uncivilized parent, sent his/her very sick son (feverish + watery eye) to Chinese enrichment class for 7 years old, the same class that my 6 year old (I still call her six year old because she’s just turned 6 in Dec 28th 2012) goes to.

Maybe the parent didn’t want the son to loose out in that 1 lesson.
Maybe the parent didn’t want to ‘waste money’ paying for that 1 lesson that the son would miss.
Maybe the parent didn’t even know the son was sick to begin with.

Anyway, she/he sent the son to class, and at least infected 2 children in the class with the boy’s virus. One of them was Zaria, the other Zaria’s classmate who also goes to the same enrichment class.

Zaria had fever and conjunctivitis.

And because I looked after her the time when she was ill, I caught it too.

And because Zara slept in the same room as us, she too caught the germs!

Amount of medication

8 freaking trips to the clinic, 1 trip to the hospital, 2 blood tests done, 5 types of liver poison antibiotic prescribed (only 4 reluctantly consumed), numerous eye drops and cream, 1 IV antibiotic, anti-inflamation syrup/pill, and etc etc (which we didn’t bother to take);

Why? All because some stupid and insensitive parent decided his/her son could go for class and infect other children with his sickness!

It took Zara 6 days to stop the fever, me 5 days, and Zara 4 days.

I’d never been this ill for a long long time. The last time it was this bad, it was when I got a very bad case of UTI, and had to be hospitalised, and this happened before the girls were born!

Even Zara told me, “Going to school and doing homework is better than being so weak!”


May the parent get cursed with the evil eyes too! At least he/she should have it for 2 weeks! That’s how long the germs his/her son passed to us stay with us!

If not, let him/her get some chili padi juice into his/her eyes accidentally for many times! (And if he/she didn’t eat chili, onion juice then!)

Introducing Ikea New Mattress – Sultan Koyak

September 21, 2012 at 3:37 pm

Less than 5years… And this is how our Ikea mattress looked like.

Ikea Mattress

Ikea Mattress

Ikea Mattress

Ikea Mattress

They should rename this to Sultan Koyak! Such bad quality mattress!

(We went with Getha this round to replace the Sultan Koyak mattresses we have at home).

Maidless And Busy Days Are Over

March 14, 2012 at 6:38 pm

After 24 days without a helper, with many broken promises from our Agent, and many missed datelines, our new helper Minerva finally arrived on Feb 29th.

In the beginning, with Minerva’s arrival, my schedule was still in a chaos.

1) I had to finish the 4 photobooks that I’d ordered via groupon by March 12th.

2) My boss had asked for the impossible to happen, which is to roll out the tool that I’m responsible for to China within 2months (when in normal circumstances, minimum 3 months lead time is required).

3) Zara was having her first exams in March, and I had to revise with her.

4) Daddy was away for almost 2 weeks.

In between working, I would be training Minerva and chauffeuring the kids. After work, I’ll be doing revision with Zara. And then when the girls were off to beds, I would be completing whatever work that wasn’t completed for the day, and then worked on the photobook.

For as long as 2 weeks, my average sleeping time was 2am!

My crazy schedule is finally over.

Zara’s exams are over, and the girls now have a week of school holidays, so no more revision and chauffeuring required!
Minerva is starting to understand our schedule and work.
Photobooks are done and submitted for printing.
The stake holder responsible for China roll out has agreed to a deployment in June, giving us more time to work on things.
And Daddy is back (not that it helped, because he caught the flu bug and all he’s been doing around is sleep since he got back).

The biggest pay off for all the hard work? Zara scored 100% for her Chinese! Yee Har!

You’ll be seeing more posts after this.

2012 So Far…

February 9, 2012 at 5:51 pm

One and the half month is over for 2012. What has been happening here? All I can say is BEEZEE.

Zaria goes to kindergarten in the morning. Zara goes to school in the afternoon.

We have carpool arrangement for Zaria, so Daddy sends 3 mornings a week, and I pick up 2 afternoon a week. The rest, my neighbor handles.

