Nov Chitter Chatter – Zaria

December 11, 2011 at 5:51 pm


At the egg stall in the market, she touched the stacked up eggs and the vendor told her don’t touch, after the eggs will break in Cantonese.
I told her, “Auntie asked you not to touch, after the eggs break.”
She frowned, put her hand down and said, “When people hold eggs, do they just break?” o.O”
(true, eggs don’t break just because we touch or hold them)

In a bad mood, we moved to the fish monger. A few people were crowded around a pail. I went over and took a peek. It was a big live Ikan Haruan (Sang Yue/生鱼) still swimming in the pail.
I exclaimed, “Wow!”
Zaria took a look at the pail then rolled her eyes, “It’s only a fish, why you WOW for.” o.O”


I picked up a small soft toy someone dropped at a busy train station. I asked the girls to do ‘paper, scissor, stone’ and see who can get the soft toy.
Zaria lost. So I gave the soft toy to Zara.
Zaria was angry, she snatched the soft toy from Zara and tossed it to the ground.
I picked it up, smacked her hand, and then passed the toy back to Zara.
Not even after a minute, Zaria asked Zara, “Can I put make up for your doll or not?”
(Good that she recovers very quickly. That’s her, quick to get angry, quick to cool down)

When we were buying Zara her birthday present in ToysRus, Zaria too wanted us to get her a toy dog grooming set as her advance birthday present. We issued warnings to her, i.e. once we got her that, she won’t be able to ask for another present when it’s her birthday. Of course she agreed to it.
A couple of weeks later, she saw another toy she wanted to get.
Me : “You already got the grooming set for your birthday. So no more present for you.
Zaria : “Actually, I didn’t want to get THAT, but my body wants me to get it. But this is what I really want.” o.O”

Zaria playing with the toy her ‘body’ asked her to buy

Zaria playing with the toy her 'body' asked her to buy

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