Sugar Control

March 23, 2011 at 4:44 pm

My two girls love sweets, especially Zara. She can be popping sweets in her mouth like pop corns while watching TV, and before you know it, she’s finished a bowl of sweets. Does your child love sweets like Zara?
At times when I see them eating sweets like that, and all the rest of sweet drinks they are taking, I’m worried about their sugar intake.

The girls are already eating lots of other things which contain sugar, e.g. the daily carbohydrate that they are taking, fruits, biscuits, cultured milks and not to mention the various sweets (the ones we bought or the ones they got from party packs).

I don’t want them to grow up to be obese, and have a string of other health issues (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, which I’m high risk for both) because of their excessive sugar intake.

Just like our MOH’s Less Sugar campaign launched last year (url: ), in our own household we’re trying to do something similar.

When we buy something which will be consumed by the girls, e.g. juice, milk, even sweets, we always check the label for the sugar content. Do you know besides checking the label for the sugar content for added sugar (e.g. sucrose, corn syrups solids, glucose syrups solids), you should also check the carbohydrate content, if you are not aware, the higher the carbohydrate means the higher the added sugar level.

For sweets, we always try to buy those that are sweetened by fruit juice. (Girls called them ‘high quality sweets’.) If possible we go for non added sugar product, or a product that has lower sugar level (in the form of added sugar or carbohydrates).

When I bake at home, I too tend to reduce about 1/3 sugar in the bake goods.

Do you do sugar watch like this in your household too?

During The School Holidays

December 22, 2010 at 5:11 pm

During the school holidays, the girls spend most of their time watching TV, playing iPad, doing drawing, etc etc.

Zaria Playing with iPad

Daddy has been deligently coaching Zara with her BM to prepare her for Standard 1. Zara dreads each class. Today, she even went hiding (and took us 15mins to to find her) when Daddy called her to start her BM revision. o.O”

Weekends when we are not working, we bring them out to check out Christmas decorations.
Christmas Decoration

Christmas Decoration

Bring them out for ice cream,
Zaria eating ice cream

Meet up with their cousins.
Tasha eating ice cream

Zaria hugging Sam

One of the fun thing they did was to join the Christmas Carols organised by our BEC. We had 2 rounds of practice and then went around singing in people’s house on the weekend.
Girls doing Carolings

To Zaria, the nicest thing about carolings is going to people’s house to ‘collect’ packet drinks, sweets and chocolates.
Girls doing Carolings

The girls of course sometimes play together, and do all sort of funny stunts.
Girls playing at the stage of a restaurant

We made a weekend trip to Melaka as well, but didn’t spend much time outside, as I wasn’t well, and the girls preferred to stay in the hotel and watch cartoon and enjoy the aircon.
Girls playing at Jonkers Street

And then, look here, see who came to have a play date with the girls?

Dinah, myself and another mutual friend, C, has been organising this play date, and it finally materialised yesterday. They started with drawing…
Play date

And the highlight is actually doing cupcake decorations.
Ashley decorating cupcakes

Ashley at work

Zaria's turn to have a go

Our youngest member, Kaine (C’s son), at work. He’s kind of torn between eating the sprinkles and putting them on his cake.
Kaine doing cupcake decoration

After a while, Zaria preferred to play with water serve her friends water.
Zaria serving water to her friends

Slightly more than a week to go, and then it’s back to school.

This Is What I’d been Up To

November 30, 2010 at 5:47 pm

Gee, more than 10 days I’d not posted anything?

There is so much happening at home.
1) We celebrated Zara’s 6th birthday (yes she’s SIX now, I started this site when she was 8months plus, what does this mean? I’d been blogging for more than 5 years now!)
2) We had a joined birthday celebration for both the girls in school although Zaria’s birthday is not until another month’s time
3) Girls had their school concert
4) Girls went to a couple of birthday parties, which of course means they have a swell time.

And me, what I’d been up to?

Lots of this
Me working

Baking, simple cup cake decorating, cookies decorating, for the girls as well as a couple of orders I’d taken. Hop on to my cooking site for more pix, but then again, I’d not been very up to date there as well. o.O”

And playing lots for Farm Story, Restaurant Story.

Farm Story, Restaurant Story is sooo addicting. Even Zaria is asking me daily, “Mum, have you checked your restaurant yet?”
“Mum, can I help you to water other people’s farm?”
(Daddy is so going to nag me)
Ok, Ok, I do limit myself to check on the farm and the restaurant like 3, 4 times a day.
Anyway, the girls are always crowding around and asking, “Are you done yet? It’s my turn.”

