October Photos

October 26, 2010 at 2:53 pm

Girls went to Zara’s classmate’s birthday party. Parents now are so willing to spend on children’s birthday party except us.
Clown in Birthday Party

After a month of juicing and peeling apples almost daily, see what I can do now….
Peeling An Apple

Within a month, our residential area has a big Mid-Autumn Festival pot luck, and then another Hari Raya celebration cum Family Day within our clusters of homes. I’m so loving our housing area.
Family day makan makan

At times when we have things to do in the night, the girls will entertain themselves. Here, Zara was reading a book to Zaria, and then sharing a joke.
Girls sharing a joke

I was wondering why it took Jelly more than 30mins to hang up the clothes to dry, and then I saw this.. she was on her phone smsing non-stop!! That’s why.
Maybe we should start imposing no cell phones policy during working hours.
We allow them a cell phone just in case they need to stay in touch with their families, and they abuse it. Sigh.
Jelly and SMS

I so like this little French boy.. Sethy.

Girls had their sports day, and boy, they can run! (Daddy has to improve on the panning skill.)
Zara running

She’s so focussed on the race.
Zaria racing

One day, Zara decided to write some Chinese sentences. Alright, there’s some mistakes, but I think quite a good attempt.
Zara's Chinese

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