The National Science Centre & The KL Birdpark – 2010

January 10, 2011 at 6:24 pm

While the children are settling down to the school routine, I thought I’d better start posting this back dated post or it’ll be stale news soon.

Zaria, who celebrated her birthday at the end of the year, wanted a birthday celebration at Jungle Gym too, but she only wanted to invite Tasha (my niece). Being a work day for my sis, we had to postponed the Jungle Gym play date to the weekend, so on her actual day, Daddy arranged these for her.

A visit to The National Science Centre. It’s free, don’t expect it to be as nice as Petrosains, but it has lots of things for children to play with.
The National Science Centre - creating whirl pool

The National Science Centre - Static Electricity Plasma

The National Science Centre - Transformer

There’s some dinosaur exibition going on (admission is RM25 for whole family) which we brought the girls as well.
The National Science Centre - Eaten by T-Rex

(Obivously, they don’t know how to read signage yet)
The National Science Centre - Patting dinosaur

For lunch, I suggested Japanese. Zaria asked, “Is it your birthday or my birthday? It’s mine right? So I get to choose where to have lunch.” And she chose Wendy’s.

After lunch, I was feeling tired and wanted to nap, but Daddy and the girls were all eager for more activities. What came after next? KL Bird Park.

(I looked after the girls, and Daddy had a jolly good time taking all these shots.)
KL Bird Park - Crane?

KL Bird Park - Macaw

KL Bird Park - Bird show

KL Bird Park - Another type of Crane?

KL Bird Park - Extremely Proud Peacock

This girl obviously is not afraid of going near animals.
KL Bird Park - Crane?

Their favourite…… Petting Chicks at the hatchling.
KL Bird Park - Hatchling

It’s rare to see her smiling so happily for the camera. She had a great time picking up one chick after another and didn’t want to leave.
KL Bird Park - Hatchling

KL Bird Park - Hatchling

KL Bird Park - Hatchling

She really enjoyed herself that day.

For her cake, I did a boo boo. I used a new recipe, and the recipe specified a cake pan too small. The cake overspilled midway, and cannot be used as a birthday cake.

Luckily, Aunty C, sent a set of 4 cupcakes over after she saw my FB status.
Zaria's birthday cupcake

Zaria's birthday cupcake

And for the last day of the week day, we brought them to Bukit Cherakah, just to wrap up the school holidays. It’s a really nice place, but not well managed and maintained. We like the Four Season House the best, where the season is constantly set at Winter.

Bukit Cerakah - Winter House

The thing is we were not properly dressed since we didn’t know there’s such a place in there.
Bukit Cerakah - Winter House

We could only stay inside for a while, but the girls love it, and claimed they have now seen snow.

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