With Zara, unlike last year, there’s no carpool arrangement. I do the sending and picking up myself.

Extra-classes and Tutoring.
The girls have a couple of activities and classes lined up for them.

Zaria – Swimming, Art & Craft, Mandarin, Yamaha,

Zara – Swimming, Art & Craft, Mandarin, Piano, Speech & Drama, English, Bahasa Malaysia.

Besides Swimming and Art & Craft where the girls attend together; and Bahasa Malaysia where the tutor comes to the house; the rest are different classes, different timing and guess who has to do the chauffeuring?

How many trips in and out do I have to make? And I wonder how come the mother ends up doing all the driving even though she has to work too!

Jelly has left for good on Sunday, after working with us for 5yrs.

Kind of miss the ‘piling-palang’ noise she made at home, and her loud bossy voice. She’s actually an OK helper, just stubborn and have an attitude. Trustworthy and no-nonsense is her plus points.

Our replacement was supposed to arrive a day after Jelly left. But just like all the con-artist Agents who over commit and under deliver, the paper work was not completed on time, and God knows when it’ll be done and the new helper will arrive.

We’re estimating 2 to 3 weeks maidless period. Zaria is now sent to my MIL’s place after school (take a wild guess who sends here there and who picks her up?), just so all the little ‘unplanned’ demands she has will not interrupt my work schedule or meetings.

So here is the work from home mum with a full time job, who’s also a full time driver, and now a full time maid all roll into one. I’m so not going to be born as a female next life!

And who says I’m so lucky to be able to work from home?

If I Quit Working

September 29, 2011 at 11:13 am

I have a long day yesterday and I wasn’t happy with some of the expectation my boss has of me, especially when I’d worked so hard. I told the girls when we came back from the park, and here is the gist of our conversation.

Me : Mummy got scolded by mummy’s boss, mummy want to stop working already
Zara : It’s ok. You can do something you are good at. Like baking. You can sell your cakes and pastries.
Me : Oh, but baking doesn’t give mummy as much money. We’ll have less money to spend. Maybe we need to sell our house now and move to a smaller house.
Zara : *eyes turned wide* Move to a smaller house?…. And then…. (calculating) you have to get a smaller car as well…..? And there’ll be less food….?
Me : Ya, I think so.
Zaria : *eyes turned wide now* And go to a school with no aircon?
Me : Yup. You have to go to a kindergarten with no aircon.
Zara & Zaria : I don’t want.
Zara : You should continue working. When your boss scold you, treat it like it’s not important, and just do your work.
Me : But it’s difficult.
Zara : You told me not to quit piano when it gets difficult. So you should not quit also.
Me : *Moan*
Zara : (imagination run wild) I don’t want to move to a shed in the jungle. I don’t like scorpions, and mosquitos…….Sigh.. Sometimes I wish I just turned to something that cannot move and think.
Me : You want to be a statue?
Zara : Ya.. then I don’t have to worry about all these. o.O”

These girls are so worried about having to change their lifestyle if I quit working.

Knight In Shining Armour

July 28, 2010 at 6:25 pm

There’s a knight, who does not do much.
He grooms himself, and he looks smart.
There’s the maid who cares for two dames,
She works twenty four by seven, no rest, and three hundred sixty five days;
teaching, cooking and whatever chores.
With all the work and no rest, imagine the strain.
At times the dames misbehaved, and the maid screams (Oh, maybe a tad too harsh).
The knight will then put on his shining armour, and gallops in with his white white horse.
“I shall save thee from the wicked one!” he declared; and stirs up a storm.
Making him the dames’ hero, and the other, the crook.
The knight then just gallops off, since he’s said his piece.
The maid goes on, although beaten and crushed, to work on whatever that needed to be done.

If the maid was swearing and cursing so much, maybe she’s too stressed, don’t you think?
The dear knight should have taken pity and start rolling up his sleeves,
Instead of just trotting in only in his shining armour and to do the ‘save the damsels in distress’ stunt.

Hotel Alternatives or Hostel Alternatives? Hotel Alternatives Scam

April 27, 2010 at 7:08 pm

After deciding to send my dad to Singapore for his liver surgery , we started looking for Service Apartment in Singapore.

