The Adventurer

September 21, 2008 at 1:21 pm

We have a visitor Last Saturday.

Grasshopper Visiting Us

Jelly cruelly pulled out its hind legs, and clipped its wings, and put it
Zaria holding a Grasshopperon Zaria’s hands.

While Zara made the “EEEW” sound and stayed far away; Zaria totally had no fear.
Grasshopper climbing on Zaria

She let the grasshopper climb on her.
Grasshopper climbing on Zaria

She checked out the grasshopper.
Zaria checking out the grasshopper

Patted it.
Zaria checking out the grasshopper

Even almost kissed it…..
but we stopped her.

While Zara kept her distant (but curious none the less), Zaria helped to bring the grasshopper close to Zara.
Zaria showing Zara the grasshopper

Occasionally, when the grasshopper caused some discomfort while moving on her arms, she peeled it off, and said, “Pain Pain.”
Zaria and the grasshopper

But when we took it away from her, she went and reached out for it again.
Zaria peeling off the grasshopper from the tree

And started the whole process of examining it.
Zaria examining the grasshopper

(Jelly coming from a farm, said that the hind legs are the ones that grasshoppers use to saw up leaves as well as propel themselves while jumping. They always remove it before ‘playing’ it with, so that it’ll not hurt whoever is handling it, nor escape from the captor by jumping away)

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