Zaria 9th month old

October 1, 2007 at 5:03 pm

Weight : Unknown
Height : Err, 64cm? (Daddy measured with me pressing her down)
She took her first flight this month, and she enjoyed it.
Weee, I'm flying

Wee! I’m flying, and I can’t sit still!

She’s picking things up real fast these days:
1) She started crawling back and forth earlier this month and can go very fast now. A few times she lifted her body to attempt crawling on her knees but then after her while, she slumps back down, preferring the comando style (Zara never wanted to crawl on her knees too).

2) She’s able to sit herself up from a crawling position; pull herself up to a standing position, and then sit back down; and she has also started cruising. This means, the house is for her to explore!

Cruising… exploring

4) She raises her hands up when we say Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray!

5) She recognises and remembers objects. When we asked her where the aeroplane is, she’ll look at the sky.
When we asked her where the fan is, she’ll look to the ceiling.
Other items she’s able to recognise or know its location and names are :
~Her Baby, Boo! book (“book”);
~the cat figurine that’s hung on our door (“cat”);
~the Santa Clause in our living room (“bell bell” as there’s a bell each on the Santa’s legs);
~her bowl for eating (“mum-mum”);
~her cup (“cup”); etc.
She’ll look towards the item and utter “Ugh” as a confirmation she’d spotted it.

She also knows Daddy’s tea cup is not touchable as it’s hot. She’ll move her hands closer to herself when we bring it near her.

She response to the name Zaria and knows Zara is referring to her sister.

6) Just like Zara, she learnt how to give kisses through the Baby, Boo! book. She’ll lean forward to kiss objects or people she likes.

7) Signing No More (by turning her palms down than up); Scared (by patting her chest)…Ok ok, we didn’t really teach her the ASL or British standards, it’s really whatever that’s easy for her to do, and for us to differentiate.

8 ) She says Mum-mum when she sees food, her bowl, and sometimes me (or was she calling me mama?…. dream on).

9) When she hears singing or music, she ‘sings’ along, bounces and waves her hands in the air ‘dancing’.

10) She understands “NO” “CANNOT”, and will stop what she’s doing or where she’s going when we raise our voice and say these words.

Eating :
This girl really loves food, and she’s now having about a bowl (Chinese rice bowl) of cereal each for breakfast and dinner. Lunch is a little bit of fruits or biscuits. She doesn’t like sour things like cherry tomatos, berries, yogurt.
She’s still fully on breast milk, drinking when she demands, which is about 3 hourly.

Emotions :
1) Still an easy going child, forgives and forgets real fast.

2) She prefers me over others but can be easily ‘tham-ed’ (Cantonese : convinced) to accept others.

3) She cries always for a reason, e.g. in pain, frigthened, or hungry; sometimes, she cries when she sees Zara crying; and very easy to pacify. And when she’s happy, she squels, makes funny faces (e.g. strethes her lips to the side and bears her teeth or just winks).

4) She loves water, to swim in, to bath in or to drink. Nowadays, she’ll crawl to the toilet if she knows someone is taking a bath as though she wants to join in.
I love water.. err.. and grass

I love water.. and err… grass too

5) She likes to dig into containers, drawers, baskets, takes everything out and throw on the floor. Another hurricane in the making.

Hee HeeHee Hee, I’m going to throw out e.thing from the basket once I get my hands on it!

Time really flies, and it’s just amazing to see her grow!

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