Princess Zaria – 20 month +

September 10, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Zaria signature smile she kept only for cameras

Zaria flashing a smile for the camera

Shame on me. I’d been so busy at work since returning from Houston, I have no time to write her development post. Today, she’s 20months, 2 weeks old.

Here is a quick update before everything is ‘stale’ news.

Taken on 17th July –
Weight = 9.4Kg
Height = 81cm
Teeth = 16 pearly whites. She cut her upper and lower first molars almost the same time in June.

Zaria flashing a smile

Zaria flashing a smile

♥Jumping♥ – She likes jumping, and can lift herself off the ground pretty high. When she’s asked to dance, she normally does a jump instead.

♥Running♥ – This girl can run. Sometimes Zara has a race with her friends in the park, and she will join in too. Although not as fast, she can finish the two loops (~200metres) the other bigger kids are doing.

♥Climbing♥ – She likes to climb. Ladder, furniture, slides which are meant for sliding down, she does it.

♥Tossing a ball♥ – She’s quite good at it, although sometimes backwards. And she just loves balls.

She is able to express herself very well, although sometimes it takes a keen ear (like mine) to decode what she’s saying.

Naming most of the shapes, animals, items in her picture books. Count 1 to 10 sometimes. And sometimes she gets the colour right too, e.g. yellow, black, green, orange. Knows the difference between, breakfast, lunch, dinner. E.g. In the morning, “After bake(break)fast, watch Baby Einstein.” At lunch time, “Want eat Mac (and) Cheese (for) lunch.” After park, “Go home oh-di (already), dinner time!”

♥Alphabet Recognition♥
She can recognise the Capital A and occasionally letter Z too. She knows they are “ABCs” when she see letters.

She has problem pronouncing some sounds. K sound is replaced with T. E.g. “Go Tai-tai (“Kai-Kai” in Cantonese). And her L sounds like Y, E.g. “Um-be-yah” (Umbrella).

Can sing a few songs on her own : Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Baa Baa Black Sheep, I Love You (from Barney), Old Mac Donald, ABC.

♥Language Structure♥
Talking in phrases now.
Mixing the “me” with “you”. E.g. “Mummy hug you (me).”
Skipping the Is or Tos. E.g. “(I) Want (to) go there.” “(I) Want (to) wear this shoes.” “Cheh-cheh go (to) school oh-dee (already).”

♥Mandarin♥ – She can understand a wee bit of Mandarin, and able to reply “要” “不要” to answer my question in Mandarin.

She likes to play with cars.

Zaria with her car


♥Ah Ngao/The Bull♥
We call her the ngao or ‘bull’ at home – head strong, charges at things and not deterred by obstacles, very unlady-like.

Up till today, we still have to ‘tie’ her on the high chair when we have meals because if we didn’t, she would be climbing on the table, putting her hands in the dishes, or pulling the place mats off the table, spillng soup/sauces. To her, it’s a ‘belt’, and after dinner, she’ll request, “Take off belt now. Finished dinner oh-di (already).”

When she’s unhappy, she smack the person that made her angry. If I scolded her for that, she’ll instead use her hand and beat her head or thigh. o.O”

She’s getting vain now. Sometimes, she refuses to wear t-shirt and pants, and her reason, “Zah-yah Pin-ses (Princess), want wear Pin-ses (Princess) Baju (Dress)”.

Every time after she’s taken her bath, she’ll ask to see me or Daddy. “Daddy look. Zah-yah wear Pin-ses Baju” or “Mummy look. Zah-yah’s hair so nice oh-di.”

Princess Zaria

Princess Zaria

♥Tough but Soft♥
She can stand pain, but she’ll cry if she’s not getting what she wants, or being scolded, or feeling sad.

Willing to try new food but getting very difficult to get her to eat her regular meals, especially when it’s rice. A few times I had to put her in the naughty corner because she spit out every thing we fed her. Now, she wants us to applaud when she eats and not spit out her food. “Za-yah eat oh-di. Mummy clap clap hand. Daddy clap clap hand.” o.O”

She’s eating what we’re eating now, and if we can, we’ll make her portion salt-free.

♥Favourite food♥
Macaroni & cheese, chocolate, sea weed, banana crisp (“Banana Krop Krop” that’s how she says it), fried chicken.
(the junk I feed my kids.)

♥Milk Intake♥
Only able to take 4oz per feed, about 4 to 5 feed per day. She’ll ask when she wants, and we don’t fix the timing she takes her milk.

♥Toilet Training♥
Since early this year, we try to get her to do her business on the toilet bowl, and half the time we are successful. When she feels like it, she’ll tell us she wants to “she-she” or “Poo Poo”. She doesn’t want to use the toilet for big business because she said her “Bum-bum pain pain” (from hard stool).

She’s starting toilet training earlier as Zara only started to use the toilet to do her business when she turned 2.

♥The Things She Likes♥
TV – Sesame Street (she calls it Da-di-da di-da show, because of this song in that VCD), Noddy, Baby Einstein, Barney, High-5, and sometimes she’ll also sit and watch Barbie show with Zara.

She loves books – picture books, short stories for toddlers.

She loves soft / huggable toys.

She is very close to Daddy and loves him very much. Unlike Zara at this age who didn’t allow Daddy to sooth her, sleep with her, feed her, Zaria loves Daddy doing all these for her.

Only Daddy allows her to play with the computer

Zaria at the computer

She likes princess stuff – she loves crown, dresses, click-clock shoes (heels that make that sound)

She loves playing with water and sand – that’s why she’s always asking us to bring her to Ah Lang Ah Lang.

She loves her sister Zara, but at the same time likes to annoy Zara by snatching her things, messing up her things. o.O”

Kissing one of her favourite soft toy – Pootle Bear

Zaria giving Pootle Bear a kiss

And we all love her.

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