Visa Application

April 6, 2010 at 9:43 am

Daddy and I hardly go out alone, we always bring the girls everywhere we went. In a year, we probably go out for dinner 5 or 6 times without them. The girls, who are hardly left at home without us, had to be informed in advance, it’s kind of like having to apply a going out Visa from them.

Over the weekend, we wanted to go out for dinner alone (first for this year), so here is the Visa Application process.
I asked, Zaria, “Zaria, mummy and daddy go out for dinner tonight, you and jiejie stay at home with aunty ok?”
She replied, “Ok mum.” That was easy.
Zara was upset, and she said “No. Why must you go out without your children?”
I had to explain to her, parents have sometimes spend time alone, etc etc, and I’m not really asking her for permission, but rather giving her advance notice we’ll be going out.
“You think leaving your children behind and locking them up in the house and then you go out is a nice thing to do is it?” o.O”
I have to tell her we’re not locking them up, they are free to roam about, choose what they want to do in the house, and we’re just going out for dinner, not leaving them that long.
“You have all the bad things (thoughts) in your head, that’s why you said this.”
(She’s very capable of attacking you using words.)
When I told her that’s not something nice to say, tears was welling up in her eyes, and she said, “I want you to forever stay with me.”
“But I’m staying with you forever, it’s just that Daddy and mummy had to go out for a few hours for dinner to spend time alone, then we’ll be back. You can have your favourite spagetti for dinner, and then you can watch a show after dinner, and then we’ll be back already.”
“What time are you coming back?”
“By ten.”
She thought for a while, and then, Visa approved!

Oh, this is not all, we had another check point. When I told Jelly, our maid, we would be leaving the children with her for a couple of hours while we went out to have dinner, she put on her black face.
Daddy was so annoyed, he gave her a lecture, “What do you expect? We cannot get you to take care of the children when we go out for dinner is it? How often do we go out without them? Just this one time you want to give me black face?”

See, not easy huh? To just want to go ‘pak toh’ (Cantonese : dating). After all these, when we reached the restaurant, Daddy said, “I really don’t like to let the girls miss out on such things.”

Aiyo.. like I’m the bad one, who likes to go out without them, and do not feel bad about it.

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