Zaria’s Chatter & Others

February 3, 2009 at 12:08 pm

This chili padi (Malay : Birds-eye chili, i.e. small but ‘potent’) is growing up to be her sister’s equal.

She likes to say, “Aiyo.” like an old lady, when we ask her to do things she doesn’t want to.
She likes to answer us “Ohh.” thoughtfully, when we explain something to her.

She pronounces the blending sound starting with S, i.e. SM, SN, SP, SW without the S sound. I.e. Small sounds like “Mall”; Sweet sounds like “Weet”; “Plash” (splash); “Wim” (swim); “Neck” (snake) etc.

She can say her name perfectly now, emphasising the 3 syllables “Zah-Ree-Ah”.

She doesn’t want anybody to help her adjust the hairband, to her, this is the right way to wear it

Zaria wearing hairband

Nowadays, when she sees something she likes, regardless if it belongs to her, she’ll say protectively, “It’s mine!” when anybody tries to claim it or touch it. At times, even using force by pushing away the approaching owner. *sigh*

Every day when I finish work and declare by shouting, “DING DONG!”, I’ll hear loud cheers from the girls and both will be waiting for me down stairs. Zaria will come forward and ask her daily question, “You finish(ed) work oh-di (already)? Now we go park?”

Zaria and her cheeky smile

Cheeky Zaria

More things she says:

When we take off our clothes to go for our shower, she’ll always comment, “Why you so shamey (shameful)? You want to take bath?”

Once she fought with Zara (it’s becoming so comon, I won’t loose sleep over it), I told her, “Don’t fight with jiejie, she’s your best friend you know?”
She replied, “Jiejie not my best friend, Goofy is my best friend.” (thanks to Disneyland).

She asks me frequently, “Mummy (you) love me?” When I say I do, she’ll go on and say, “I love you, mummy.” sweeeeeet….

Once at the play ground, I was standing on a path which happens to be crawling with red ants, Zaria pulled me aside and said, “Mummy, don’t go there ya. Got lots lots (of) ants there. Come here.”

On Feb 1st, she had high fever middle of the night just out of the sudden, and I had to sponge her, she woke up, groggily smiled and said, “So ticklish. Hee hee.. “ o.O”

In a restaurant, she wanted to lie on my lap, but I was siting so close to the table. She knocked her head while lying down, and she shouted, “Ouch!! Give me some space!” o.O”

One evening, Zara did some drawing making used of Zaria’s pencil.
Zaria : “Give me back. It’s mine!”
Zara : “Let jiejie use, jiejie borrow from you.”
Zaria : “You dee-den (didn’t) borrow, you take only!” o.O”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Her own version of face painting, done by herself using markers

Zaria with her painted face

This girl at 25months, is totally off diaper (except night time to prevent accidents, but most of the time the diaper is dry and re-used for 3~4 nights before I toss it away).

She walks up and down the stairs on her own.

She drags the stepping stool to the sink to wash her hands, pushes the (covered) rubbish bin to her chest of drawers (as a stepping stool) to reach for her things up on the cupboard.

She plays her own DVD : gets her own preferred program from the DVD folder, turns on the switches of the DVD player and TV; puts in the disc, and hits play on her own.
When she’s done, she’ll reverse all the above (hits stop, takes out disc, turns off the switches, puts the disc back into the folder).

Zaria wearing her own shoes
She knows how to put on her shoes (those with velcro or crocs) and removes them.

And her latest achievement, pulling down her own pants, climbing up the toilet bowl (both girls never used potty and went straight from diaper to adult toilet bowl) herself to pee and poo on her own, telling us only when she’s done. The first time she did that, I didn’t believe her, as she’s too short to pull herself up the seat. But she showed me how she did it, quite a feat for such a small girl.

