Anmum Essentials with Gangliosides and DHA

August 9, 2012 at 12:42 pm

I overheard this conversation at the hypermarket the other day at the milk powder aisle.

“This one (brandX) is high in DHA, this is good”, said Mom A to her husband.
“Why is DHA so important?” asked her husband.
“DHA helps to build brain cell, so we should pick the milk powder with the highest content of DHA for our baobei now.” replied Mom A.

Looks like they have not heard about Gangliosides. I went over and started talking to them. (Do you realize it’s very easy to strike a conversation with other parents when we are all looking at/buying the same thing?)

I told them about Gangliosides, which a lot of parents are unaware.

Yes, DHA is important. It is a key building block of brain cells. But Gangliosides are also very important, as they help brain cells connect.

I showed them the pack of Anmum Essential I was planning to buy, showing them that it contains both DHA and Gangliosides.

I told them I didn’t know about Gangliosides earlier, so I was also like them, concerned only about DHA content. But now I know Gangliosides and DHA work hand in hand, one to build, the other to connect, and together will deliver a better outcome.

“Wa, so many things inside. Does it taste good?” asked her husband, not quite convinced.

“Nice. Very creamy!” my girls who was playing with their toddler answered (the girls, especially Zaria, like to ‘look after’ and play with toddlers nowadays.).

Mom A decided to buy a box to try, I don’t know if this will be her toddler’s Growing Up Milk eventually, but at least she will be making an informed choice.

Watch this TVC if you haven’t, so that you too are aware of what DHA and Gangliosides can do.

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