Hurricane Zara

June 19, 2006 at 6:18 pm

Having Zara around is fun, but it also means the house can never be tidy, every where she ‘sweeps’ through, either a small mess or a big mess is created.

Daddy and I sometimes call her Hurricane Zara.

The worst hit area is the living room, where she has her 3 boxes of toys, a small shelf of books, her box of CD/VCD/DVDs, her box of colouring and drawing stationary.

Depending on her fancy, she helps herself with whatever she wants to do for the moment.
It may mean pouring out a bottle of glass pebbles;
Then going to her shelf of books, digs for the one she wants, in the mean time scattering the rest on the floor.
And then she decides she wants to draw, so she reaches for her box of drawing tools and papers, takes them all out, draws a few lines on the paper
A moment later, she goes back to her box of toys, takes out her cooking set, and starts to do cooking.
A big messy trail is left behind, all within 30mins.

When we bring her up to the room, the same process happens, but b’cos she has less toys up stairs, all she gets to mess up is her stack of books.

How can I do without a maid? With Hurricane Zara sweeping through the house so often?

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