Baby, Boo!

July 28, 2005 at 6:21 pm

This seems to be Zara’s most favourite book.

I bought many books for her, and none interest her as much as this one. She really enjoys it each time we read this book to her. She smiles and gets all excited the minute we take the book out, she’ll try to place herself on our lap and then leans back against us, all ready for us to read this to her, she smiles when each page is turned.

Every time, when we reach the page KISS KISS, I LOVE YOU, she just leans forward and kisses the baby photo on that page!! And when we reach the last page with the mirror on, she either leans forward to kiss her own image on the mirror, or she’ll give herself a big smile.

She has never kissed anybody or anything before until we started reading this book to her (well, opening her wet mouth touching our faces or the floor don’t count as kissing), she just learnt how to kiss from this book.

We found out that she’ll kiss anything that looks like a baby (e.g. a doll which is made to look like a baby) or photos of babies in books, magazines, even paintings of babies or little children. When we thrust our faces forward and ask her for a kiss, she’ll push our faces away with her little hand, and look the other way round.

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