Zara the Vegetarian (not)

February 24, 2008 at 11:38 pm

Last week, we brought Zara along on our weekly visit to the wet market. She was with Daddy next to the chicken stalls while I was busy with picking up the vegetables for the week.

Daddy told me she turned her head away from the chicken stalls and said, “I’m very angry!”
Daddy asked why.
And she said, “I’m very angry because they are slaughtering the chickens. I don’t like to see them slaughtering chickens.”
Daddy told her without them slaugthering the chickens, we won’t get chicken to eat.
She said, “But I’m still angry they slaugther the chicken.”
She turned her nose up and really did look angry.

On another day, we were talking about beef.
Zara : “I don’t like beef.”
Me : “But you like Ikea’s beef balls.”
Zara : “No. Today I don’t like. Because I don’t like the cows to be slaugthered. You know, beef is from cow?” (like I don’t know).

On another day, “Eating fish is ok, because they are dead already.”


Her Money is My Money

February 13, 2008 at 11:18 pm

I bought a new set of pajamas for Zara and had her put on tonight.

Me : *pretending* Who bought this pajamas for you, huh?
Zara : “Mummy bought from Reject Shop (this shows how often I buy her clothes from Reject Shop) one.”
Me : “This is not from Reject Shop. This is from Marks & Spencer. Do you like it?”
Zara : “Yah it’s very nice.”
Me : *testing her*“Mummy used your ang pow money to buy the pajamas you know?”
Zara : “It’s ok, you can use the money.”
(Talking like an adult!)
Me : “What about other things? Mummy can use your money to buy other things or not?”
Zara : “You are my mummy, of course you can use my money. Other people cannot use my money, but mummy can.”

^.^ How sweet.

If she said this to me when she’s 20, that’ll be really nice.

Road To Being Toilet Trained

January 21, 2008 at 2:43 pm

Just before she turned 1, there were occasions where Zaria would do a poo, and she would stand still in a frozen state and utter, “Poo Poo”.
3 weeks ago, when I checked with Jelly on Zaria’s bowel movement, Jelly told me Zaria has been doing her business in the toilet bowl. “She said poo poo mum (that’s the Filipino pronunciation for Maam), I put her in the toilet bowl, she poo poo mum.”

I didn’t believe Jelly, as well as Zaria’s ability.
It was the same story Jelly gave me for the next 2 weeks, although there will be occasions where Jelly said Zaria did it on the diaper. Still, it’s hard to believe what Zaria could do.

Yesterday, while I was taking care of Zaria, she suddenly froze, and said, “Poo Poo” and held out her hand (to indicate she wanted to be held to walk).
I quickly asked, “Meimei want to poo poo is it?”
Still with hand outstretched, she repeated, “Poo Poo”. and then had the expression that she’s pushing something out.
I did a quick check of her diaper, and saw a stool just being pushed out. Yikes.
In an urgent voice I told her, “Meimei wait, mummy bring you to the toilet.”. In a dash, I removed her diaper and sat her on the toilet bowl. “Meimei can poo poo now. Mmmm Mmmm.. Mmm Mmm.” (urging her).
She sat still and really did it! She did 2 more big poops, and then wanted to get down. Probably an indication she’s done!

I didn’t believe what Jelly told me, but when I saw it myself, I was really amazed. Even Daddy think this girl is unbelievable. And there was no concious effort to toilet trained Zaria. Not when she’s still so young though.

Zara was able to tell us she’d done a poo only after the fact at 18 months. Zaria hasn’t reached 13 month yet, and she is able to tell us before she actually does it! I find this really amazing.

Zaria’s Speech Development

January 9, 2008 at 11:57 pm


It’s getting really interesting with Zaria, who starts to say words here and there based on her understanding of things and her perception of the world.

She calls a banana, Nana
Any type of fruits besides banana to her is Ah-Per (as in Apple).

