New York – My Extended Holiday

July 2, 2008 at 5:32 pm

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On the last day of the training in Houston, Friday, 6th June, I took a 3hrs flight to New York, to visit my best friend, Ping, who’s 7 months pregnant. I spent 3 days there (you should see Daddy’s sour face when I told him I was extending my stay). We’d never spent so many days together before since 1997. It was really good catching up with her, at the same time I managed to see a bit of New York.

When I arrived, New York was hit with a heat wave, so throughout my stay, it was very hot, always above 30c!

Our first stop on Saturday morning was my favouritest shop in US, Whole Foods Market.
WholefoodsI only managed to glance through things at the skin care and health care department, no time for the supermarket as we had to rush to our next stop. The Big Apple Barbecue Party at Maddison Square Park.

So hot, such long queues and wait! If it was me, I wouldn’t be bothered, but it’s a big thing since all the famous barbecue joints around US will have a stall here in this event. Ping’s hubby is a big fan of barbecue.
Big Apple Barbecue Party

After you queue for ages, you get your food, and sit in the park to have your meal.
Big Apple Barbecue Picnic

If you are drinking, too bad, you’ll have to stand and finish your drink before you can step into the picnic area.
No alchohol sign

After being under the sun for 2 hrs, we went back to Ping’s place for a nap.

In the evening, we went to walk about in Greenwich Village .

Around The Village. Check out the Limo and the fire escapes.
Greenwich Village

Nice houses, all with back yard away from prying eyes.
Houses around the village

Patriotic Artwork.
Patrotic Artwork

I had the best meal for the whole US trip in Mary’s Fish Camp. A small little restaurant which is bustling with activities.

We shared half a lobster and fish.
Our Dinner - Mary's Fish CampSo delicious I tell you!

Sunday morning, we walked about around Tribeca, where Ping lives. This is the view a few minutes walk from her appartment.
View from Tribeca

We had breakfast at the World Finance Centre. This is the famous Winter Garden within the building.
Winter Garden

Through the building, I saw Ground Zero of the World Trade Centres.
Ground ZeroSuch a vast gap! Now with some construction going on.

We then went on a free return trip ride on the Staten Island Ferries (such a bargain!), you get nice view of Statue Liberty from the ferry.
Statue of Liberty

Also Manhatan skyline.
Around Hudson River

Next stop Central Park. So big.. but not shady enough. I was sweating profusely.
Central Park

Ping decided to head on home to rest after Central Park and I continued my walk around Time Square. I hid myself in shops to enjoy the cool aircondition most of the time.
Time Square

There’s a big Ferrel’s Wheels in ToysRUs at Time Square. If only the girls were with me!
Ferrels Wheels in ToysRus

I managed to navigate through New York Subway with a guide Ping left me and got myself home. New York subway isn’t glamourous at all.
New York Subway

Following Day (Monday), Ping decided it’s too hot to go out, so I went on my own.

Checked out Rockefeller Centre.
Rockerfella Centre

Walked along Fifth Avenue.
Fifth Avenue

Checked out Apple Shop and FAO Shwarz Toy Shop
Apple & F.A.O SchwarzToo bad, no more iPhones for sales!

Then I met up with Ping at Kitchenette for lunch! Such a nice place, and the food is very homely. Love their cookies on display.
Kitchenette Display

After lunch, it was off home to pack and leave for the airport. I took my flight home from New York, flight hours is shortened to 20+hrs.

You want a glimpse of my shopping? I bought lots of natural skin care and ointments (for the girls), mainly from Whole Foods Market.
Some of my shopping

My bag is 8Kg overweight but luckily they just let me through. *phew*.

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