Anmum Essential with No Added Sugar

February 22, 2012 at 8:43 pm

As if prompted by the search I was on for a suitable Growing Up Milk (GUMP) for my girls, I saw the Testimonial Print ads on Star last week.

This was the ad shown.
Anmum Ad

Knowing that all the GUMs in the Malaysian market has lots of added sugars (I’d tasted a couple the girls used to drink, they are SWEET!), the ‘Tanpa Gula Tambahan’ (Malay : No Added Sugars) caught my attention!

I read further and realized this is the New Anmum Essential. It is a new concentrated formulation with 100% more DHA, and absolutely no added sugar! Finally, a milk with all the nutrients but without the added sugar and calories!

This really got me! I’m going shopping soon, to get some Anmum Essentials.

Meanwhile, I’d joined the Anmum Club Page on Facebook. It’s a Page which you can find parenting knowledge from other mums. Their Mum Knows Best is like a parenting forum to share and get experiences and tips around nutrition for growing up children.

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