I have to work on these soon :

1) Write about Zara’s birthday
2) Write about Girls’ concert
3) Get Zara’s school uniform, bag, shoes, sorted out
4) Get the Christmas tree up

And it’s already December. *sweat*

October Photos

October 26, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Girls went to Zara’s classmate’s birthday party. Parents now are so willing to spend on children’s birthday party except us.
Clown in Birthday Party

After a month of juicing and peeling apples almost daily, see what I can do now….
Peeling An Apple

Within a month, our residential area has a big Mid-Autumn Festival pot luck, and then another Hari Raya celebration cum Family Day within our clusters of homes. I’m so loving our housing area.
Family day makan makan

At times when we have things to do in the night, the girls will entertain themselves. Here, Zara was reading a book to Zaria, and then sharing a joke.
Girls sharing a joke

I was wondering why it took Jelly more than 30mins to hang up the clothes to dry, and then I saw this.. she was on her phone smsing non-stop!! That’s why.
Maybe we should start imposing no cell phones policy during working hours.
We allow them a cell phone just in case they need to stay in touch with their families, and they abuse it. Sigh.
Jelly and SMS

I so like this little French boy.. Sethy.

Girls had their sports day, and boy, they can run! (Daddy has to improve on the panning skill.)
Zara running

She’s so focussed on the race.
Zaria racing

One day, Zara decided to write some Chinese sentences. Alright, there’s some mistakes, but I think quite a good attempt.
Zara's Chinese

Recent Changes

September 29, 2010 at 3:12 pm

There are a couple of changes in the household these past weeks.

♥Juicing For Health♥

After comtemplating for a while, I decided not to get the extremely expensive Vitamix (~RM3000), or its OEM equavalent (~RM1000). Since we just bought a Philip blender a year back, I thought I better make more use of this.

And for almost a month now, I’d been juicing. Well, not really juicing, but blending fruits and vege, and drinking up all the juice and pulps that comes with it.

Philips blender at work

Using the Philip, and having it set at Smoothie mode, most vege/fruits can be blended to a smooth drink packed with goodness in 3 minutes. I change the fruit and vege daily to give ourselves a variety. In case you wonder, the juice does not taste fibrous or yucky as long as some water is added to make it not ‘paste-ty’. Unfortunately, at this point in time, the girls still do not like the taste of any of the juices (Zara said it taste like a salad drink), so it’s just Daddy and I getting a glass each to start our day.

Beetroot smoothie

♥Change of Milk♥

After being a sucker for Enfa milk for the past 4.5 years (Zara started taking formula only when she was 1year +), and accomodating their ever escalating price, we’d finally had enough!

Switched the girls to Dumex which is 1/3 of the price! If you were like me who didn’t know, Enfa milk is Made in Thailand with milk from US. Dumex is Made In Malaysia with milk from Australia and New Zealand.

Girls didn’t mind the change, they claimed, “They taste the same.. This one (Dumex) not so sweet.”

Their bowel movement remain the same. Oh maybe they will be less inteligent than the Enfa kids (so the Enfa advertisement claims), but we pumped them up with DHA pills and they have fish every meal time, should be enough brain food for them.

Unless Dumex becomes greedy too, or the girls are allergic to the milk, Dumex it is.

There, Enfa, you just lost 2 loyal customers due to your greed by always increasing your price!

♥Change of Sleeping Partner♥

I’d been Zaria’s sleeping partner since she was born. She won’t sleep with anyone else if I were around.

Suddenly these past 2 weeks, she said she wanted to sleep with jiejie instead. Not everyday, but maybe a few times a week.

Girls being loving

So when she wants jiejie for the night, she’ll share a bed with Zara, poke Zara’s belly button; I kind of enjoy seeing this closeness between the girls. On days, when she wants to sleep with me, I still love her small body next to mine, and her roaming fingers finding my belly button in the middle of the night.

Books Obesession and Others

September 13, 2010 at 5:51 pm

I love books (or maybe owning books).
I was called a book worm when I was younger.
I tried not to miss any book sales if I can, but I think I have to vow not to go to the next one just in case I went on a buying frenzy again.

After Daddy came back from China a month back with 10 new recipe books for me, I (and he) thought that should last me a while; then The Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010 organised by Popular started (4th Sept to 12th Sept)!

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Last Sunday, I told Daddy to bring us there in the morning.
We were in KLCC from 11am till almost 7pm.
The Bookfest was held in KL Convention Centre, occupying whole 6 Halls! Brightly litted, strong air con, with lots of staff around to help seach for titles, putting books (people took and placed somewhere else) back where they belong, it was very pleasant to be spending time going through books.

I spent the whole time in the hall, while Daddy went in and out.
He walked through the halls, picked up some stationary.
Then he brought the girls out for lunch (and bought me back a sausage roll so I don’t have to waste time going out to eat).
And after seeing I was not planning to leave still, he brought the girls to Aquaria, and paid RM85 just for tickets for the 3 of them!

