My Personal Trainer

October 18, 2007 at 11:00 am

After rain in the evening, Daddy went for his jog, and I brought the girls out to the park.

Me : Can mummy go jogging with Daddy or not?
Zara : No no no.. Cannot. You bring us to the park.
Me : Mummy always never get to exercise, mummy will become fatter and fatter.
Zara : I don’t want mummy to be fatter and fatter. You go jogging la.
Me : I go now ok? Aunty Jelly will stay in the park with you.
Zara : Cannot.
Me : I thought you say mummy can go jogging?
Zara : The road so wet and slippery, after you slip and fall. You don’t go now.


Yesterday about 7:30pm, after we’d gone to the park :
Me : Can mummy go jogging now?
Zara : No no no.. Cannot..
Me :  Yesterday you said mummy can (could) go?
Zara : It’s dark outside. It’s dangerous. After you cannot see, you bang on the pillar how?


Me : Then mummy go tomorrow morning then.
Zara : No no.. I want you to sleep with me.
Me : I’ll sleep with you in the night, but in the morning before you wake up, I’ll go for a jog.
Zara : *pondering*
Me : Can or not?
Zara : Daddy jaga me?
Me : I don’t know, if you wake (woke) up too late, maybe Daddy has gone to work.
Zara : You don’t go la, you stay at home with me la.

My reason to be fat.

Zaria 9th month old

October 1, 2007 at 5:03 pm

Weight : Unknown
Height : Err, 64cm? (Daddy measured with me pressing her down)
She took her first flight this month, and she enjoyed it.
Weee, I'm flying

Wee! I’m flying, and I can’t sit still!

She’s picking things up real fast these days:
1) She started crawling back and forth earlier this month and can go very fast now. A few times she lifted her body to attempt crawling on her knees but then after her while, she slumps back down, preferring the comando style (Zara never wanted to crawl on her knees too).

2) She’s able to sit herself up from a crawling position; pull herself up to a standing position, and then sit back down; and she has also started cruising. This means, the house is for her to explore!

Cruising… exploring

4) She raises her hands up when we say Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray

Hip Hip Hooray!

5) She recognises and remembers objects. When we asked her where the aeroplane is, she’ll look at the sky.
When we asked her where the fan is, she’ll look to the ceiling.
Other items she’s able to recognise or know its location and names are :
~Her Baby, Boo! book (“book”);
~the cat figurine that’s hung on our door (“cat”);
~the Santa Clause in our living room (“bell bell” as there’s a bell each on the Santa’s legs);
~her bowl for eating (“mum-mum”);
~her cup (“cup”); etc.
She’ll look towards the item and utter “Ugh” as a confirmation she’d spotted it.

She also knows Daddy’s tea cup is not touchable as it’s hot. She’ll move her hands closer to herself when we bring it near her.

She response to the name Zaria and knows Zara is referring to her sister.

6) Just like Zara, she learnt how to give kisses through the Baby, Boo! book. She’ll lean forward to kiss objects or people she likes.

7) Signing No More (by turning her palms down than up); Scared (by patting her chest)…Ok ok, we didn’t really teach her the ASL or British standards, it’s really whatever that’s easy for her to do, and for us to differentiate.

8 ) She says Mum-mum when she sees food, her bowl, and sometimes me (or was she calling me mama?…. dream on).

9) When she hears singing or music, she ‘sings’ along, bounces and waves her hands in the air ‘dancing’.

10) She understands “NO” “CANNOT”, and will stop what she’s doing or where she’s going when we raise our voice and say these words.

Eating :
This girl really loves food, and she’s now having about a bowl (Chinese rice bowl) of cereal each for breakfast and dinner. Lunch is a little bit of fruits or biscuits. She doesn’t like sour things like cherry tomatos, berries, yogurt.
She’s still fully on breast milk, drinking when she demands, which is about 3 hourly.

Emotions :
1) Still an easy going child, forgives and forgets real fast.

2) She prefers me over others but can be easily ‘tham-ed’ (Cantonese : convinced) to accept others.

3) She cries always for a reason, e.g. in pain, frigthened, or hungry; sometimes, she cries when she sees Zara crying; and very easy to pacify. And when she’s happy, she squels, makes funny faces (e.g. strethes her lips to the side and bears her teeth or just winks).

4) She loves water, to swim in, to bath in or to drink. Nowadays, she’ll crawl to the toilet if she knows someone is taking a bath as though she wants to join in.
I love water.. err.. and grass

I love water.. and err… grass too

5) She likes to dig into containers, drawers, baskets, takes everything out and throw on the floor. Another hurricane in the making.

