My Girl – 8 Years Old

November 21, 2012 at 11:53 pm

More than 8years ago, when all hope was lost, and we thought we would not have a baby, Zara was conceived.

Zara's 1st few days

Today, she turns 8. Smart, charitable, sociable and affectionate, her sister, Zaria, adores her; and we are always in awe of her energy, her way with words, and her obsession with hygenes. She amuses us all the time, and we are blessed to have her.

Now that she knows how to read, look up video on youtube, she sometimes like to go through the blog posts I wrote about her when she was younger, or to watch video of her younger self which I posted on youtube.

Here is a funny video of her when she was ~9month that she and Zaria both like a lot.

We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, with 3 of her friends from school, as per her request. It was a whole day of play, shopping, movie, ice cream, pop corns, eating and chatting, and all the children enjoyed themselves.

Happy birthday, Zara. We all love you very much.
Zara's 8th birthday

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