Bad News & Good News

December 15, 2007 at 12:34 am

Bad news first

Zaria had her very first fever yesterday evening. Jelly (Daddy nicknamed her Jelly brains, which I think it’s quite mean, but then, she is, well,…. jelly brains) didn’t even realise, and I discovered when I came down to feed her at 6pm. Sigh. Her temparature was 38.4, and she was hot! Trust the maids? *shake head*

Brought her to see a GP nearby, and kept sponging her when we got back. She was very active still, babling, crawling, cruising, just like her usual self but took lots of short naps in between. 

In the night, it shot up to 39. Being the mum, I was the one who went sleepless; sponging her, checking on her, feeding her medicine. This morning, we brought her to see her paed just to make sure she’s alright.

She’s still running a fever, and probably fighting a viral infection, according to the doctor, she should come out of it by Sunday. So, more sleepness night for me.

Daughter fever, mother suffers. 🙁

Since we went to the paed, got her latest measurement :
Height : 74cm; Weight : 7.8Kg (thin…); Head Circumference : 45cm

♥Good news now♥

Zaria has started addressing me on Wednesday night. Not Ah Meen, or Mama, and I didn’t have to wait for 14 months like Zara.

She calls me in her sweet little voice, “Maa-meeee”, when she sees me and it’s in the mood.

Daughter fever, mother willingly suffers.

Zaria running a fever


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