Hee HeeHee Hee, I’m going to throw out e.thing from the basket once I get my hands on it!

Time really flies, and it’s just amazing to see her grow!

Zara’s Speech Development

September 25, 2007 at 11:21 am

Zaria was playing, and lost her balance. She fell down and knocked her head. While comforting Zaria, I asked Zara : “Why didn’t you catch meimei when she fell?”
“Because.. because….”
Me : “Because what?”
Zara : “I’m not super man” o.O
Me : “You don’t have to be super man to catch meimei”
Zara : “Because.. because.. (probably working on a better excuse) I’m not a safe-ter.” 😐
Fair enough I guess.

She woke up at 7am.
Zara : “Mummy I want milk”
I wanted to sleep for another 10mins so I told her to wait for a little longer.
Zara : “But, Mummy I want milk!”
Reluctantly, I got up : “Ok, we go she-she (Chinese : pee) first.”
Zara : “Mummy, I’m tired, don’t want to she-she.”
Me : *About to lay back down on the bed* “Since you are tired, then you have your milk later then.”
Zara : “I’m tired, but not that tired, mummy. I want milk. o.O”

She has also started using, “anyway”, “Oh Well”, “It’s like”, e.g. :
When I don’t entertain her when she comes to the study “Anyway, I’m going down stairs now.”
When one of her toy doesn’t work “Oh well, never mind. I’ll do this then.”
When asked why she likes the potong ice cream “It’s like ermm.. very creamy, errm.. cold and sweet”

I don’t know how she picks up some of the words she uses and applies in her day to day speech. Maybe it’s from us who speak the Queen’s English Manglish at home, maybe it’s from TV (my limit is 3 shows a day, and no, we don’t have Astro or cable TV at home. She only watches my selections of DVDs or VCDs).

She uses “Me”, “I am”, “You are” pretty well these days. She doesn’t speak that well all the time. Nowadays, she is trying to use feminine and muscular form in her speech… so some of the phrases can come out like this :
She name is lamb
He name is Mr Blue

And then past tense for her means adding “ed’ at the end :
The car spoil-led
I stand-ded on the naughty corner
The milipede died-ded.

It’s fun to see her development in this area, and sometimes it’s amusing too. Daddy and I can never have enough of this.

Small Girl Using Big Not so Big Words

September 5, 2007 at 9:19 am

On a day when she had flu and she knows she can’t have anything cold :
“Kakak you warm up the ice cream for me la.”

On Daddy’s drinking in the restaurant :
“Daddy, you don’t drink beer la, after you mabuk (Malay : drunk) laaa.”

On her not able to handle her umbrella (kid’s size) in a windy, drizzling day :
“Mummy, I cannot handle any more. *Passed me the umbrella* You help me la.”

On me choosing her a DVD to watch (as she kept asking for the same one to be played in the evening for the past week) :
“Mummy, why you so stubborn one? I said I want to watch this show la, not that show.”

On Daddy blocking her in the toilet (Daddy brushing teeth and she needed to use the toilet bowl) :
Excuse me Daddy, your big back side blocking me la.”

On me not wanting to bring her to the mini market :
“Mummy, you don’t be so selfish, you bring me to the mini market also”

Thanks to Leap Frog, we saw her using phonics the other day (nobody prompted her, she just picked up a book and did it):
*Referring to a picture of cat* Ke-ke-ke-ke Cat
*Referring to a picture of fish* Fe-Fe-Fe Fish
*Referring to a picture of a yo-yo* Ye-ye-ye-ye Yoyo
*Referring to a picture of a diamond* Die-Die-Die Diamond
The last bit made me laugh!! But, anyway, she got the concept right.

Notes : I’m the culprit who speaks with all the ‘la’s at home. Daddy has been ‘advicing’ me not to use so much la in my conversation with her, as she’s picking up all these from me. But I’m Malaysian la!


August 24, 2007 at 9:24 am

Princess Zara

Me : “Zara, Maisha’s (our neighbour’s kid) daddy is a pilot you know. Do you know what a pilot is?”
Zara :“Pilot fly(ies) plane.”
Me : “Maisha’s daddy so clever right?”
Zara : “My Daddy even more clever. My daddy is a driver.”

Catch me if you can

My personal Trainer
In the park, Zara : “Mummy, come, chase me.” *started running away from me*
Me : *stayed put*
Zara : *turned back and stood in front of me* “Chase me mummy.”
Me : “Mummy lazy.”
Zara : “No mummy, you must exercise. Make you strong. Come, run with me.”

During dinner, I was telling Daddy, “I need to quickly finish my dinner, so that I can nurse Zaria.”
Zara : “Use stethoscope?”

