April 21, 2008 at 2:24 pm

Zara was having a very bad cough the whole of last week.

On Saturday, we wanted to go to Ikea to get Zaria a mattress for napping. Before we went, we stopped at a coffee shop for a drink. Zara had a big glass of Ribena.

30mins later, we were at Ikeno, and went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner (Fish & Co still the best!). Zara had the kid size fish and chip, and it came with a glass of orange juice. She ate almost 2/3 of her meal, and drank up the whole glass of orange juice. Jelly couldn’t finish her fish & chips, and we packed it up, and the restaurant gave us a big plastic bag to hold the small styrofoam box.

Zara was coughing quite badly while we walked to Ikea. The girls stopped at the play area near the customer service counters. Suddenly Zara just stood still and started vomiting, two blobs landed on the floor. I managed to quickly put the plastic bag from the take away near her mouth while she continued to throw up. Her puke filled up like 1/8 of the bag. All she cared about after that was, Mummy, my beautiful dress! which she had stained a bit. o.O

After changing her to the spare clothes (which we always bring along for the girls), she was back to her normal self hopping around and checking out things at Ikea. We especially spent a lot of time at the children section where she picked up another Fifi (the soft toy dog) for a hug before we headed downstairs to pick up the mattress.

I was carrying Zaria and we went down the escalator first. Jelly was holding on to Zara’s hand and the light weight pram following behind. Just a few steps down, I heard Jelly shouted, “Zara!”. I turned around and saw Zara missed her footing on the step, and with Jelly pulling her up right, she stood up for a while and then plunged down into a sitting position on the step. Fifi was 2 steps below away from her. I shouted to Zara, “Stand up Zara”. Instead of standing up, she lunged forward, trying to grab the fallen Fifi. Luckily Jelly was holding her firmly, and she didn’t fall. I was screaming, “Zara, leave Fifi!”. Zara still tried to lunge forward. Jelly very quickly kicked Fifi away, so that Zara stopped attempting to pick it up.

2 seconds later, we’d all got out of the escalator. I dragged Zara to the side and asked her, “Zara, what was wrong with you!!?? Why didn’t you stand properly. I told you many times don’t fool around on escalators. Why did you want to pick Fifi up? What you did was very dangerous!” blah blah blah. Then I saw her face turning pale. I calmed down, and realised I didn’t check how she was. I gave her a big hug and told her I was so worried (actually, I probably missed a few heart beats thinking Zara was going to fall), and asked her what happened. She spoke weakly and said she wanted to sit on the pram. After putting her in the pram, she sobbed a bit and looked as though she was about to go to sleep. So I asked her gently again. She said, “Just now I was so tired and my leg just went soft.” Jelly then only spoke up (she’s not someone who offers information freely) “Mum, I hold her mum, and then she just fall mum. Like no more streght mum.”

Zara was in the pram looking pale and her eyes half closed. I kept stopping and checking with her if she was ok. She said, “Mummy, I’m just very tired. I want to sleep.” I then realised she might have fainted because of her earlier vomiting. I asked her if she wanted something to eat, she asked for sweets. We’d none but I told her I’d go grab a donut for her. I quickly paid for the mattress then headed out to get her something to eat. She asked for pop corn when she saw them. The colour on her face return as she started eating, and then she started telling me, “Just now mummy, when I stepped on the escalator, I feel dizzy. So my legs just went wobbly.”

I kept reminding her about her safety being more important than a toy, and it’s ok to loose a toy because we can always buy another for her. I knew she was back to herself when she told me, “If no more Fifi, mummy can buy another for me. If no more Zara, then Daddy and mummy have to get married again. And then Daddy and mummy will have a new step daughter.”

That’s my girl and her logic.

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