We stumbled upon Hotel Alternatives website, and was attracted by its rates, its nice photos, its stated location (near to Orchard Road), and the ‘Service Apartment’ amenities they promoted, i.e. with kitchen and cooking facilities. We should have read the Tripadvisor reviews, and stopped ourselves, but then it was a very rush trip.

We made the bookings for these dates :

a) Mar 11th – 1 room, for my eldest sister and I; total paid S$140
b) Mar 18th – Mar 26th – 2 rooms, for my dad, my youngest sister and I; total paid $1800
c) Mar 19th – Mar 21st – 1 big room, for my brother and his family; total paid $410

All prepaid before our stay, via bank transfer or cash on delivery.

On March 11th, we drove down to Singapore after work. By the time we’d checked on dad (at the hospital) and reached the ‘hotel’, it was already 10:30pm. The ‘hotel’ is located at Lucky Towers on Grange Road. There’s no reception, and we were supposed to call the ‘ground manager’ to check in.

Ground manager assigned to us could not be reached. We had to call the ‘reservation manager’, who then assigned us another Ground manager. We then had to call the newly assigned ground manager (why can’t the reservation manager call the ground manager and instruct him to come??) and informed him we’re waiting to be checked in. All these ‘coordinations’, we had to do from the condo lobby, using our own mobile phones.

A big size man in shorts and flip flops arrived 10 minutes later, he’s Gerald the ground manager. He told us to follow him (actually, quite scary right? Luckily there were 2 of us).

We went up to 20th floor, and entered a condo unit. He took us to one of the rooms, and before he finished his sentence, “Your room is …” He closed back the door and told us, “Oh, not this one, lets go to another unit.” o.O”

We took the lift down, went to the other block, took the lift up again to the 20th floor. This time he showed us into the correct room.

By the time we put down our bags, it was more than 30mins since we arrived at Lucky Towers.

Room was spacious by Singapore standard, with 2 nice and comfy queen beds with thick linen. FULLSTOP. The rest of the furniture – very dated, and mismatch. The toilet has chipped tiles, old fittings, although it looked clean. The toiletries were probably stolen/taken by the owner from their stay in Sofitel , and looked like they have been repeatedly refilled.

We left our room to check out the other amenities.

This is actually a condo unit converted to about 6 rooms, all sharing a kitchen, and there’s also a common toilet outside. We didn’t see the living room. 3 of the other room doors were placed on walls which wasn’t solid (hollow when tap on, plywood maybe), so we assume whatever available space has been converted to rooms (this proof to be true in our later stay). The kitchen, which was one of the reason we booked this place post-ops, was a sorry state. Mismatched utensils, a couple of unwashed rice cookers, 2 pathetic hot plates, a fridge with half eaten food, and they called this fully equipped kitchen! There were also dirty dishes piled in the sink. No drinking water was provided.

There’s a foreigner outside of his room next to ours, ironing his clothes in the narrow corridor. There’s cigarette smell and loud Chinese (with Beijing accent) coming from another room facing ours.

This is a hotel or hostel? Don’t be fooled by the photos they posted on their website. The place is definitely not a boutique hotel nor a service apartment. It’s more like a hostel with comfy beds.

In the morning, we left by hanging our key behind the door. That’s no check out to be done.

On March 18th, after my dad was discharged from the hospital, we moved all our things to Lucky Towers for our week’s stay.

Upon arrival, we have to call the Ground Manager, Gerald, again, and this time he asked us to go straight to the condo unit, and the maid will show us in.

We booked and paid for the 2 Bedroom Luxury Apartment. We thought that’s what we’ll be getting. But, what we got was a condo unit’s living and dining room combined. 1 Bedroom was partitioned from the dining area, and another smaller bedroom a small corner of the living room. There’s a small living room in between these rooms with a two seater and a dining table. A toilet is shared between these rooms. All walls which are not the original condo structure are thin, and of course not sound proofed. The kitchenette, was just a table top with an electric cooker (those we normally use for steamboat). No sink whatsoever, so we ended up having to cook our meals in the shared kitchen. What con job is this? Luxury my butt!

