Zaria’s Language Development

October 31, 2007 at 7:24 am

Little Zaria turned 10th month old on Sunday. This post is more on her language development.

Zaria at 10th month

She knows the name of more things now, e.g. aeroplane, banana, ball, fan, doll, bear, upstairs, biscuit, cat, book, Mother Mary (a picture we have of Mary hung on the wall), park (as in play ground), duck, speaker, mum-mum (Chinese : food), trees, leaves, up, down, face, etc.

She understand these words : nice, good, hot, cold, clever; and will turn back if she heard us saying dangerous, no loudly, etc.

She knows the name of some actions, and able to do these actions on demand (but depending if she’s in the mood), e.g. kiss, pat pathug, sayang (Chinese : pat or stroke), sit, stand up, knock, bang, shake, wave bye bye, flying kiss, throw, etc.

She understands some instructions, but following them is another story: e.g. come back, No, Cannot (e.g. Cannot put in the mouth, Cannot touch)

Funny face

This is the face she’ll give you if you ask her to do a ‘funny face’

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Signing milk

This is how she tells me she wants milk when she comes to the study

She’s getting better with her hands, so she’s doing her baby signing better. Signs she can do :
More : tapping her index finger on her other palm
Milk : Open her hand, then clutching her fist
Scrared : Patting her chest
Full : Patting her stomach
Good : clutching her fist
Yes : bounching up and down

She moves both her arms like flapping when we say fly, put her hand on her ear, when we say Hello or go on the phone.

She can do the action to the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” (opening and closing her palms); “If You Are Happy And You Know It” (clap her hands, stamp her feet, raise her hands to the words Hooray, point to her face).
Even without the song being sung, and only the music is played, she would be doing the actions.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first word she’s spoken must be mum-mum on her 7th month. She’s started mimicking a few more sounds, and able to say a few more words. E.g.
Ta-Ta (calling Tuyam, kakak)
Doh-Doh (for Doll)
Jer-Jer (the Badger sunblock as there’s a badger picture on it)
Cat to her is “Ao” (just like Zara)
Aeroplane to her is “Aaaa-ohhhhhhh” (very similar to the cat sound, but she would drag it longer).
When she sees me and she wants milk, she’ll say, “Mak”. Probably her short form for saying, “Mum, I want milk.”

When we’re drinking, and she’s nearby, she would say a short “Ah” when we finish drinking and move the cup away from our lips.
When we ask her how does daddy snore? She’ll do the sound “Keghhhh”.


Pointing is her favourite hand action now, point to things she wants, places she wants to go

She also communicates with us with her facial expression, and making other sounds, and pointing to things she wants or pointing to places she wants to go.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Unlike Zara, she’s not eager to please. With a bit of encouragement and praising, Zara will repeat her action or say a word when we ask her to do so. Zaria on the other hand, will only do an action or say a word when it pleases her, or when she needs to express herself, not so much to please us.

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