Zara Singing

August 17, 2007 at 10:22 am

Here is the girl singing in one of her better mood (allowing me to capture her on Video shows she’s in better mood or she won’t cooperate with the camera).

Can you also spot Zaria entertaining herself at the background?

Weekend is coming, and she’s started the I-don’t-want-to-go-to-school conversation again.
This time she’s saying, “But I don’t want to go.”
“But It’s not fun.”
“But I cannot come out.”

She even said, “After say ‘You cannot go out!'” (stressing “You Cannot Go Out” in angry tone).
When I asked her who said that? Did the teacher say that?
She replied, “Kakak said” (as in our maid). *slap head*
Finding excuses again..


August 13, 2007 at 10:13 am

On Friday, we told Zara we’ll get her a school bag for her to bring to school on Sunday.
Zara : “I’m going school tomorrow?”
Me : “No, on Sunday. Tomorrow is Saturday.”
Zara : “I go school tomorrow tomorrow?”
Me : “Yeah, it’s day after tomorrow.”
Zara : “I don’t want to go to school.”
Daddy : “Why? You can learn new things and be clever.”
Zara : “I don’t want to be clever.”
Daddy : “Why don’t you want to be clever?”
Zara : “Because I want to be a clown.” o.O”
Me : “Never mind, you just go and play and have fun then.”
End of conversation 1.

Zara : “I want to go see monkeys. I don’t want to go to school.”
Me : “We can go to school then we go and see the monkeys.”
Zara : “I want to see the monkeys first!”
Me : “The monkeys are going to school in the morning, because they need to learn how to climb trees, how to shell a peanut. So they won’t be around in the mornings. We can go and see them after your class.”
Zara : *thoughtful for a moment* “The monkeys go to school and frighten the teachers then.” o.O”
End of conversation 2.

Zara : “I don’t want to go to school.”
Me : “You just go and have fun Zara. Do your painting, play with the slides in the school. Just have fun.”
Zara : “I don’t like the park in the school. I like the park on grass one. That one no grass, not nice one.” (The school has an in-door play ground)
Me : “But you like Gymboree, there’s also no grass in Gymboree too.”
Zara : “I don’t like Gymboree. Our park in XXXX YYYYY got grass, is even more better.” (XXXX YYYYY == the name of our residential area) o.O”
End of conversation 3.

Zara : “I don’t want to go to school.”
Me : *for the xth time* “School is fun Zara, just go and have fun.”
Zara : “But I scared.”
Me : “Mummy and daddy will wait for you outside right?”
Daddy : “If you have any problem, you just come out and we’ll be there.”
Zara : “I open the door and come out?”
Daddy : “Yes, we’ll be waiting for you outside.”
Zara : “If I have any problem, mummy and daddy will be there?”
Me : “Yes. We’ll be outside. But I don’t think you’ll have any problem, so after class, you can come out and we’ll be waiting for you, ok?”
End of conversation 4.

Zara : “The dinosaur will go to the school and attack the teachers.”
Me : “Then what will happen to the children?”
Zara : “The brachiosaurus will play with the children. The T-Rex will attack and kill the teachers.”
Me : “Zara, there are no more dinosaurs. They are all dead.”
Zara : “All die already?”
Me : “Yes. All dead.”
End of conversation 5.

So how was she in class? When I said my good bye, I told her we’ll wait for her outside; before I left, I put my thumb up and mouthed the word “You’ll be ok?” Her eyes were a bit wet, but she nodded her head.
I went in and checked on her again when they were playing in the indoor play ground. “Mummy waiting for me outside?” She came forward and asked. I said yes, and told her to have fun.

Basically, she was ok in class, according to the teacher. This time, she didn’t even tell the teacher she needed to leave to go to Lake Gardens like she did every now and then last week.

I wonder if there’ll be more of such conversations every weekend when it’s time for school again.

Going To School & Dragon I

August 6, 2007 at 6:04 pm

We’d started sending Zara to play school once a week since 2 weeks ago. It’s a 1.5hr per week pre-kindergarten program which includes lots of play time (sand/water play and gym), with a bit of singing, reading, and phonics teaching.

Unlike Julia Gabriel Edu Drama class (which we eventually didn’t sign her up), I cannot be with her during lesson.

She cried the 1st lesson when I had to leave her (adviced by school to let them handle her even if she cried); separated by 2 doors, we could still hear her loud wailing. She stopped 20mins later, when they started doing sand and water play as well as painting.