A cat to her is, Cat (evolved from AO).
A duck to her is Duck duck
Any other furry animals besides a cat is Eh-bit (as in Rabbit).
Any flying creatures, birds, bugs is Bird bird

She calls every body except Jelly.
Zawa or Jeh-jeh for Zara
Papa for Daddy
Mummy for me
Kakak for Tuyam
Yeh-Yeh for FIL
Ah-Ter for older looking men and Kor kor for younger looking boys.
Bay-Bee for toddlers and babies.
And she calls herself “Meh-mei” for Mei-mei

When she wants milk, she calls for me, “Mummy” (signs milk) and says “Milk”(yes, perfect sounding), then she’ll proceed to lie down on the bed or point to the sofa where I normally feed her.
After feeding, she likes to press on my breast and cheekily says, “Pee Peet” while flashing a smile.

She knows when to use Please. E.g.
Request for biscuit, “Ker Ker (Biscuit), (points to the biscuit, and then to her palm which is “more” or “want” sign) “Pis”
Wants me to get her the doll, “Doh Doh! (points to the doll, and then to her palm) Pis.”
Wants to go some where, “Go (points to the location), pis.”

She likes to stroke people and says “Ah Yang” (Sayang, Malay : Pat lovingly).
She likes to be held and walk about now, she says “Walk walk” and holds out her hand to be assisted.
She answers “K” for OK or Yes. E.g. “Zaria wants to go upstairs”; she’ll answer “K” and smiles.
She says NO by either saying “No” or makes the sound “Ugh!” while frowning.

Once we saw Zara snatching a toy from Zaria, while saying “This is Jiejie’s!” and Zaria shouted back, “Meh-Mei!” .
Another time, Zara tried to replace a toy Zaria was holding with something less interesting, and Zaria shouted, “No!”. Zara replied with a “Yes”. And Zaria responded with another “No!”. It was cute seeing them talk to each other like that (Maybe it won’t be so cute any more when the real verbal fight begins).
Then today, when Daddy showed her his pair of socks next to hers, and said, “Zaria, see, Daddy’s socks so BIG.”. Instead, Zaria smiled and pointed at him “BIIIIG Papa!”

I asked Daddy if these were a fluke shot, but Daddy said it can’t be, based on the way she interacts and communicate with us. She is doing as well as her sister in terms of language development at 1 year old. Fun!

Zaria at 1 yr old

December 31, 2007 at 12:29 am

Zaria just turned 1yr old two days ago.

We have a small celebration for her cum Christmas Eve dinner at the Royal Palace King’s Wife’s place.

Zaria cutting the cake

Zaria frowning, when she was asked to cut the cake together with my brother, whose birthday is just few days apart from Zaria’s

So how is this 1yr old doing?

Weight : 7.7Kg (lost a bit after her fever).
Height : 74.5cm
Head Circumference : 45cm
Number of teeth : 7  – Upper and Lower Incisors, left lower lateral incisors sprouted before the 11th month, upper lateral incisors sprouted this month.

♥Mobility & Dextirity♥
She crawls really fast nowadays.
She enjoys walking in the court yard (with pebble washed flouring) with her hands held but she won’t walk and prefers to crawl at other places.
She now knows how to get up and down furniture very well.
Able to crawl up and down the stairs on her own.

♥Speech Development♥
Started saying some phrases.
“Go kai kai : Go Out (of the house).
“Mum mum ker ker” : Eat Biscuit.
New words she picked up :
Pis (Please)
No no
Tow (Throw)
Ah-per (Apple)
Tah (Car)
Tar (Star)
Pish (Fish)
Poo (Put)
Poo Poo
Pao Pao (Chinese : Full)
Beh-Bee (Baby)
Ah-yang (Sayang, Malay : pat lovingly)
Ter-Tee (Dirty)
Meh-meh (Mei Mei, calling and pointing to herself)

She knows how to make sounds on demand, E.g. Ao for cat; Ugh Ugh for dog; Moooo for cow; Kghhh for snoring; and she clucks her tongue for lizard or gecko.

Able to listen and follow instructions, e.g. “Bring the book, and mummy read to you.” “Let mummy smell your finger.” Points to object or people when we ask her where the person or object is.

Able to do action on demand, e.g. “How Mei-mei brush your teeth?” She puts her finger in her mouth and moves it about.

