Bagan Lalang Again

August 15, 2008 at 4:55 pm

After the incident, we still went ahead and brought the girls to Bagan Lalang.
(Daddy said he’ll try to bring us there every once a month if not more.)

You asked how to get there? Where it is?
Bagan Lalang is actually after Sepang. So we took the KLIA highway, and then turned into Sepang. You’ll see the sign board pointing you to Sepang Gold Coast or Bagan Lalang, just follow that.

Why go there so often?
Because the girls like it. Imagine Zaria will suddenly say this at home while playing, “Want go Alang-alang. Play play sand.”
The water and sand is cleaner than Port Dickson or Morib, the waves are calm, and there’s a big stretch of shallow pool. We probably only need to worry about the jelly fish.
Daddy likes to see the girls a bit tan.
This is such a good place to take photos of the girls at play.

The only problem is bathing the girls after they play.
We bath them outside a shop, using the water from the hose, and pay the owner some money.

Photos for this round :

Daddy and the girls.
Bagan Lalang

Zaria giving thumbs up to Bagan Lalang.
Zaria giving thumbs up

There are lots of crabs hiding out.
Crabs Hide Outs

Zara combing the beach for sea snails.
Zara combing the beach

Zara picking up sea snails.
Zara picking up sea snails from the beach

Zaria loves the mess.
Zaria trying to be funny

Zaria loves the mud.
Zaria likes getting messy

Zaria playing in the shallow pool (big area of the sea is with this water level).
Zaria playing in shallow pool

Migratory Birds (?).
Migratory Birds In Bagan Lalang

Love this shot of the girls (I wouldn’t join in, afraid the mud will stick to me, since I don’t have a place to shower).
Zara and Zaria in Bagan Lalang

Zara showing Zaria how to dig for crabs.
Zara showing Zaria how to dig for crabs

Zaria picked up the skill very quickly.
ZariaÒ€ℒs turn to dig for crab

See how dirty she got?
Miss Mudpie

After Zara stopped and left the beach, Zaria still wanted to dig for crabs.
Zaria still looking for crabs and snails

The short stretch of sandy beach at Bagan Lalang.
Sand at Bagan Lalang

We stayed till sunset. And the view is marvelous.
Sunset at Bagan Lalang
However, we also got attacks from sandflies, and all of us got bumps all over when we got home.

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