!#$%!#! Sigh! Baaah!

February 21, 2008 at 11:38 am

Junk On Tow!

My Italian junk car just went dead on a busy road on my way to pick Zara up from school.
Car zoomed me by, drivers glared at me for slowing them down, but nobody offered to help!
And 2 of our traffic police stopped by and asked me what happened, instructed me to lift up my boot up to notify cars zooming by my situation, so that I don’t get rammed. And they too didn’t offer to help push my car to the side!

In the end, it was Axa that came to the rescue. I called their hot line, and they sent a tow truck to tow my car away. All free! (next time when you buy car insurance, make sure the company you buy from offer such services at no additional cost)

Daddy too rushed from the office to pick Zara up (her school was quite good, changed her and fed her lunch while she waited for us) and then home to check on the car, he declared my battery has totally gone flat. !#$%!#!


Zaria had recurring fever since Christmas. Her fever always fell on holidays, and got well after the holidays so she’d only been checked out by GPs. Yesterday, on her 4th fever, we brought her to see a paed.

It seemed, she had middle ear infection, and so had to be put on antibiotic. Sigh!


Zara’s school has a post Chinese New Year celebration today, and they had placed the notice in Zara’s bag. Neither Daddy nor me checked her bag ever the last few days.

Today when she went to school, all her friends were in their Chinese New Year’s best and our girl was wearing her uniform!! What kind of parents are we for not being more interested in the girl’s school work bag. Baaah!

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