♥Food and Milk Intake♥
3 solid meals a day, and I started introducing her whole eggs and fish this month (realised these animal products actually make her wet diaper super stinky!). Sometimes when we have chicken soup at home, I’ll let her have some as well.
She likes noodle, and not so keen on porridge.
She still loves to eat, but the amount she takes has reduced. She takes about 2/3 of a bowl (rice bowl) or less of whatever that’s served.
Tasted a bit of ice cream this month, but she didn’t like it and immediately said “Pao Pao”.
Ate her birthday cake (home made) and she liked it.
Still fully on breastmilk.

Taking very short naps these days. Once at noon, and another (by force) at 5pm. Total nap time doesn’t exceed 2hrs.

Zaria at 1yr old

♥Emotions and character♥
Very strong will. If she wanted something and didn’t get it, she’ll fake a cry and go on all fours. Or she’ll keep requesting until she gets her way, e.g. She’ll keep saying “”Pis” (Please) if she wanted something and we didn’t give in to her, and each “”Pis” will be spoken with more anger until we give in or she’s distracted by something else.
Very loving, always kisses me, and hugs me.
Frowns a lot, especially when she doesn’t like something, and doesn’t agree to something.

(More celebration photos coming up soon).

Does Your Child Do This To You?

December 17, 2007 at 11:20 am

Malaika’s mummy tagged me couple of weeks ago, asking if I spare the rod when disciplining my girls.

I don’t own a cane at home and I try not to smack Zara. However, at times when she really pushes me to the limit, I will smack her on the buttocks; E.g. the time when she pinned Zaria to the ground when Zaria tried to reach for a toy she’s holding; or when she broke an item in the house even though I’d repeatedly told her not to touch it.

Most of the time, when she’s misbehaving, I’ll put her in the naughty corner, set the timer, and told her she can only get out when the timer alarm goes off. Sometimes, she will even go there on her own when she knows she’s done something wrong.

Last 2 days, she really drove me up the walls. Not so about her behaviour, but the way she talked back. When we told her off for some mischief she’s done, she said something like this, “Hush!” “I don’t want to talk about it, ok?”, then turned her head to face the opposite side.

Then yesterday, when she lifted her dress in a busy shopping mall, and later pulled down her dress so that her body was in full view of passer by, both Daddy and I told her, “Zara, that’s not a very nice thing to do in public ok? You are a girl, please don’t show people your underwear or your body like that.” She sulked big time, refusing to hold my hand when we walked to the car. Didn’t want to sit on her car seat on our journey home, folded her arms and faced the car door throughout.

I tried to coax her, by saying she’s our daughter, and we were only saying that so she knew right from wrong. She replied, “I’m not your daughter. Zaria is your daughter. I am kakak’s daughter.”

Daddy said she must be tired (she didn’t nap the whole day) and becoming irrational. I tried to coax her still, by offering my hand for her to hold, by saying, “Come on, lets give each other a hug”. I must be in one of my more ‘zen’ state, because when she scratched my hand twice, and then slapped my face, I didn’t smack her. I issued my last statement, “We are a family, so please don’t behave like that, ok?” She pointed at me, daring me, and she said these slowly, “You   and   I   are   not   family!”

That’s it. I walked away. Very very upset (actually I was really hurt!). That was when she cried and shouted, “I WANT MUMMY!” “MUMMY I’M SORRY!….WAAAAH” And tried to hug me and not let me go.

Daddy said I shouldn’t take it too personally, she’s only 3 year old, and she is just like me, when I’m tired, I like to use words to retaliate which I later regret.

Zara giving The Look

This is The Look she gives, when she talks back

Does your child do that to you? What would you have done if you were me? Should I invest in a cane now?

Bad News & Good News

December 15, 2007 at 12:34 am

Bad news first

Zaria had her very first fever yesterday evening. Jelly (Daddy nicknamed her Jelly brains, which I think it’s quite mean, but then, she is, well,…. jelly brains) didn’t even realise, and I discovered when I came down to feed her at 6pm. Sigh. Her temparature was 38.4, and she was hot! Trust the maids? *shake head*

Brought her to see a GP nearby, and kept sponging her when we got back. She was very active still, babling, crawling, cruising, just like her usual self but took lots of short naps in between. 