Zaria’s Chitter Chatter

October 24, 2008 at 11:38 am

Zaria loves talking just like her sister. And when she tries to tell us something and we cannot catch her meaning, she’ll keep trying, trying to correct her pronunciation, trying to use other words until we are able to make out what she says. She always like to see us confirm our understading by repeating what she says. 😛

Some of the things this girl says :

While waiting for Zara for her speech and drama class to be over, Zaria heard a loud bang on the door,
“Hor! Got thunder!”
A few parents seated around were looking at her, then me, “Did she just say thunder?” They didn’t believe such a small girl using the word thunder.

She tried doing a piroute, but looked a bit clumsy in her attempt (and she knew it), so she said, “Checheh do this very well.”

She’s started to tell on Zara. When Zara snatched things from her or hit her, she would come and complain. “Checheh bully her (me)” “Chehcheh beat her. Like this” *acting out how Zara beat her*

Jelly fed her a piece of chicken over dinner, she spat out the chicken and said, “Too big! (I) can only eat small small one, baby one.”

She normally takes her bath after her breakfast, so while naked, she touched her buttocks. I told her, “Eee Yew, don’t touch your bum bum, after your finger smelly.” She had a sniff of her finger and replied, “Nooo… Not smelly. Smell like Koh-song (Croissant, what she had for breakfast that morning).”

At the park, she wanted to go on the swing, but I was busy talking to my neighbour.
“Mummy, don’t talk. Come now.”

When we asked her what TV program she wants to watch.
“I want to watch Baby Ai-tine doc kong.” (Baby Einstein DOT COM. That’s what’s ‘announced’ at the end of each of her Baby Einstein program).

And every day, she wants to cling on to me. Only I can pass her her milk bottle (even though it’s made by Jelly or Daddy), only I can remove her from the car seat. She says, “I don’t like Auntie Jelly, I like mummy only.”

Oh, she’s almost off diaper, not wearing any in the day now (for 1.5 weeks), and not wetting her diaper in the night too. She will inform us when she wants to use the toilet, sometimes even climbing up two flights of stairs to ask me to bring her ‘she-she’ if Jelly is busy cooking. The only problem is, she doesn’t tell when she wants to poop, only tell us after the fact (soiling her panties). Still the same reason, “My bumbum painful.” o.O”

Zaria says – Die Already

October 17, 2008 at 6:27 pm

One day, after crushing an ant, she declared triumphantly, “Zah-yah press(ed) (the) ant. (The) Ant die already.”

On another day, she was looking for the grasshopper in the courtyard.
Zaria : “Where (is) gus-hopper?”
Me : “I don’t know. You tell me, where is the grasshopper?”
Zaria : “Die already.”

So I thought she knew what ‘die’ means. Until….
One day she was playing with the Badger Sunblock, opening the tube and applying it on her face, so she had patches of white on her face.

I asked her, “Zaria, what happened to your face?”
Zaria replied matter-of-factly, “Die already” o.O”

Zaria – 21 month +

October 15, 2008 at 10:32 am

Zaria is 21 month and 2 weeks old, another 2.5 month to her 2nd birthday! Gosh, so soon already??!!

Seen here crushing crabs. She seems to enjoy crushing tiny creatures like bugs or crabs. *sweat*

Zaria - crushing crabs at Bagan Lalang

Here’s an update on her development.

~ She’s walking up stairs with no assistance now, and when going down stairs, she can do it on her own by balancing herself using the wall.

~ She’s able to do thumbs up and down to show things/food is good or bad.

~ She loves lifting her leg up and trying to balance herself with one leg, that’s the influence of Kungfu Panda.

She likes to get all dirty, here, she’s lifting her leg, doing the Kungfu Panda’s kick

Zaria - dirty and doing Kungfu Panda stunt at Bagan Lalang

~ Loves to climb up furniture, still has to ‘tie’ her down on her high chair even today. *sweat*

She’s talking very well, and able to mimick most sounds, therefore picking new words up very quickly.

~ Like to relate to past incidents with “(Re)Member?”. E.g. “(Re)member, Zah-yah fall down, then knee painful. Mummy put cream?”

