Growing Up Milk With DHA And Gangliosides

July 20, 2012 at 10:00 am

When choosing a Growing Up Milk for children, I realized, most parents will choose one which contains DHA. This is a key word in the packaging of a Growing Up Milk that most parents will look for.

Like all parents, it was one of my criteria in choosing a milk powder too, until I learnt about the importance of Gangliosides.

If DHA is a building block of brain cells, Gangliosides on the other hand does brain cells connections.
When there is more brain cells connection, the kids will learn faster, and able to relate to what they learn. The more brain cells connection there is, the smarter the kid will be.

So what should we look for now in Growing Up Milk? DHA or Gangliosides? How about both combined together?

Did you watch the advert featured on TV?

DHA and Gangliosides complements each other, when they come together, great things happen.

Looking around, no other Growing Up Milk offer both of these except Anmum Essential (its new formulation contain more DHA and more Gangliosides).

This is something I will consider when I’m choosing a Growing Up Milk for the girls, I want a milk not just to build brain cells but one that can help brain cells connection too. What about you?

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