Recent GL Research Indicated Not all Growing Up Milks Are Equal

June 21, 2012 at 10:45 pm

When I was at the supermarket the other day about to pick up a pack of GUMP (Growing up Milk) for the girls, I was approached by a children’s milk powder promoter who told me about a recent study done on GUMPs.

What she told me further confirmed what I read in the May issue of Health Today Magazine.

When one brand launched their ‘no added sugars’ GUMP (Growing up milk) early last year, many other brands started making similar claims. These GUMPs promoted that their brand has no added sugars, no sucrose, less sweet . These claims can be misleading because they focus on one type of added sugar (such as sucrose), but ignore others (like glucose syrup solids, corn syrup solids, dextrin, maltodextrin etc).

There’s a recent independent study by the University of Sydney which look at the Glycemic Load (GL) of GUMPs in Malaysia. The research looks at the sugar level changes in the bloodstream of a child after drinking a glass of GUMP.

You can read more about GL and its effect on GUMPs from The scoop on GUMPs by Emma Stirling, but in summary

– High GL means a lot of sugars added, which causes a blood sugar spike
– Low GL means no or low added sugars, which is healthier

If you make a few google searches, you’ll see that international experts agree that children, should avoid too much high GL food and drinks as this increases the risk of chronic diseases. See here and here

So what did the research from University of Sydney show?

The below bar graph is produced based on the research results.
GL level in Milk Brands

You can read more about the research finding from 7 GUMPs GI and GL results by Jennie Brand-Miller; or

Page 719 of Australian Medical Journal published last December.

This research has found that only one GUMP has a low GL (which is close to regular milk), other leading brands have significantly higher GL levels, indicating the sugar added; this has provided independent proof that only this GUMP in Malaysia really has no added sugar, because only one growing up milk has a low GL.

So what is the real ‘no added sugars’ brand? It was Anmum Essential. It had a GL of 2.6, very similar to regular milk, because there’s really ‘no added sugars’. This is low GL, which is good and healthy.

No other GUMP tested in this independent research had a low GL, this is the proof that only one GUMP contains absolutely ‘no added sugar’.

Even though other brand of GUMP claimed they have no sucrose added, or they have reduced sugar, the high GL that’s indicated in the survey shows that these GUMPs have high sugar added (which comes in other form other than sucrose, such as glucose syrup solids, corn syrup solids etc). You can validate this finding of added sugar found in other GUMPs by checking the nutrition information panel of the GUMPs.

Not all growing up milks are equal, do make informed choices on the next one you purchased.

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