Daddy took these photos just to show how boring interesting Aquaria was.
Girls in Aquaria

Shark swimming by

Girls looking at fishes

Zara pointing something out to Zaria

The most interesting part of Aquaria is probably the scuba diver feeding the fishes. The girls got lucky this time and managed to watch it.
Scuba diver feeding sting ray

Scuba diver waving

When they were done, Daddy called me to see if I was ready to leave. I wasn’t, of course, so he brought the girls to KLCC park.

By the time I paid up and left, it was almost 7pm, and our parking cost us RM20!

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Last Saturday, while we were thinking where to go, I suggested the Bookfest again. Daddy complained, “With all the cook books you have, if you picked something from the books to make each day, it’ll last you your whole life. Why do you want to buy some more?”
I argued back, “You should support my hobby. Instead of spending money on bags, and shoes and clothes, I spend on books!”
We went anyway, and had dinner at Hakka Restaurant; parked our car there (so that we don’t have to pay the exorbitant KLCC parking), then walked to KL Convention Centre.

Daddy brought the girls for ice cream so that I can have a start going through the books first.
Zaria having ice cream

Then he brought them in and left them with me while he looked at his books.

Girls followed me with their books, and made themselves REALLY comfortable.
Girls reading

Girls reading

Girls reading

Daddy took this shot before leaving for the English section.
Bookfest 2010

We stayed till they closed for the night.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Yesterday, Daddy asked where we should go after dinner, and I said, “One last trip to the Bookfest?” I didn’t think he would oblidge, but he DID!

And we were there the 3rd time.

This time, only I entered. The girls followed him to KLCC to shop.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Bookfest Loot

Besides these books, I got the girls some stationary, stickers and stamps as well. I also bought Christmas presents for the neighbours.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

My 坏人 isn’t that 坏 after all…. 😛

The Week

August 23, 2010 at 2:02 pm

Do you find your weekends zoomed by so quickly? Every Monday I look forward to Friday, and then I just see Saturday and Sunday being fast forwarded and then I’m back to Monday looking forward to the weekends again. Gee….

This weekend, the girls had lots of play time with different children.

We had dinner with Daddy’s friend, and then went over to one of the friend’s house, the girls had a chance to play with Daddy’s friend’s 3yr old son, Jayden.

Then on Sun, a blog reader who wanted to buy over my Graco infant carier, met up with me some where in town. While we were going through how the carrier can be installed to the pram (I sold her my whole carrier/pram system), how to fasten the carier to the car etc, the girls spend a good 15mins playing with the lady’s 5 year old girl, who’s so friendly.

After that, I met up with Irene, and we hung out at a friend’s place. Krystal who’s in love with Zara and the girls, got on so well.

Krystal playing London Bridge with the girls

Krystal with the girls

Krystal with the girls

Krystal with the girls

When it was time to go home, Krystal wanted to abandon her parents and come with me. She cried and cried when Irene pried her away from Zara. Soooooooo cute.

In the night, I went to Amah‘s house to check out her super-duper Alisan blender (an exact replica of my dream blender Vitamix). The girls had so much fun playing with Kylie and Kieren and also Jessie‘s kids. They complained why we had to go home so early.

See, that’s how the weekend was fast forwarded.

And now, I’m looking forward to this Friday!

Fancy Birthday Party

August 12, 2010 at 12:11 pm

We attended my cousin’s daugther, Monique’s, 2nd birthday party during the weekend.

Tasha and Monique at the party

After settling ourselves in the hall (and the girls each got a couple of baloons), Jelly asked Zaria, “You want your birthday party to be like this?”
Zaria replied, “No, this party is so fancy. Just like a wedding.” o.O”

In some way she’s true. Look at the photos.

Like a wedding, the dinner started after a ‘birthday’ march (I don’t know what else to call it). The children, with Monique leading, followed the Sikh Drummer into the hall.
Sikh Drummer

Zaria didn’t like the drummer, and when he started playing, she ran back to our table, and told me, “It’s too loud! It makes me feel like vomitting.”
It's too loud!

Jelly took her out, and she spotted Barney at the changing room! When the Emcee asked who wanted to meet Barney, looked at how she looked at the Emcee longingly.
I want, please.

All the children rushed out to hug Barney when he appeared!!

They just clung on to him.

Hug some more

And some more

Zaria and Tasha were like leeches on Barney.
I love Barney!

During dinner, we were entertained by some singing from a band (actually, the lead singer is my nephew).
A couple of songs by the band.