In the night, it shot up to 39. Being the mum, I was the one who went sleepless; sponging her, checking on her, feeding her medicine. This morning, we brought her to see her paed just to make sure she’s alright.

She’s still running a fever, and probably fighting a viral infection, according to the doctor, she should come out of it by Sunday. So, more sleepness night for me.

Daughter fever, mother suffers. 🙁

Since we went to the paed, got her latest measurement :
Height : 74cm; Weight : 7.8Kg (thin…); Head Circumference : 45cm

♥Good news now♥

Zaria has started addressing me on Wednesday night. Not Ah Meen, or Mama, and I didn’t have to wait for 14 months like Zara.

She calls me in her sweet little voice, “Maa-meeee”, when she sees me and it’s in the mood.

Daughter fever, mother willingly suffers.

Zaria running a fever


Kids’ Concepts

December 6, 2007 at 7:55 pm

When Zara saw these for the first time ……
Oil Barrels
She pulled on my hand excitedly, “Look! Look! Mummy! So many big fizzy drinks!” (she really thought they were canned drinks)

And then the other day, Zaria saw this for the first time buzzing about in our house.
She pointed to the zooming fly and shouted, “Bird-Bird! Bird-Bird!”

Ha! Ha!

See, I don’t miss TV (which is never turned on on weekdays except for the girls’ program) because I get free entertainment from my girls. 😛

Zaria at 11th Month

November 29, 2007 at 1:27 pm

Zaria at 11th month

What can this 11th month old do besides messing up the house?

♥Mobility & Dextirity♥
She moves around the house mainly by cruising, or crawling on her knee (I thought she would not be crawling on her knee like Zara, but I was wrong).
Can stand unsupported momentarily.
She’s starting to enjoy walking about with her hands being held.
Her pincer grip is getting better, able to pick up small rice puffs for eating.
She likes to pick things up and place them in bottles, boxes, containers.
She is able to climb down from the bed, buttocks and legs first! Even stairs, with some assistance.
Favourite Activity : Climbing Up and Down stairs

♥Speech Development♥
She’s really doing well, and her vocabulary is expanding. She likes to talk and express herself, some words are still not comprehensible (to us), but we’re understanding her more. Here are some of the new words she can say.
Zara : Zah-Wa
Jiejie : Teh-Teh
Daddy : Pa-pa
Banana : Ah-Nana
Bear : Beh-Beh
Park : Pak-Pak
Bath : Ba-Ba
Duck : Duck-Duck
Back (put back, come back) : Back
Biscuit : Kuht
Bird : Ber-Bert
Pat : Peh-Pek
Rusty (our cat) : Tih
Book : Boo

Every morning, when she wakes up, she’ll turn to check for Zara, she will point to Zara and shouts, “Zah-Wah! Zah-Wah!” Sometimes she’ll crawl to Zara’s bed and pat Zara and shouts some more “Zah-Wah! Zah-Wah!” (she normally talks in a shout like voice).

When I ask her, “Where’s Daddy?” If she could hear Daddy in the shower, she’ll shout, “Pa Pa! Pa Pa!”

Me? When I ask her to call Mummy, she grins and keeps quiet. 🙁

Another example of her talking :
When it’s time to go to the park, she’ll shout excitedly, “Pak Pak!”. When we leave the house, she’ll look up and point to the sky, and say, “Ber Bert!”; flapping her hands at the same time. When we reach the park, she’ll point to the rocking duck and shout, “Duck-duck!”, asking for a ride.

♥Other means of communication♥
She sign pain, but in her own way by fanning her face with her fingers, and frowning (she can even do this on demand).
Zaria signing Pain
She expresses her happiness by clapping.
She compliments the chef (good food) by cluthching  her fist with a little of her thumb sticking out.
She demands more of some thing, by tapping her pointer to her other palm.
Zaria signing More
She says YES by moving her head forward and backwards.

She’s also able to understand simple instructions like, “Give mummy the book, mummy read to you.” “Danger Zaria, come back.” “Cannot put in the mouth!

