Zara’s 6th Birthday

December 8, 2010 at 11:06 pm

(I was meant to post photos and write about this earlier, but only found time now)

If you have been reading my blog from the very beginning, you know it’s been a rather long and bumpy journey for us to be finally blessed with Zara. And here, she is already 6. And in another 3 1/2 weeks, she’ll be Standard One. *sweat*

What can I say except time flies! And my baby girl is growing up too quickly.

What did we do for her birthday?

We had 1 combined celebration for Zaria and her in school (although Zaria’s birthday is not until end of December).

I made some cupcakes and brought to school during their snack time.
Zara's and Zaria's Birthday Cupcakes

Their friends sang the birthday song to them in different languages. Now for Zaria who doesn’t like to be sung the birthday song any other time, she didn’t mind her school friends singing to her at all. Funny girl, she is.
Zara and Zaria blewing off their candles

We hired a clown.There was another girl in school who celebrated her 5th birthday, and her parents hired a clown to entertain the children for a couple of hours. How nice.
Zara and Zaria blewing off their candles

They had so much fun in school, I could tell because she was soooo tired, and fell asleep in the car in the oddest position.
Zaria asleep in car

Zara was really happy with the celebration. I was feeling a bit sad for her because it’ll be the last birthday she can celebrate in kindergarten.
Zara with her cupcake toppers

As for her actual day, per her request, this year, there’s no big party at home, but a very small one in Jungle Gym. Since I told her Jungle Gym is very expensive, and we cannot afford a big crowd, she invited only 3 friends and Tasha (who couldn’t make it last minute), and she insisted that no boys should be invited.

I made another batch of cupcakes for her with a different theme for this occasion.
Zara's birthday cupcakes

We had dim sum lunch, although the dim sum was really good, the children were more keen in starting their play time than enjoying the food.

The girls had so much fun, it was hard to catch them on camera.
Zaria in Jungle Gym

Zara at Jungle Gym
She said she had such a good time! And so did her friends.

How is Zara’s growing up affecting Zaria?
“I don’t want to be in Standard 1.”
“I don’t want to grow up.”
“I don’t want to go to primary school, I want to be in XXXX XXXX (her school name) forever!”

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