Zaria The Bad Temper One

December 11, 2011 at 10:55 am

While playing building blocks at home, Zara smashed Zaria’s building, Zaria took a building block and then tossed it at Zara, hitting Zara at her forehead.
Zara came to me crying and told me what happened.
I asked Zaria to come out. As it’s not the first time she threw things at Zara, I picked up a huge piece of building block, and told her to teach her a lesson and let her have a taste of her own medicine, Zara will now toss the building block at her.
She had fear in a eyes (and surprise in Zara’s eyes), she immediately said, “But I was just about to say sorry to jiejie.”
I asked Zara if that’s good enough, Zara said, “She hasn’t even say it yet.”
Zaria replied, “I’m still thinking how to say it.” o.O”
I have to chip in, “Say it or you stand there and let jiejie toss the building block at you!”
Reluctantly, she shouted, “SORRY JIE!”
Zara replied, “That’s not the way to say sorry.”
I passed the building block from one hand to the other and waited for Zaria.
She took a deep breath then said nicely, “Sorry jie.”
I asked Zara, “Is that good enough?”
Zara replied, “Yes. That’s good enough.”

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