Fancy Birthday Party

August 12, 2010 at 12:11 pm

We attended my cousin’s daugther, Monique’s, 2nd birthday party during the weekend.

Tasha and Monique at the party

After settling ourselves in the hall (and the girls each got a couple of baloons), Jelly asked Zaria, “You want your birthday party to be like this?”
Zaria replied, “No, this party is so fancy. Just like a wedding.” o.O”

In some way she’s true. Look at the photos.

Like a wedding, the dinner started after a ‘birthday’ march (I don’t know what else to call it). The children, with Monique leading, followed the Sikh Drummer into the hall.
Sikh Drummer

Zaria didn’t like the drummer, and when he started playing, she ran back to our table, and told me, “It’s too loud! It makes me feel like vomitting.”
It's too loud!

Jelly took her out, and she spotted Barney at the changing room! When the Emcee asked who wanted to meet Barney, looked at how she looked at the Emcee longingly.
I want, please.

All the children rushed out to hug Barney when he appeared!!

They just clung on to him.

Hug some more

And some more

Zaria and Tasha were like leeches on Barney.
I love Barney!

During dinner, we were entertained by some singing from a band (actually, the lead singer is my nephew).
A couple of songs by the band.

Then, two Belly Dancers appeared, and invited the kids up on stage to dance. Monique also has changed to her ‘dancing’ clothes.
Monique and the Belly Dancer

Monique dancing

Tasha and Zara went on stage to join as well.
Belly Dancing

I persuaded Zaria a few times, but she preferred to just watch.
Zaria watching others dance

After belly dancing, there’s magic show. The magician made a dove (or was it just a white pigeon) appear, and all the kids were facinated by the bird (not the magic act).
Monique intrigued by the dove

Zaria getting close to the bird

Then kids got to do limbo rock, and did The Chicken Dance. This time, Zaria joined in too.
Zaria doing the chicken dance

You would think that’s the end of it.. and then one of the Belly Dancers started doing fire eating, and the Sikh Drummer reappeared assisting the Belly Dancer.
Fire Eating

Zaria said, “How come like Genting one?”

After that, it was dancing all night long. We left after a couple of songs.
Zaria and Tasha dancing with the belly dancers

This is probably the most fancy birthday party we’d ever attended.

Thanks cousin, for the invite! The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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