Extensive vocabulary. She knows the names of most common things, and some uncommon ones. She knows her colours, although sometimes may still get it wrong. She can recite 1 to 10, A to Z (by singing ABC song), although mispronuncing some of the name of the alphabets.

Doesn’t she looks like a fugitive here?

Zaria - All dirty at Bagan Lalang

Caught her counting her own fingers one day, then we realised she could count! Able to count up to 5 objects (“1, 2, 3, 4, Four books!”), and tell us the quantity of the items. If more than 5, she’ll forget where she stops. (“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Three lady birds!”

She’s able to recognise a few numbers, i.e. 5 (thanks to High-5), 4, 8.

♥Favourite Phrase♥
“I don’t want.” (Because now, everything also I don’t want) o.O”

♥Language Structure♥
~ She’s talking in longer sentences now.
~ Using compound noun, e.g.
“Cheh Cheh drop biscuit, everywhere dirty”
When we want to go out, I normally ask if anybody wants to use the toilet first, I get her shouting, Nobody!” (probably because she’s eager to get out of the house).
In the car, Everybody sit down in the car go kaikai.”

♥Emotions and character♥
Suddenly, this month she turned into a cry baby and also very clingy.
Every day she’ll cry at least twice when it’s bath time, unless I bath her. “I don’t want. I don’t want aunty bath. I want mummy bath.” And after crying, she can still say “Zah-yah cry already. See, got tears.” *sweat*

She has no fear of anybody. No amount of scolding, nor placing in the naugthy corner will make her ‘repent’ or learn her lesson. The only person she’s afraid is Nenek (my sis’ MIL). If she ran to the road, I have to ‘threaten’ her, “After car bang you, and you have to go to the hospital.” She’s not affected, until I add, “Then nenek will jaga (Malay : Take care of) you.” That will make her stop, and reply, “Don’t want nenek jaga.” sometimes adding, “Nenek scarry.” Ha.

When we bring her out, we sweat, because she will not sit still nor hold on to our hands. She’ll be running around like a wild horse. Imagine how tiring it is? (I kept telling Daddy we should keep her at home until she’s 3 years old.)

Like a wild horse, she likes open space.

Zaria - crushing crabs at Bagan Lalang

This month, almost everything is “Not nice”, or not right, “Don’t want, too hot.”. Very hard to please her tastebud.

Luckily, she still loves her milk.

♥Toilet Training♥
Still working on this. She knows when she wants to go, but she may not tell us. So, she still has her diaper on 24hrs.

♥The Things She Likes♥
Must be her books and her selected TV Programs (High-5, Sesame Street, Barney, some Barbie shows).
She is starting to tell us what she likes.
“I like Zah-wa cheh cheh.” “I like Daddy. I like him.” Sometimes when she’s in a loving mood, “Like” is replaced with “Love”
She also likes to say “I like it!” when she’s shown things she like.

We like and love you too Zaria!

(Photos taken 11/10/08 – Daddy brought the girls to Bagan Lalang again without me)

Princess Zaria – 20 month +

September 10, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Zaria signature smile she kept only for cameras

Zaria flashing a smile for the camera

Shame on me. I’d been so busy at work since returning from Houston, I have no time to write her development post. Today, she’s 20months, 2 weeks old.

Here is a quick update before everything is ‘stale’ news.

Taken on 17th July –
Weight = 9.4Kg
Height = 81cm
Teeth = 16 pearly whites. She cut her upper and lower first molars almost the same time in June.

Zaria flashing a smile

Zaria flashing a smile

♥Jumping♥ – She likes jumping, and can lift herself off the ground pretty high. When she’s asked to dance, she normally does a jump instead.

♥Running♥ – This girl can run. Sometimes Zara has a race with her friends in the park, and she will join in too. Although not as fast, she can finish the two loops (~200metres) the other bigger kids are doing.

♥Climbing♥ – She likes to climb. Ladder, furniture, slides which are meant for sliding down, she does it.

♥Tossing a ball♥ – She’s quite good at it, although sometimes backwards. And she just loves balls.