♥Food and Milk Intake♥
She loves eating. We give her 3 meals a day, and some light snack in between, such as rice puffs, fruits, Baby Bites.
She is still still fully on breastmilk, and I feed her on demand (she’ll come to me, and sign the milk sign, or sometimes, she’ll point to the study and sign the milk sign to whoever is handling her).

Unlike Zara who only stopped taking 2 naps when she’s close to 2yrs old, Zaria is occasinally taking only 1 nap a day. 🙁
She sleeps at 9:30pm (if she only took 1 nap) or 11pm together with Zara (if she took 2 naps on that day).
She wakes up at about 8am daily.

♥Emotions and character♥
She’s more clingy now, preferring me over most people. However, she only fusses a little before she allows another person to carry or handle her.

She shows her displeasure by crying, at times a bit dramatic by crouching on the floor and crying. However, unlike Zara who can cry for hours, she can be easily pacified.

She loves books, flipping them, pointing at the pictures, saying the names of familiar objects (“Ao” for cat, “Ah-nana” for banana etc). Sometimes even laughing when she sees a funny picture (e.g. a baby doing a funny face).

She enjoys Zara’s program occasionally, especially when there are lots of singing involved, and can sit at the sofa watching together with Zara; clapping her hands, and moving to the music.

She’s rather independant, we can normally leave her alone with some toys or books, and she can keep herself occupied.

Zaria’s Language Development

October 31, 2007 at 7:24 am

Little Zaria turned 10th month old on Sunday. This post is more on her language development.

Zaria at 10th month

She knows the name of more things now, e.g. aeroplane, banana, ball, fan, doll, bear, upstairs, biscuit, cat, book, Mother Mary (a picture we have of Mary hung on the wall), park (as in play ground), duck, speaker, mum-mum (Chinese : food), trees, leaves, up, down, face, etc.

She understand these words : nice, good, hot, cold, clever; and will turn back if she heard us saying dangerous, no loudly, etc.

She knows the name of some actions, and able to do these actions on demand (but depending if she’s in the mood), e.g. kiss, pat pathug, sayang (Chinese : pat or stroke), sit, stand up, knock, bang, shake, wave bye bye, flying kiss, throw, etc.

She understands some instructions, but following them is another story: e.g. come back, No, Cannot (e.g. Cannot put in the mouth, Cannot touch)

Funny face

This is the face she’ll give you if you ask her to do a ‘funny face’

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Signing milk

This is how she tells me she wants milk when she comes to the study

She’s getting better with her hands, so she’s doing her baby signing better. Signs she can do :
More : tapping her index finger on her other palm
Milk : Open her hand, then clutching her fist
Scrared : Patting her chest
Full : Patting her stomach
Good : clutching her fist
Yes : bounching up and down

She moves both her arms like flapping when we say fly, put her hand on her ear, when we say Hello or go on the phone.

She can do the action to the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (opening and closing her palms); “If You Are Happy And You Know It” (clap her hands, stamp her feet, raise her hands to the words Hooray, point to her face).
Even without the song being sung, and only the music is played, she would be doing the actions.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first word she’s spoken must be mum-mum on her 7th month. She’s started mimicking a few more sounds, and able to say a few more words. E.g.
Ta-Ta (calling Tuyam, kakak)
Doh-Doh (for Doll)
Jer-Jer (the Badger sunblock as there’s a badger picture on it)
Cat to her is “Ao” (just like Zara)
Aeroplane to her is “Aaaa-ohhhhhhh” (very similar to the cat sound, but she would drag it longer).
When she sees me and she wants milk, she’ll say, “Mak”. Probably her short form for saying, “Mum, I want milk.”

When we’re drinking, and she’s nearby, she would say a short “Ah” when we finish drinking and move the cup away from our lips.
When we ask her how does daddy snore? She’ll do the sound “Keghhhh”.


Pointing is her favourite hand action now, point to things she wants, places she wants to go

She also communicates with us with her facial expression, and making other sounds, and pointing to things she wants or pointing to places she wants to go.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Unlike Zara, she’s not eager to please. With a bit of encouragement and praising, Zara will repeat her action or say a word when we ask her to do so. Zaria on the other hand, will only do an action or say a word when it pleases her, or when she needs to express herself, not so much to please us.

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