The maid, an Indonesian probably hired as a domestic helper, was still cleaning the apartment, even though we arrived at 2pm, the official check in time.

Half way through, she was called by Gerald to clean up another unit as there was another family who just ‘checked in’. We voiced out our dissatisfaction. To please both sides (as she was being called repeatedly by Gerald to finish the job in the other apartment too), she was switching locations every 15mins. More than an hour later, she finally finished cleaning our place.

The girls arrived with Daddy in the evening. Daddy wasn’t happy with the place at all. He was to sleep in the smaller room alone, and his bed, sandwiched between thin walls, was located next to the noisy aircon compressors. Girls slept with me on a King bed in the same room as my sister and dad who shared another king bed. Jelly slept at a single bed which was located outside of our room.

Nobody slept well when we were there. Daddy claimed his room was too noisy. Our room did not have any aircon, and we had to leave the door opened to catch some of the cool air from the centralized aircon in the living room.

The following day when we woke up to use the common kitchen to make breakfast, we saw a Caucasian man sound asleep on a sofa at the corridor right outside the kitchen, he was fully clothed and has his shoes on. He didn’t stir at all the whole time, and was still sleeping even when we left late morning to go out . I wonder if this is the cheapest bed offered by Hotel Alternatives, of if this guy sneaked in for a free night sleep? And if he could sneak in, what kind of security does this place offer?

The girls’ favourite pastime in the apartment besides watching whatever TV program that was on, was to check on the walls, “This one bluff one.” When they knocked on a plywood wall. “This one real one” when they knocked on a solid wall.

The place is only cleaned every 3 days. It was done by the same Indonesian maid we met on the first day.

If all these are not bad enough, just wait till you hear the last part.

Originally, our plan was to stay till Mar 26th, a week post ops as advised by the hospital. However, dad was recovering so well, that he got the doctor’s permission to leave Sun, Mar 21st when he did his check up on Sat, Mar 20th. We quickly called the hotel office and also informed the ground manager we’d checked out on Mar 22nd; as we paid full in cash, we requested for a refund for 3 nights amounting to S$810. They told us refund is not their policy, but we could try calling the billing department on Mon, Mar 22nd.

My dad left with my brother and his family on Sun, March 21st. Leaving our family behind, as we have made plans to stay till Mon, March 22nd.

On Mon, 22nd, we called all the phone numbers available for Hotel Alternatives, the only person who answered our call said he’s not authorized to do a refund; the rest of the numbers we called, no one bothered answering the calls. We wrote in as well, but no one replied our mails.

We pursued the matter even after we arrived back in KL.

It’s already end of April, in total we’d sent 9 emails, and got only 2 replies. 1 to state that our mail has been forwarded to the billing department, and another to tell us there’s no refund policy. We even wrote to their Regional Manager, Isa Bella Lin, and requested for vouchers for future stay, she just ignored our emails.

The hotel claimed they are a LVMH Couture Company (the company that is responsible for Louis Vuitton and all luxurious goods). I don’t believe this. Firstly, why would they want to associate themselves with a hotel where rooms are partitioned out of condo units? Secondly, I don’t believe a company like LVMH would handle our appeal so unprofessionally.

We also found this, and this, when we goggled further into Hotel Alternatives, LVMH, Isa Bella Lin.

These 2 sites are associated with Isa Bella Lin who’s the regional manager for hotel alternatives.

So beware, if you ever consider booking a room Hotel Alternatives. The rooms are not luxurious! It’s not a Boutique Hotel! The location is not convenient! (unless you called a 15mins uphill downhill walk to get to Orchard Road convenient). The place is run by a group of very unprofessional people who ignores you when they see trouble!

Head on to YMCA, YWCA for better quality and cleaner rooms, more professional and efficient service, which is located not far from Orchard.

My only regret is, I didn’t take any photos of the place at all to show you what the rooms, kitchen, actually look like.

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