Zaria at 14th Months

February 28, 2008 at 4:09 pm

This month we’d nicknamed her the scholar.
She is always looking through her picture books at the book shelf.
She is always asking us to read to her.
E.g. She’ll go to the shelf, picks up a book, walks to us, hands us the book, uttering “Ugh. Book Book.”, and then tries to sit on our lap.
She likes to point out the picture and says “There!” when we say out the name.
She likes to name the picture (if she can say the word) we point to her.

Language Development
She knows her body parts now. Head, Hair, Feet, Hands, Nose, Eyes, Ears, Face, Teeth, Mouth, Stomach, Belly Button, Petpet (Chinese : Female private part) and of course Breast.

Her vocabulary is expanding :
Baloon Meh-noon; Rainbow Boh; Clouds Cows; Moon Moon; Eyes Aiyes; Ears Yers; Mouth Mao; Nose Nohs; Hair Air; Read Yeed; Help Hep; Kick Kick; Cow Cow; Bike Bais; Bus Bus; Chair Chair; Hug Hugs; Splash Pash; Poke Poke; Socks Sohs; Shoes Soo; Rice Yais; Put Poot; Scared Sked; Happy Eh-Pee; Yai Yai (Chinese : Naughty) Ya-yai; Zaria Za-yah (Zara is Za-wah, and she knows she’s Za-yah, and Zara is Za-wah)

One day when I was getting all the syringes filled with her medicine in the kitchen and she saw them; she looked at me and said, “Ya-Yai” and walked out of the kitchen away from me.

When she wants to drink milk, she’ll be saying “Mehk”; and if I don’t feed her still, she’ll be saying it louder and louder until it becomes a scream “MEHK!!!”

She says “Deh-Doh” when she wants something to be given to her (a word she created, it’s like her saying “Pass me that”).

“Take off” to her is “Pops”. A sound I used to make to draw her attention when I take off her socks for her. When she ask for “Mehk”, she’ll come over to me and try to lift up my clothes and will say “Pops”.

“Pao Pao” (Chinese : Full) to her is “Enough”. Put her on a swing for too long, and she’ll say “Pao Pao”

Faces of Zaria at 14th Month

Physical Development
She’s walking very well now and refused to be held.
Getting up and down the stairs or furniture on her own by going on all fours.
She likes to climb up on the stepping stool to reach for things, and sometimes tries to push it around to get to places she wants to reach.
She sometimes tells us she wants to poo but most of the time, she tells us after the fact.

Eating and Drinking
Since I got back from Japan, she has refused to drink from a bottle, and only wanted to be breastfed. Not sure if this has anything to do with her ear infection.
She likes to eat, but is starting to prefer some food over others. She likes ABC soup but will spit out herbal soup. She eats spinach but will spit out carrots.
She demands for the things that we’re eating, and if it’s not something she should eat (e.g. french fries) normally we have to lie tell her it is spicy and even dip it in chili sauce before giving to her, so she knows it’s something she can’t eat.

Emotional Development
Unlike Zara who do things to get praises, Zaria does thing she wants to do. No amount of persuasion can get her to do the things she doesn’t want to.
She’s always looking very serious around people, and sometimes will hit the person or herself when the person comes too close to her.
She’s starting to be clingy and always wants me or Daddy. When I need to return to work after feeding her, she’ll be crying and screaming, “Mummy! Mummy!”
She’s always eager to come over and hug us, or give us kisses; but when she’s not in the mood, you can keep asking her for a hug or a kiss, and she’ll just ignore you (or hit herself).

♥She’s walking, she’s talking, she’s demanding, she’s cute!♥
♥She loves eating, she loves books, she loves going out, she loves ME♥
♥The girl is absolutely fun to be with!♥

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