Conversation With A Girl With Limited Vocabulary

November 23, 2005 at 7:30 pm

Since Zara wasn’t feeling well, I was working from home on Monday and Tuesday so I can keep an eye on Zara, and if required, can immediately bring her to the Dr’s. This mean I get to spend more time with her. Her are some limited ‘conversation’ I have with her.

I walked downstairs, where she was playing
Zara : *look up and smile*
Me : Hello Zara!
Zara : *point to the TV* Poot
Me : *pretend* Put what?
Zara : *point to the TV, and that ‘don’t-be-stupid-you-must-understand-me’ look* Poot! Poot!
Me : Oh, you want mummy to put the Wheels in The Bus for you is it?
Zara : *point her index finger to her other palm* (now she used this not just to sign MORE but also for WANT)

Milk time
I came down from the study
Me : Zara you want milk milk?
Zara : *put down what she was playing, came to me* Kng
Me : *looked at her quizzically* Do you want milk milk?
Zara : Kng
Tuyam (maid) : Itu dia sedang cakap dia mau susu (She’s saying she wants milk)
Me : *scratched head, but anyway placed her on my lap* Ok, milk milk then.
Zara : Kng *then sucked her thumb* (an indication she wanted milk before she use this Kng word)
I laid her down, and nursed her. I have absolutely no idea how ‘Kng’ symbolises milk.

Lunch time
Me : Zara, mummy wants to go out to buy lunch, you want to come
Zara : *ignore me and continue playing with her toy*
Me : Zara, you don’t want to go kai kai? (go out in Cantonese)
Zara : *looked up, grinning* Tai Tai!
Me : *patted the infant carrier seat* Let’s go then. After mummy let Zara drive car car ok?
Zara : *walked to the infant carrier, while waving her hand in the air* Oooo Oooo Ooo Ooo (her way of relating to car)

She spotted me coming down from ths stairs
Zara : *pointed to the door* Park!
Me : *asking the obvious* Zara wants to go to the park?
Zara : *wobbled towards the door, still pointing* Park!
Me : Raining outside, cannot go to the park
Zara : *Still pointing outside* Park!
I carried her and showed her the pouring rain
Me : It’s raining outside, we cannot go to the park, after you will get wet
Not sure if she understood what I was saying but she willingly let me lead her back to her pile of toys

Night 1
Zara climbed up to the stairs, reached for her pair of new shoes (which are still too big for her) resting on the steps
Zara : *put the shoes near her feet, and looked at me* Hok Hok
Me : Ok, mummy put on your shoe for you, then you can go walk walk
I put on her pair of shoes for her
Zara : *grinning* Hok Hok! Hok Hok *walked around in the oversized shoes*

Night 2
Sat on the sofa with Zara. She stood up, and went to the edge, where the arm rest is.
Zara : *clapped her hands* Hong!
Me : Yeah, you go there, after you Bong! and fall down
Zara dangled one of her feet outside of the arm rest, and grinned at me
Me : *point my finger at her* No, no! Go there after you fall down!
Zara pointed her finger back at me and reached her foot out further
Me : You naughty huh? After mummy beat beat you!
Zara : *beat her own thigh* Umph!
Cheeky little girl she is!

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