She is able to express herself very well, although sometimes it takes a keen ear (like mine) to decode what she’s saying.

Naming most of the shapes, animals, items in her picture books. Count 1 to 10 sometimes. And sometimes she gets the colour right too, e.g. yellow, black, green, orange. Knows the difference between, breakfast, lunch, dinner. E.g. In the morning, “After bake(break)fast, watch Baby Einstein.” At lunch time, “Want eat Mac (and) Cheese (for) lunch.” After park, “Go home oh-di (already), dinner time!”

♥Alphabet Recognition♥
She can recognise the Capital A and occasionally letter Z too. She knows they are “ABCs” when she see letters.

She has problem pronouncing some sounds. K sound is replaced with T. E.g. “Go Tai-tai (“Kai-Kai” in Cantonese). And her L sounds like Y, E.g. “Um-be-yah” (Umbrella).

Can sing a few songs on her own : Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, I Love You (from Barney), Old Mac Donald, ABC.

♥Language Structure♥
Talking in phrases now.
Mixing the “me” with “you”. E.g. “Mummy hug you (me).”
Skipping the Is or Tos. E.g. “(I) Want (to) go there.” “(I) Want (to) wear this shoes.” “Cheh-cheh go (to) school oh-dee (already).”

♥Mandarin♥ – She can understand a wee bit of Mandarin, and able to reply “要” “不要” to answer my question in Mandarin.

She likes to play with cars.

Zaria with her car


♥Ah Ngao/The Bull♥
We call her the ngao or ‘bull’ at home – head strong, charges at things and not deterred by obstacles, very unlady-like.

Up till today, we still have to ‘tie’ her on the high chair when we have meals because if we didn’t, she would be climbing on the table, putting her hands in the dishes, or pulling the place mats off the table, spillng soup/sauces. To her, it’s a ‘belt’, and after dinner, she’ll request, “Take off belt now. Finished dinner oh-di (already).”

When she’s unhappy, she smack the person that made her angry. If I scolded her for that, she’ll instead use her hand and beat her head or thigh. o.O”

She’s getting vain now. Sometimes, she refuses to wear t-shirt and pants, and her reason, “Zah-yah Pin-ses (Princess), want wear Pin-ses (Princess) Baju (Dress)”.

Every time after she’s taken her bath, she’ll ask to see me or Daddy. “Daddy look. Zah-yah wear Pin-ses Baju” or “Mummy look. Zah-yah’s hair so nice oh-di.”

Princess Zaria

Princess Zaria

♥Tough but Soft♥
She can stand pain, but she’ll cry if she’s not getting what she wants, or being scolded, or feeling sad.

Willing to try new food but getting very difficult to get her to eat her regular meals, especially when it’s rice. A few times I had to put her in the naughty corner because she spit out every thing we fed her. Now, she wants us to applaud when she eats and not spit out her food. “Za-yah eat oh-di. Mummy clap clap hand. Daddy clap clap hand.” o.O”

She’s eating what we’re eating now, and if we can, we’ll make her portion salt-free.

♥Favourite food♥
Macaroni & cheese, chocolate, sea weed, banana crisp (“Banana Krop Krop” that’s how she says it), fried chicken.
(the junk I feed my kids.)

♥Milk Intake♥
Only able to take 4oz per feed, about 4 to 5 feed per day. She’ll ask when she wants, and we don’t fix the timing she takes her milk.

♥Toilet Training♥
Since early this year, we try to get her to do her business on the toilet bowl, and half the time we are successful. When she feels like it, she’ll tell us she wants to “she-she” or “Poo Poo”. She doesn’t want to use the toilet for big business because she said her “Bum-bum pain pain” (from hard stool).

She’s starting toilet training earlier as Zara only started to use the toilet to do her business when she turned 2.

♥The Things She Likes♥
TV – Sesame Street (she calls it Da-di-da di-da show, because of this song in that VCD), Noddy, Baby Einstein, Barney, High-5, and sometimes she’ll also sit and watch Barbie show with Zara.

