Knight In Shining Armour

July 28, 2010 at 6:25 pm

There’s a knight, who does not do much.
He grooms himself, and he looks smart.
There’s the maid who cares for two dames,
She works twenty four by seven, no rest, and three hundred sixty five days;
teaching, cooking and whatever chores.
With all the work and no rest, imagine the strain.
At times the dames misbehaved, and the maid screams (Oh, maybe a tad too harsh).
The knight will then put on his shining armour, and gallops in with his white white horse.
“I shall save thee from the wicked one!” he declared; and stirs up a storm.
Making him the dames’ hero, and the other, the crook.
The knight then just gallops off, since he’s said his piece.
The maid goes on, although beaten and crushed, to work on whatever that needed to be done.

If the maid was swearing and cursing so much, maybe she’s too stressed, don’t you think?
The dear knight should have taken pity and start rolling up his sleeves,
Instead of just trotting in only in his shining armour and to do the ‘save the damsels in distress’ stunt.

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