Books Obesession and Others

September 13, 2010 at 5:51 pm

I love books (or maybe owning books).
I was called a book worm when I was younger.
I tried not to miss any book sales if I can, but I think I have to vow not to go to the next one just in case I went on a buying frenzy again.

After Daddy came back from China a month back with 10 new recipe books for me, I (and he) thought that should last me a while; then The Bookfest @ Malaysia 2010 organised by Popular started (4th Sept to 12th Sept)!

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Last Sunday, I told Daddy to bring us there in the morning.
We were in KLCC from 11am till almost 7pm.
The Bookfest was held in KL Convention Centre, occupying whole 6 Halls! Brightly litted, strong air con, with lots of staff around to help seach for titles, putting books (people took and placed somewhere else) back where they belong, it was very pleasant to be spending time going through books.

I spent the whole time in the hall, while Daddy went in and out.
He walked through the halls, picked up some stationary.
Then he brought the girls out for lunch (and bought me back a sausage roll so I don’t have to waste time going out to eat).
And after seeing I was not planning to leave still, he brought the girls to Aquaria, and paid RM85 just for tickets for the 3 of them!

Daddy took these photos just to show how boring interesting Aquaria was.
Girls in Aquaria

Shark swimming by

Girls looking at fishes

Zara pointing something out to Zaria

The most interesting part of Aquaria is probably the scuba diver feeding the fishes. The girls got lucky this time and managed to watch it.
Scuba diver feeding sting ray

Scuba diver waving

When they were done, Daddy called me to see if I was ready to leave. I wasn’t, of course, so he brought the girls to KLCC park.

By the time I paid up and left, it was almost 7pm, and our parking cost us RM20!

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Last Saturday, while we were thinking where to go, I suggested the Bookfest again. Daddy complained, “With all the cook books you have, if you picked something from the books to make each day, it’ll last you your whole life. Why do you want to buy some more?”
I argued back, “You should support my hobby. Instead of spending money on bags, and shoes and clothes, I spend on books!”
We went anyway, and had dinner at Hakka Restaurant; parked our car there (so that we don’t have to pay the exorbitant KLCC parking), then walked to KL Convention Centre.

Daddy brought the girls for ice cream so that I can have a start going through the books first.
Zaria having ice cream

Then he brought them in and left them with me while he looked at his books.

Girls followed me with their books, and made themselves REALLY comfortable.
Girls reading

Girls reading

Girls reading

Daddy took this shot before leaving for the English section.
Bookfest 2010

We stayed till they closed for the night.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Yesterday, Daddy asked where we should go after dinner, and I said, “One last trip to the Bookfest?” I didn’t think he would oblidge, but he DID!

And we were there the 3rd time.

This time, only I entered. The girls followed him to KLCC to shop.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

Bookfest Loot

Besides these books, I got the girls some stationary, stickers and stamps as well. I also bought Christmas presents for the neighbours.

~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~

My ๅไบบ isn’t that ๅ after all…. ๐Ÿ˜›

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