She loves books – picture books, short stories for toddlers.

She loves soft / huggable toys.

She is very close to Daddy and loves him very much. Unlike Zara at this age who didn’t allow Daddy to sooth her, sleep with her, feed her, Zaria loves Daddy doing all these for her.

Only Daddy allows her to play with the computer

Zaria at the computer

She likes princess stuff – she loves crown, dresses, click-clock shoes (heels that make that sound)

She loves playing with water and sand – that’s why she’s always asking us to bring her to Ah Lang Ah Lang.

She loves her sister Zara, but at the same time likes to annoy Zara by snatching her things, messing up her things. o.O”

Kissing one of her favourite soft toy – Pootle Bear

Zaria giving Pootle Bear a kiss

And we all love her.

The Way They Think

July 25, 2008 at 9:46 am


She wanted to wear a dress (a hand me down) from Karen, Eve‘s daugther, which she loves.
I asked her to wear her Zara dress instead, telling her, “See, this one is nicer, some more if you check the label, it says ZARA. Same as your name.”
Her reply, “This one (her earlier choice) is also nice wut. The label says KAREN.”

Over heard her talking to Fifi.
Fifi, you must start sleeping on your own already you know or not? I cannot sleep with you always. When I’m bigger girl, I’m giong to sleep with my boy friend, you have to sleep in your own room already.

She told me we have to go to Ikea, I asked her why.
“We must bring Fifi back to see her parents in Ikea. They didn’t see her for so long already, they miss her you know?
(Fifi is her favourite soft toy which we bought from Ikea)

~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~


Zaria was bring naughty over dinner, so I scolded her.
Zaria :Mummy hug hug.
Me : No. You yai-yai (Cantonese : Naughty), Mummy don’t want to hug.
Zaria :Want mummy hug now.
Me : No. You eat your dinner properfly first.
She fussed and struggled, got down from her high chair, climbed up my chair, forced herself onto my lap, buried her face on my shoulder, then declared victoriously, :“Haha, mummy hug hug oh-di (already)”

Expressive Zaria

July 16, 2008 at 3:04 pm

We’re very amazed with how Zaria expresses herself. Some moments :

When she looked as though she’s about to poo, we quickly took off her diaper and sat her on the toilet bowl, she struggled.
“Don’t want poo poo. Bum bum pain pain” (she has been having big hard stool).
But when you have to go, you have to go, she tried for a moment and said “Poo poo stuck.”
Once done, she said, “Za-yah poo poo boh (bowl) there. Ah-tie(Auntie) hold”

She saw a faded Winnie The Poo figure (but you can still make out it’s Winnie The Poo) on some girl’s water tumbler in the park. She pointed to it and say, “Poo bear gone oh-di (already)”

Asked if she needed help on the swing, and she said, “No. Za-yah own.” And this is what she did.
Zaria swinging on her own

One day, she wore the top below and she pointed to the polka dots and said, “Mummy, look, rain dops (drops)”
Zaria JumpingAnd yes! She’s jumping now.

And yesterday, she put her bear on the bottom half of the russian doll like below, and shouted, “Ah-tie (Auntie)!! Bear-bear poo poo oh-di!” Bear Poo-ing

This girl is 1 year, 6 months and 2 weeks old today. Although she looks like Daddy, she definitely has my brainy genes. 😛

Little Lawyers At Home

June 25, 2008 at 6:10 pm


On asking her to give me her favour cheese omelette.
“Give mummy some can or not?”
“Why cannot?”
“Hot Hot”
“Then mummy blow first.”
“Teh-not. Zah-ya’s one.”

On her wanting to go home after park to have dinner
“Go. Go Home oh-dee (already).”
“Why Meimei wants to go home?”
“Go home. Dinner. Eat yice.”
“Meimei hungry huh?”

On her being full
“Pao Pao oh-dee (already)”
*move the bowl to Jelly*“Auntie eat.”