Then, two Belly Dancers appeared, and invited the kids up on stage to dance. Monique also has changed to her ‘dancing’ clothes.
Monique and the Belly Dancer

Monique dancing

Tasha and Zara went on stage to join as well.
Belly Dancing

I persuaded Zaria a few times, but she preferred to just watch.
Zaria watching others dance

After belly dancing, there’s magic show. The magician made a dove (or was it just a white pigeon) appear, and all the kids were facinated by the bird (not the magic act).
Monique intrigued by the dove

Zaria getting close to the bird

Then kids got to do limbo rock, and did The Chicken Dance. This time, Zaria joined in too.
Zaria doing the chicken dance

You would think that’s the end of it.. and then one of the Belly Dancers started doing fire eating, and the Sikh Drummer reappeared assisting the Belly Dancer.
Fire Eating

Zaria said, “How come like Genting one?”

After that, it was dancing all night long. We left after a couple of songs.
Zaria and Tasha dancing with the belly dancers

This is probably the most fancy birthday party we’d ever attended.

Thanks cousin, for the invite! The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Happening Weekend

August 9, 2010 at 6:14 pm

Daddy likes to say we always end up in the shopping mall during the weekends, but guess what? He was away this weekend, and we didn’t step into the mall at all, and the girls still had a swell time.

We did something we would never have done if he was around, we had a sleep over at my sister’s place, and spent the whole of Sunday there. With Tasha, their cousin, also sleeping over, the girls absolutely enjoyed themselves.

On Saturday, I did some cookie decoration just for fun, and kept some icing for girls to have a go with decorating their own cookies.

To stop myself having to scream the
“Be careful!!”
“Don’t spill it!!”
“Watch out!!”
I set up the table at the porch, and let the girls make whatever mess they wanted, and I could focus on trying to take some shots of them hard at work.

Zaria did hers real quickly, she topped them with lots of icing and lots of sprinkles, all for her beloved Auntie Jelly.
Zaria working on her 1st cookie

Moved on to her 2nd cookie

Moved on to her 3rd one

So fast, she's doing her 4th

And she proudly showed off her decoration.
Zaria's decorated cookies

Zara took her time, but she was frustrated they didn’t come out they way she wanted.
Zara hard at work

Let me try harder.

Trying to draw a frog here

Let me just use the spoon

I think I’ll have to invest in the edible marker set for her to do drawing on cookies, but I kind of like her abstract ‘art’ pieces here.
Zara's decorated cookies

We then drove to my sister’s, had dinner there, and the girls (Zara, Zaria and Tasha) played together. When it was bed time, I think I knocked out first, the last phrase I heard was from Tasha, “Agnes yi-yi, who talks must go outside one.” (she was repeating this the whole time, when I said whoever spoke next would have to go outside). I was too lazy to reply the 100th time, “Yah, now go to sleep.”

On Sunday, we went to the market together. Jelly deliberately not get ready in the morning although I told her she had to follow me to the market a day before (normally it’s Daddy and I who did marketting together, and she never had to follow). I was handling the 3 girls alone until later my sis and her family came and joined us (they woke up slightly later than us).
Girls together!

In the evening, it was to the most ‘fancy’ (borrowing this word from Zaria) birthday party I’d ever attended. My cousin threw a grand birthday party for her daugther, Monique’s 2nd birthday. I have to write a post about all the fancy stuff, but here is one photo of Tasha, full of courage, singing I Love You from Barney.

(Look at Zaria covering her mouth, she was so afraid she had to sing too.)
Tasha singing

Japanese Goodies

July 6, 2010 at 5:52 pm

Everytime Daddy goes to Japan for work, all of us will be delighted, because it means, he’ll be bringing back some of our favourite things.

However, I do wish that it was I who’s going, because I think I shop more wisely than him. I’m more resourceful (i.e. checking out more shops); I do not hold the philosophy of “Expensive is Best”; I would probably come back with more things and not spend as much.

Normally, I’ll have to give him a shopping list to get the stuff I wanted, down to the product code if possible. However, depending on his mood (generous? bad? stingy? giving?) he does still buy some whimsical items, especially from the airport (airport shops are created for men like him!).

This sweet is one of the whimsical item, not in the shopping list.

One look at the box, you know it’s not something cheap.
Japanese sweet

Made with pure cane sugar, they look so lovely, even I do not have the heart to eat it.
Japanese sweet

But to the kids, they just went “Waaaaah, so pretty.” And then “Chomp!” Almost half the box gone in 30 seconds.
Japanese sweet
I won’t buy it if I were him. They tasted just like sugar, just prettier.

Royce Chocolate, something that you cannot come back without from Japan. So far, of all the chocolate I’d tasted, Royce is the best. If you have not tried them, you can now get them locally, brought in by Taitung Group.
Royce Chocolate
I wanted just the bars, with almonds or without, he wanted to give us more variety.

The sesame is for me for baking; and the seaweed is for the girls.
Japanese goodies

And my Fancl supply, which will probably last me 3 to 4 months. For this, I have to provide him with the code, or else, he’ll end up buying something else.
3~4 months supply of Fancl

I wonder when I’ll go to Japan and do the shopping myself!

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