Yesterday, she shed a drop or two of tears when I left her. Telling me with trembling lips, “Mummy I want to go home.” I just said my goodbyes and told her I would wait for her outside. She was ok throughout, but kept coming out when she had a chance to tell me, “”Mummy, I finish already. Can go home now?” The teacher told me she was ok in class, but every now and then, she would ask the teacher if she could leave to go to Lake Gardens to see the brachiosaurus (the teacher actually asked how Zara knows such words). o.O”

After lesson, we heard her saying to herself, “House is for mouse. Mouse lives in a house.” (they were probably doing the ‘ouse’ sound in class) and also singing some unknown songs. Looks like she’s already picking things up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Saturday, we went to Lake Gardens. After which, we thought of having dinner in Hakka Restaurant.
Daddy : “Zara, we go to Hakka Restaurant for dinner ok?”
Zara : “No No. I want to go Dragon I. I want to eat the noodles there. Because the noodles there is so nice.”
Daddy : “But Hakka Restaurant is also nice.”
Zara : “No. The restaurant is too loud (even though she may not know where Hakka is, she always use this excuse to get us out of a restaurant). I want to go Dragon I. I want to eat the juicy pow. The juicy pow and the noodle very yummy one.”
Daddy to me : “Er, where is the nearest Dragon I?”
Me : “Mid Valley.”
Daddy to Zara : “Ok. Daddy bring you to Dragon I.”
(See, if I asked Daddy to bring me to Midvalley on a weekend, he’ll say I’m crazy. Whatever the daugther wants, he’ll just oblidge.)

Zara ate 1/3 bowl of plain la-mien (Chinese : Noodle) with a serving of 4 juicy pow xiao long bao (Chinese : pork dumplings). At least she ate what she said she wanted, and that made Daddy happy.

I know I’m fat and whiney

August 3, 2007 at 12:54 pm

Zara wanted Daddy to show her some pictures on the computer, but she hasn’t taken her bath yet. So I nagged told Daddy : “Get her to bath first la.”
“If you start showing her now, she won’t go for her bath.”
Then to Zara : “It’s almost 10pm. Zara, you go and bath first.”
“You don’t bath, mummy ask Daddy not to show you huh?.”
“Go, go and bath first.”

Zara spoke scornfully, “Mummy, you stop it! You stop whining ok? Enough of whining ok?”


~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was talking to Daddy casually while flipping through Donna Hay’s recipe book.
“Eh I think I’ll be fat if I was a chef, look at all the food I would be cooking.”
Zara heard what I said, and joined in, “Mummy you are fat wut.”
“Your stomach like pregnant wut.”


I know I’m fat, you don’t have to remind mummy ok?

Disciplining Zara

July 25, 2007 at 7:29 am

I’m the ‘bad’ guy who disciplines Zara at home. I use scolding, occasional smacking and when she’s really naughty, I’ll be putting her in the naughty corner.

There are times when I try to ‘discipline’ her and she ends up putting a smile on my face (although I try not to let her see that).

We were walking to the park, and she was irritated with something and started whining. I yanked her hand and stopped, stood still and looked at her. She took a glance at me, smiled and said, “Haha, I’m so grouchy..” Immediately, she stopped the annoying behaviour and walked on. 

She was touching the ‘untouchables’ in MIL’s place (glass deco items),  she refused to listen when we told her several times not to touch them, and eventually broke a piece of the glass wear. I told her, “Maybe I should put you in the naughty corner!”
She gestured to the living room corner which was filled with deco items and said, “No, the naughty corner got too many things, I cannot go” o.O”

And there was this time, she was crying for no reason for a long 15mins, so I sent her to the naughty corner. Daddy came to the rescue after a moment, and told her she could come out of it. With tears, she replied, “Cannot! Mummy put me here one!” and then looked at me arms stretched out, “Mummy, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
To her, since I’m the one who placed her there, I have to be the one who forgive her.

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

There are times, when I see myself in her.

I’d heard her said this to the maids often with a very serious face, when she disapproved of their smiling.
“It’s not funny!! It’s not funny you know! You don’t laugh!”

And she’s ‘scolded’ Zaria for crying, “Mei Mei, you don’t cry! You stop crying! Mummy is working you know. You don’t disturb Mummy.”

I’d heard her said this to her Mr Blue, “Look at me! You go shopping you must hold hands yeah?! You don’t hold hands after you get lost! Then you have no more mummy!”

~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~

And recently, she started talking back.
I had been ‘scolding’ her the whole day since she was whiny and cried for the smallest reasons. At night, when I was brushing her teeth and snapped at her again, she told me, “Mummy, you are like a wicked witch la. You always scold me la.”
I didn’t know if I should laugh of be angry with that statement, so I remained straight face and told her, “Mummy scold you sure got reason, ok? Mummy don’t simply scold you.”
End of conversation, for now.

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