On her like and dislike
“Meimei want ice cream?”
“Want! Ice Kim Koh-koh (cold cold). Nice.”
“Meimei want medicine?”
“Don’t want.”

On her jumping on the floor.
“Mei mei cannot jump on the floor huh.”
“Jump jump bed oni (only)”


What about Zara…?? She’s so good at talking back sometimes she is just testing my patience.
She goes like this : “Mummy I’m grouchy, you keep quiet, don’t make any noise.”
and “Mummy, you listening or not, I say keep quiet.”

And when something goes wrong, she bosses around, “Whose fault is it? Huh? You tell me whose fault is it?”

Once, I scolded her for not behaving, she told me off, “Next time I big girl already, I go to another country and leave you behind.”
(Did I travel too much?)
But later, when we were best of friends again, she added, “I said next time I big girl already, I go to another country to work, when I finish work, I come back and see you.”
(Definitely I’d travelled too much)

Zaria Singing Happy Birthday

June 21, 2008 at 12:10 am

She started singing Happy Birthday 4 weeks ago, I was too busy to capture her on video then although caught her on sound clip.

Today, I managed to get her singing, and quickly took the camera to capture this. She always only sings 4 verses of this, then stops at the 4th verse to ‘blow a candle’. Sometimes it’s Happy Birthday To You, or Happy Birthday to whoever, but most time it’s Happy Birthday to Zaria, just like in this video.

Check this out.

This comes from a girl who’s turning 18 months next week. I have to say, we’re quite proud of her achievement. *grinning from ear to ear*

Do you think it has got something to do with the mum who sings all kinds of silly songs to her kids and a sister who sings a lot of made up songs?

Zaria – 15th month moments

May 7, 2008 at 11:54 am

Zaria 15 month

Zaria turned 16 month last week. I captured some of the moments which happened during her 15th month.

She said her first 4 syllabus word = Nani nani (frangipani). She can recognise the flower, and she’ll point to it and say “Nani nani”

Although she’s saying words in abbreviation, i.e. Nana for Banana, Raff for Giraffe, Bra for Zebra, Pard for Leopard. She is beginning to say some of the words in full rather than the short cut version. i.e. Papaya as papaya and not Papa any more.

She starts talking in phrases, e.g.“Take doll doll.” “Give cock-con (pop corn).”

She discovered sugar sachet. Once sucking on it, the pack ripped off and she tasted sugar. “Weet, weet. (sweet sweet)”, and she tried sucking harder to get to the sugar.

She is singing and the tune and words are more ‘audible’.
Old Mac Donalds sounds like “Cow, Eeeya-eeya Yo. Moo there, moo there”
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sounds like “Ker Ker Star. Up up up up high”
Somewhere Over The Rainbow sounds like “(Some)where..Oh(ver)..(the rain)Bow”

She starts being able to identify a person is masculine of feminine, old or young. Pointing to small girls “Jiejie”, small boys, “korkor”, adult female “Ah-tie (Auntie)”, adult male “Ah-Ker (Uncle)”, elderly lady “Poh Poh”.

She knows how to say some of our names.
“What is Mummy’s name?”
“What’s Auntie’s name?”
And of course her own “Zah-yah” and Zara’s “Zah-wah”

She can recognise and knows how to address all the family members.
My sister as Yi-yi
My PIL as Yeh-yeh, Ma-ma
My brother and SIL as Ah-Ku and Ah-Tim (Ah Kim)

She started saying “No”.
Zara : “Give jiejie back her Fifi.”
Zaria : “No”

Her vocabulary is pretty extensive, knowing most of the animals, objects at home, differentiating rice, bread, noodle. etc.

She’s very ‘manja’
When she falls or hurt herself, she’ll come over and ask for a hug. “Pain Pain” “Hug Hug”
When I raised my voice on her, she’ll also come over and ask for a hug, “Mummy. Hug Hug.”

She’s becoming very clingy now, preferring me over most people, sometimes even daddy. But still, she’s more of a daddy’s girl than Zara.

Zaria 15 month

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